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Yan Zhaoge entered into the thatched cottage and began to size up the whole place.

The room was quite simple without too many decorations.

However, when Yan Zhaoge looked at this place, he found this cottage reminding him of the saying,The greatest truths are the simplest.

All the beams and the pillars here were built up in a a nearly flawless way.

Adding or taking away anything would ruin this natural feeling.

It didnt mean that this place was actually perfect.

But at least there might only be a few persons who could make any improvements to this cottage.

“Exalted Fire Luminary has built this place by himself...” Yan Zhaoge nodded while saying this with his eyes running down the room.

There was no doubt that someone else must have already turned this place inside and out for many times.

Lots of people had already come here to look for the clues before that flood dragon.

Since this thatched cottage had been built by the owner, it would surely become the focus objective of everyone.

However, no one seemed to have found anything yet.

Or maybe someone had found something but chosen to hide it.

In short, the people outside hadnt heard anything about the findings in this place.

“Others must have tried every possible ways to search this place.” Yan Zhaoge murmured that while stroking his chin, “So, what could be the methods which havent been tried by most of the people but might still be useful”

He squinted his eyes into a line while continuing, “Through the Mars Halberd No way.

After Mars Halberd has got into a fight with Brocade Emperor, he should have time to come back before he was besieged by the two emperors in the Nine Underworlds.”

“If Mars Halberd has found anything, the demons in this place would certainly pay attention to that and make investigations.”

“Now that nothing has happened and that flood dragon was sent to investigate, which meant that Mars Halberd didnt find anything useful either.”

Yan Zhaoge pondered that for a while.

Suddenly, the expression in his eyes went frozen, “Maybe, I can try this”

As he said that, his five major internal organs all started to glitter with colorful lights.And the five elements also began to circulate in his body as a powerful life force.

That was him employing the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture of the Later Heaven Three Scriptures of the Jade Clear direct lineage.

In the meantime, a mass of chaotic qi appeared in his body vaguely.

The Life Creation Heavenly Scripture gradually showed some slight changes under the peerless transformation.

Because the way to employ this scripture was not the same as before.

The Life Creation Heavenly Scripture which Yan Zhaoge had cultivated had been obtained by his Grand Master, Yuan Zhengfeng, in a mansion of an ancestor by chance when the latter had been stranded in the Float Gating World.

For all this time, this scripture had only been employed in one way.

However, now that it had been imitated by the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture had turned into another kind of scripture, which was closer to Xue Chuqings lineage.

Namely, the lineage of the Exalted Wood Luminary, Shao Junhuang.

When different people cultivated the same martial arts, especially those profound and abstruse ones, they all tended to have their own understanding.

Although it seemed that they had cultivated the same supreme martial arts in the same way, the details of their cultivation would still have lots of differences.

As the cultivation went deeper and deeper to the end, those differences would disappear little by little, like all roads led to the same goal.

But that was the final state of the cultivation.

Before that, the differences were hard to avoid.

The Life Creation Heavenly Scripture which Yan Zhaoge had cultivated was different from the one Xue Chuqing had cultivated, even though they both belonged to the Jade Clear direct lineage.

But that was not a problem for Yan Zhaoge.

He had already seen Su Yun and Xiaoai cultivated this scripture.

Also, he had talked with his mother about the cultivation to exchange their experiences.

Due to the time limit, Yan Zhaoge didnt cultivate the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture of the Exalted Wood Luminarys lineage.

Nevertheless, as confident as he was, he could still change the details of his own cultivation base of the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture according to the Peerless Heavenly Scripture which contained all the source of the cultivation of the Jade Clear lineage to imitate the cultivation method of the Exalted Wood Luminarys lineage.

After all the preparation had been finished, Yan Zhaoge raised his hand to let the colorful lights glowing in the center of his hand.

The five elements were still circulating.

All the rays of lights were spreading around, which filled in the whole room.

However, the cottage still showed nothing special with the light shining on it.

Yan Zhaoge didnt get discouraged or deny his formal train of thought.

After pondering for a while, he kept circulating his profound arts while writing several seals in the air with his fingers.

Those seals overlaid each other and finally transformed into a small but profound and delicate ritual.

As the lines on the ritual kept rotating, there were rays of dim lights beaming through the gap and then covering the whole cottage.

This was the secret ritual from Xue Chuqings lineage.

Actually, it didnt possess powerful strength and was only a normal ritual which was used for assisting the cultivation.

However, when this ritual enveloped the cottage, there was a blurry shadow appearing in the air at the center of the cottage!

“Found it...” Yan Zhaoge muttered.

He reached out his hand cautiously, trying to touch that vague shadow.

In the meantime, Yan Zhaoge didnt forget to circulate the profound arts of the Exalted Wood Luminarys lineage.

Eventually, he took back his move with a folding fan showing in his hand.

The new discovery seemed a bit unremarkable.

If it were not for the secret protection which had been left here by Exalted Fire Luminary, the folding fan would have turned into ashes after all these years.

Yan Zhaoge unfolded the fan and saw a vivid real dragon with fire all over its body on the fan.

The whole painting seemed to have been drawn randomly.

When being judged by the professionals, this was in fact a mediocre piece of work.

Nonetheless, the natural and free style as well as the vivifying feeling still appealed Yan Zhaoge a lot.


Shao Canghua presented this to Suo Mingzhang.” Seeing the senders name, Yan Zhaoge put on a complicated look on his face, saying, “What...

on earth is the relationship between the two of you”

Canghua Emperor was the emperor title of Exalted Wood Luminary, Shao Junhuang.

Clearly, this folding fan was a gift to Exalted Fire Luminary from Shao Junhuang.

Although it seemed like a normal gift.

But most of the time people in their levels only focused on the etiquette instead of the gift itself when giving gifts.

It not surprising for Suo Mingzhang to keep Shao Junhuangs gift all the time.

Even if Broad Creed Mountain and Earth Sovereign were incompatible as fire and water now, the gift to Yan Zhaoges grandfather, Yan Xingtang, from the Earth Sovereign was still reserved in the Jade Capital Crag.

As simple as the gift was, people in the Jade Capital Crag were still able to keep it in excellent status for thousands of years.

But the strange thing was that this folding fan had been left in this cottage by Exalted Fire Luminary.

It was still worth mentioning that the tomb of Suo Mingzhangs parents was right across this cottage.

Suo Minglan had built this cottage to guard his parents tomb.

When he had returned to the Fire Dragon World and lived here, he could watch his parents tomb and mourn them.

Thus, the appearance of this folding fan made Yan Zhaoge fall into a reverie right away.


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