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No wonder why Earthly Sovereign and Sword Sovereign had been held up in the Immortal court together.

Exalted Fire Luminary who had been listed in the new Nine Luminaries of Kunlun with Earthly Sovereign in the former years had attacked the Immortal Court.

This accident could actually be disguised as a minor one.

Before Suo Mingzhang had been able to blow up the affair, the distressed Earthly Sovereign must have tried his best to mediate the dispute which had hadnt happened for long.

It was unclear whether the thing that Earthly Sovereign had done had stopped the intensification of the conflict.

The actions of Exalted Fire Luminary seemed a bit inconsistent.

Of course, it didnt mean that he had done those things with a fine start and a poor finish.

One of the two experts who had besieged and badly injured Mars Halberd had already died in the hand of Suo Mingzhang.

That expert was an emperor and also a Tranquil Profound Immortal.

Even if he was from the Immortal Court, he was still a profound immortal expert who had pushed the door to the immortality.

But as a result, he had been beaten to death by Suo Mingzhang in the full blaze of everyone.

They had intended to capture Mars Halberd in order to find where Suo Mingzhang was.

Though they hadnt succeeded in that action, they had still hoped to draw Suo Mingzhang out by doing that.

That was an acceptable result for the high-level experts of the Immortal Court.

Thus, those two profound immortal experts who had been likely to become the target of Suo Mingzhang had been protected specifically by the Immortal Court.

In the meantime, the Immortal Court had also set a trap for Suo Mingzhang to walk in.

It turned out that the emperor who could be worshiped by the twelve Immortal Realms, Han Emperor, had been struck down by Suo Mingzhang violently under the protections of the Immortal Court.

After that, Suo Mingzhang had gone around killing and got out of the tight encirclement.

The expert who had organized the siege had been seriously humiliated.

Then this expert had contacted more superior cultivators to pursue and attack Suo Mingzhang.

However, their target hadnt really left the Immortal Court.

In fact, Suo Mingzhang had wandered in all the Immortal Realms of the Immortal Court, being secret in his movement and trace.

While he had been played hide and seek with the pursuing forces, he had also searched for the other emperor of the Immortal Court who had injured Mars Halberd with Han Emperor.

This domineering and arrogant man had made all the powerful experts in the Immortal Court fly into a rage.

At that time, more superior cultivators had shown up to help capture Suo Mingzhang.

But it had been right at this time, the situation had been changed.

After Exalted Fire Luminary had captured an expert of the Immortal Court while he had fought his way through the siege and broken the interception of his enemies.

Then, he had just left and stopped circling around in the Immortal Court.

After that, he had completely left the universe of the Immortal Court and come back to the endless outer space.

In brief, he had run away after he had slaughtered tons of people of the Immortal Court.

Under no circumstances would the experts there tolerate that.

Lots of the experts of the Immortal Court had kept pursuing Suo Mingzhang to the outer space.

Meanwhile, Suo Mingzhangs abnormal movement had certainly caught the attention of others.

“Was he being afraid”

“The expert of the Immortal Court who was captured by Exalted Fire Luminary is the key issue.” Yan Zhaoge made a quick deduction, “Suo Mingzhang must have heard an unexpected thing from that expert, which made him get worried a lot.”

That was why he had changed over to new ways and left the Immortal Court.

“Things are getting more and more interesting.” Yan Zhaoge thought that.

There was no need for him to stay in the Immortal Court anymore.

Yan Zhaoge then kept a low key and picked a place to hide his track while waiting in patience.

After a short while, another group of Immortal Court cultivators showed up.

Yan Zhaoge had already acknowledged from his captives that it had been difficult to pursue Exalted Fire Luminary in this vast space.

So words had come that more cultivators were needed to take part in the capturing work.

Those experts would cast a wide net and set up many barriers in order to block Suo Mingzhangs path.

And the cultivators who were in front of Yan Zhaoge were the new reinforcement.

However, ever since Exalted Fire Luminary had left, his location kept changing the whole time.

Even those cultivators were not able to know about the up-to-date information at any time.

So Yan Zhaoge couldnt get anything useful from them anyway.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge decided to follow the group secretly to be able to change his direction any time when those cultivators received the new orders.

Also, those cultivators were actually the tracking crews for casting a net instead of confronting and attacking Suo Mingzhang directly.

Thus the people of the reinforcement team didnt possess a cultivation base at the top level.

So Yan Zhaoge chose to follow them in secret, hoping to get a direction from them.

Though these cultivators didnt know where Exalted Fire Luminary was either, they could still point out a probable direction and range of activity.

Even so, there were also lots of superior cultivators who had already pushed the door to the immortality.

Yan Zhaoge now had a further acknowledge of the enormous potentiality of the Immortal Court.

In the meantime, he also had to be extremely careful to prevent being caught by those cultivators.

It was not that he was scared of them.

But in order to get the location of Suo Mingzhang, he just had to act with caution in order not to expose himself.

With the foundation of the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, he circulated the Shadow Stealth of the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts as well as the top martial arts of Prime Clear lineage like the Immortal Trapping Sword Manual.

By doing that, Yan Zhaoge was like a shadow following those Immortal Court cultivators.

After those cultivators had left the universe of the Immortal Court, they entered into the extensive space where the location and the distance were even harder to detect.

Yan Zhaoge followed those cultivators patiently through the outer space.

There were lots of time vortexes in the outer space, which made time and space hard to be deduced.

So remembering the route was more difficult.

The cultivators in front of Yan Zhaoge only managed to keep on the right track relying on the constant news from the people who had been there before.

Even so, being influenced by the chaotic space-time flow, those cultivators were still likely to deviate from the fixed track.

It required the alertness of the people in the front to lead the group back to the right route.

After who knows how long, Yan Zhaoge suddenly got intrigued.

Because he felt that those cultivators had paused at a place.

There was also a sign of other powerful cultivators near those immortal cultivators.

Yan Zhaoge could feel the sense of the power gathering together.

“Thats the place” Yan Zhaoge said inwardly, “Since we stop right now, it means that Exalted Fire Luminary might also stop.

So he must have already arrived at the destination.”

Yan Zhaoge also paused and stopped approaching the group.

Since Exalted Fire Luminary had already stopped, all those experts of the Immortal Court would surely gather in this place to form the encirclement while searching for the precise location of Suo Mingzhang.

As long as those people located the position of Exalted Fire Luminary, there would be another fierce battle breaking out.

Yan Zhaoge believed that among those experts of the Immortal Court, there would be no lack of the cultivators of the top level.

Actually, the superior cultivators here were even more than the ones in the Immortal Court, which meant that Yan Zhaoge should be more careful than before.

He calmed down to cover his track while circulating the Peerless Heavenly Scripture and his profound martial arts.

He retracted his aura while remaining still.

At the same time, his sensory abilities were improved, which made him able to detect everything around him.

As expected, there was a sound gradually echoing in his mind as if the reflections appearing on the water surface.

“He is in this area...

We still dont know the specific location...

the range is too large...

we need to narrow it so that we can find him more easily...”

As Yan Zhaoge was listening to that, he was suddenly tingling with something, feeling a strong aura coming to his direction.

That was the abrupt arrival of an expert from the Immortal Court who was more powerful than all those cultivators here.

The cultivators here stepped forward in a hurry to give their obeisances to this new comer.

However, before they could say anything else, someone shouted loudly in the space, “You stealthy people! Show yourself!”


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