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That yell came through from a distance.

As that persons voice arrived, the endless space seemed to have a specific shape with lots of cracks on the surface like a broken porcelain.

Seeing that, Yan Zhaoge frowned slightly.

After he had pondered for a moment, he calmed himself down and didnt make any movements.

Meanwhile, almost at the same time, there was a light shining from another direction.

The golden light flickered while fleeing to a distant place at full speed.

Having sensed the aura of the Buddhist wisdom, Yan Zhaoge was enlightened all of a sudden, “Someone from the blessed land of Buddhism.

This guy is on the same level as the cultivator who has pushed the door to immortality.

Then he should be a Reveal Truth Venerable Man”

The Buddhism appraised their own cultivators very differently from the Daoist.

The titles like,Buddha,Bodhisattava orArhat were actually honorifics and didnt refer to the cultivation base.

So it was not possible to judge ones cultivation base according to his title.

Therefore, since ancient times, the experts of the Daoism had used specific names to refer to the cultivation level of the experts of the Buddhism in order to correspond with their own cultivation level.

The Reveal Truth Venerable Man was in the same level as the True Immortal Emperor of the Daoism.

At present, after that Reveal Truth Venerable Man had been discovered by others, he left right away while transforming into a light of Buddha.

However, a light of fire flared instantly.

After it had flashed across the sky, it chased after that golden light of Buddha fleetly.

The power realm which was contained in the fire showed that it was from the guy who had talked previously.

As Yan Zhaoge fixed his eyes on them, he saw a bird soaring in the fire.

‘The secret martial arts from the Hill Light Flying Immortal Scripture... Having observed carefully, Yan Zhaoge had a clear idea in his mind.

The Rosefinch, also known as the Hill Light.

The Hill Light God King was another name for the Rosefinch in Daoism.

Before the Great Calamity, there had been a book calling the Hill Light Flying Immortal Scripture, which had introduced the ingenious principles of Hill Light God Kings cultivation.

The martial arts that the expert of the Immortal Court in front of Yan Zhaoge had cultivated was absolutely from the very Hill Light Flying Immortal Scripture.

Judging from the powerful aura which was sent from this expert, he must be a Profound Immortal Emperor who had already transformed the Immortal Qi to Immortal Gang.

Even if he was from the Immortal Court, his cultivation base couldnt be underestimated.

In this level, the expert could be in a quiet state while no one could disturb him.

The Hill Light Flying Immortal Scripture mainly talked about how to convert time and space and was one of the book which contained the profound knowledge about time and space.

Meanwhile, this emperor of the Immortal Court, as high as the level of his cultivation base was, caught up with that golden light right away.

Even though that Reveal Truth Venerable Man had kept running like the wind without looking back, that emperor of the Immortal Court who had transformed into a rosefinch was already ahead of him and blocked the way.

After that, a hand reached out from the flame.

That hand looked normal, but seemed to be extremely powerful.

In no time, the man in the flame was about to grab the light of Buddha in his hand.

In the meantime, the light of Buddha twisted and turned, trying to dodge the capture.

However, he was already surrounded by the fire and had no way out.

Right at this moment, a Buddhist chanted from a different direction in the space far away, “Namo Amitabha!”

As that chant rang, the dark space suddenly started to radiant with light of Buddha.

Another hand with golden sparkles reached out from the space while attacking the fire-red rosefinch.

“As I expected, expect for the ones that explored the way, there are also big shots in the rear.” Under the red light, a man finally appeared, snorting repeatedly.

The man looked about thirty with a hawk nose.

The nasolabial folds beside his nose seemed quite deep while the expression in his eyes looked very sharp.

Being not afraid of confronting the Golden Light Palm of the Buddha, he bent his hands into claws and attacked his enemies right away.

The seal on the huge palm which flickered the light of Buddha kept changing and gradually transformed into an elephant guardian warrior with a fierce stare.

After that, the elephant and the rosefinch which had been transformed by the Immortal Gang bumped into each other.

One was the indestructible and fierce guardian warrior, one was the rosefinch which was able to pass through time and space and rise fire in the sky.

One was strong and violent, the other was flexible and fiery.

Neither of them wanted to make any concessions or defense themselves.

In no time, they had already attacked each other for tens of thousands rounds.

In the whole space, people could only see the guardian warrior of the Buddha and the Immortal Bird of the Daoism shifting themselves constantly.

Rays of light of Buddha fell on the ground, balls of fire exploded, turning the world upside down.

“The expert in the Arhat Venerable Man level...” Yan Zhaoge watched the battle with relish in peace while keeping his body still and his breath steady.

Right now, he seemed to have merged in the universe.

Without a human body, he wouldnt be influenced a bit when he was thinking.

The space seemed to have transformed into the river while Yan Zhaoge was like a drop of water merging into that river.

The waves which had been created by the battle influenced the whole space.

Luckily, Yan Zhaoge was far away from the battle field.

Thus those waves were not able to let him show himself.

However, the battle had gradually become more and more intense.

One side was the emperor of the Immortal Court, the other side was the Arhat of the blessed land of Buddhism.

They had been deadly foes for a long time and fought countless life-or-death battles with each other.

So there was no reason for them to hide their power right at this moment.

Between the two of them, the emperor of the Immortal Court who had cultivated the Hill Flying Immortal Scripture was more aggressive, seeming to have no scruples.

In order to catch Exalted Fire Luminary, there had been numerous experts of the Immortal Court gathering in this space.

Right now, they were at the edge of the ring of encirclement.

However, the battle at this place would soon disturb the other experts of the Immortal Court who lived nearby.

The fundamental aim was to block Suo Mingzhang indeed.

But since the experts of the blessed land of Buddhism also got involved in this, then all the other experts of the Immortal Court wouldnt sit there watching for sure.

Therefore, this emperor was not the only one in the Immortal Court who was participating in the battle.

Among all the other experts of the Immortal Court who had led Yan Zhaoge here, one cultivator who was in the True Immortal Emperor level was also attacking that Reveal Truth Venerable Man, to prevent the latter from escaping.

The both parties were locked in a tangled fight right away.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge watched them fighting with great interest.

He had a limited knowledge about the martial arts of the Buddhism.

Although he could recognize some of the origins of the martial arts which were employed by the experts of the Buddhism, he still didnt have a clear idea of the details of their cultivation.

On the contrary, Yan Zhaoge knew fairly well about the martial arts which were employed by the experts of the Immortal Court.

‘Most of those martial arts are the ones which had originally been handed down in the Three Clear Lineage of the Dao Universe but were lost after the Great Calamity. Yan Zhaoge pondered that,However, I havent seen the real martial arts from the Three Clear Lineage until now.

All the universes have developed themselves before the Great Calamity and created all kinds of unique martial skills, leaving us the flourishing age of the martial arts.

The Three Clear Lineage was the root and core of the martial arts in the Dao universe.

However, lots of the talented experts who had come to the fore in that flourishing age had found their own path of the cultivation through the accumulations of the history.

Even though those experts had all had some connections with the Three Clear Lineage, they had already broken a new path on their own in the long course of development.

In other words, the descendants of the Three Clear Lineage had dug out lots of treasures from the abundant precious deposits from their own lineage and created their own martial arts.

Of course, for the world after the Great Calamity, those things were all histories.

Nonetheless, Yan Zhaoge now felt that some martial arts of the Three Clear Lineage might have already been reserved and reappeared in the Immortal Court.

However, they seemed to have avoided the martial arts of the Three Clear Lineage on purpose.

“Huh” As Yan Zhaoge was thinking about that, he was suddenly tingled.

Then he looked into the distance.

There seemed to be another person approaching to the battle field.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge felt a strange movement from one of his treasures which he had carried with himself.

The Dim Radiant Wheel!


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