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The strange movements of the Dim Radiant Wheel also startled Yan Zhaoge.

Fortunately, his ability of controlling the Dim Radiant Wheel had already been enhanced.

As he employed the martial arts of the Peerless Heavenly Scripture inside of him with his mind, a lump of cloud enveloped the shivering Dim Radiant Wheel, preventing the power wave which had been generated from sending out.

At this moment, eleven of the twelve holes on the black iron wheel turned completely dark.

And the last hole was revealing misty light right now.

That light was neither dim nor bright, only looked vague and chaotic.

Suddenly, Yan Zhaoge felt that he had never been so connected to the Dim Radiant Wheel.

After that, as the peerless power of the wheel and him met each other, there were lots of scenes springing to his mind.

For a moment, Yan Zhaoge even had a feeling that his minds might fall into the river of time in those scenes.

He tried his best to calm himself while jumping out of the scenes to have a view of the whole picture as a detached outsider.

Only in this way was Yan Zhaoge able to focus on what was happening to the real world.

Many of the experts of the Immortal Court had already gathered around here because of Exalted Fire Luminary.

As expected, the fight between the cultivators of the Buddhism and the experts of the Immortal Court had attracted the other experts of the Immortal Court to come here.

The man who was rushing toward here from the distance right now was another expert of the Immortal Court in the Profound Immortal Level.

The majestic and vast aura around this expert showed that he was even more powerful than the emperor of the Immortal Court who had cultivated the Hill Light Flying Immortal Scripture.

“Namo Amitabha.” Seeing that, the Arhat of the Buddhism chanted that again while forcing back his opponent with one strong strike.

Then he called the other cultivators of the Buddhism to retreat.

Because there would be more experts of the Immortal Court coming to this place if they kept fighting.

Nonetheless, the experts of the Immortal Court on the spot had no intention to let them go.

The Hill Light Flying Immortal Scripture contained exquisite knowledge about converting time and space.

Thus that emperor of the Immortal Court, having an advantage of speed over his opponent, caught up with the cultivators of the Buddhism right away.

However, suddenly there was a ray of dim golden light flickering from far away.

The light was so faint like a dust.

But the next second, it turned into a mountain which was extremely lofty as if it could fill the whole universe.

Then, the mountain began to draw near the rosefinch.

The body of the bird which had created a sea of fire suddenly went down in a low speed.

After that, the Arhat of the Buddhism which had transformed into the guardian warrior with glaring eyes fled at once.

Even the other emperor of the Immortal Court who had arrived later was not able to stop that.

‘There is another expert of the Buddhism as their reinforcement. Yan Zhaoge had a grasp of the situation,However, thats the best they can do.

Its unlikely for them to launch a counterattack.

After all, the number of the experts of the Immortal Court is too large.

If those Buddhist are stuck in the fight, they would eventually be besieged.

At that time, itll be too late for them to escape.”

After thinking of that, he took back his gaze on the light of the Buddha and focused on the other side in his mind.

At present, a woman around thirty or forty showed up in the space expressionlessly with an indifferent expression in her eyes.

“Xu Mijian, Jin Gangduan, since you both had the guts to come here, why are you leaving so soon” The woman asked that indifferently.

A chant of the Buddhism came through from a distance, “Snow Sovereign, we have heard that you and your people were planning something big here.

So we decided to have to look.

But since we are not welcomed here, wed better leave first.”

“Those two sneaky Buddhists really acted fast.” On these words, the woman arrived to the other cultivators of the Immortal Court.

When Yan Zhaoge looked at that woman who was calledSnow Sovereign, his mood wasnt swayed at all.

But he could detect that the movements of the Dim Radiant Wheel became even more violent.

Meanwhile, the Dim Radiant Wheel transferred those scenes to his brain even more rapidly.

Yan Zhaoge could see clearly of the figure of Snow Sovereign in those pictures.

That womans face was as calm as the water and her eyes were filled with murderous intention.

However, right now Yan Zhaoge had caught a scene where she seemed to be a bit fretful.

Because as a cultivator in the Profound Immortal level, she was still unable to defeat the True Immortal in front of her.

Not only that, if she hadnt overcome the True Profound Tribulation so that the immortal qi of her component couldnt hurt her, she might already be on the losing side.

Now she could only break even with her opponent because she didnt need to defend herself at all.

Seeing the movements of Snow Sovereign, Yan Zhaoge got all sorts of feelings welling up in his mind.

Then he fixed his eyes on another man.

Because right now, the memory that Yan Zhaoge was looking at was from that man.

And the man whom even the emperor of the Immortal Court was unable to defeat was no other than the former owner of the Dim Radiant Wheel.

That was Dim Radiant Emperor, Yin Tianxia!

‘This is the last battle of his life... Yan Zhaoge realized that.

And this women who had scared two Arhat of the Buddhism away was one of the opponents of Yin Tianxia in the last battle of his life.

Part of the Dim Radiant Wheel was transformed by the corpse of Yin Tianxia after he had died.

Thus the wheel actually contained fragments of Yin Tianxias memories from his lifetime.

Now it had sensed the familiar aura of Yin Tianxias former opponents, so the Dim Radiant Wheel had been reacting violently.

The pictures continued flashing in Yan Zhaoges brain one after another.

Numerous enemies were rushing toward Yin Tianxias direction.

Six emperors of the Immortal Court joined their hands together while each showed their own prowess.

They even changed the color of the clouds and the winds and turned the world upside down.

However, as a hand with dim light reached out, all the anomalies disappeared in a flash!

The attack which seemed super domineering from the six emperors collapsed at the first encounter of that hand.

Afterwards, the emperors of the Immortal Court were defeated by that magical hand one after another.

Then, Snow Sovereign came forward to confront Yin Tianxia.

She generated whirling snows to freeze the whole universe.

However, she was still not able to freeze that seemingly dim light.

The light was not bright or hot, but still dispelled all of the cold air and the snow like the blazing sun and the boiling water.

Then, another opponent of him showed up.

That was another sovereign in the Tranquil Profound Immortal level.

As this emperor brandished his sword, the sky and the earth were cut in half like a painting.

In the meantime, the dim light kept flickering.

Sometimes, it turned completely dark, sometimes it became extremely dazzling, and sometimes it just shined vaguely there.

That light, as dignified and fearless as it was, was locked in the battle with the two sovereigns.

Then came the third, the fourth sovereigns of the Immortal Court.

More and more experts arrived at that place to besiege that dim light.

“Yin Tianxia, Ive heard of your name.

I know you are the most outstanding cultivator in your generation.

But unlucky for you, you have brought about your own destruction.” Someone said that coldly, “The only way to save yourself was surrendering yourself to the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and finding us those fragments of the Heavenly Essence Stone which were lost because of you.

Dont miss your chance.”

Then, Yan Zhaoge heard a voice which was both familiar and unfamiliar to him ringing in the deep of his brain.

“Whats done is done.

I already put my personal gains and losses out of consideration.

I am the disciple of the Three Clear Lineage and Im already destined to die for the righteous of our sect.”

“Yin Tianxia, your death will never be regretted.” An emperor of the Immortal Court roared that, “Ill let you die without a burial place!”

Instead of retreating, the dim light suddenly flew to the sky and attacked his enemies directly.

“My final destination is where my heart rests, I dont care if there is no place to bury my dead body!”


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