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Yan Zhaoge had already met four of the five emperors of the World beyond Worlds.

Sunlight Emperor was the only one he hadnt encountered.

This emperor had stayed in the outer space like Earthly Sovereign and Sword Sovereign and never returned to the World beyond Worlds.

Running across a fellow from the dao universe should be something to be happy about.

However, Yan Zhaoge didnt act rashly by coming forward right away and introduce himself.

Because so far as he knew, among the five emperors of the World beyond Worlds, Sunlight Emperor was the one who supported the Qilin Cliff and had a good relationship with Heaven Emperor.

Besides Chen Qianhua who had been said to have pushed the door to the immortality, Female Emperor and the Heaven Emperor were the ones who had become the True Immortal later than the other emperors.

Sunlight Emperor and Brocade Emperor belonged to the same age and had both pushed the door to the immortality thousands of years ago.

At that time, they had also both made contact with Dim Radiant Emperor, who had also been one of the Five Emperors with them.

Encompassing Emperor who had pushed the door to the immortality even earlier was the oldest one of the Five Emperors of the World beyond Worlds.

It was said that Sunlight Emperors cultivation base was rooted from the Clear Illusory Moral Lord of the Jade Clear lineage.

Also, this emperor was proficient in the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture and the Myriad Phenomena Heavenly Scripture.

Afterwards, words had come that he had also learned the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture from the Earthly Sovereign in the Qilin Cliff.

When Grand Xuan Dynasty had just gained a foothold in the Royal Reed Sea in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, its unique martial art seemed to have copied the Five Fives Seven Fowl Fan, which was a precious weapon of Clear Illusory Moral Lord.

Therefore, someone had assumed that Candle Sunlight was the person who had supported the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

After that, only after the disciple of Candle Sunlight Emperor had denied that directly had that rumor been stopped.

However, now come to think about it, it was not so surprised to find that Sunlight Emperor had a great relationship with Heaven Emperor.

After all, according to what Wang Pu had told Yan Zhaoge in the Jade Capital Crag, Sunlight Emperor had helped Heaven Emperor push the door to the immortality.

“Also he is also from the Three Clear Lineage, however...” Yan Zhaoge stopped there while staring at the place in the distance.

In the mirror light far away, there was a bit candlelight flickering.

Yan Zhaoge pondered,That must be the Light In Mirror.

Among the Five Emperors of the World beyond Worlds, Female Emperor and Heaven Emperor hadnt refined their own immortal weapons because they had become the True Immortal later than the other three emperors and hadnt had enough time to collect the material.

Although Female Emperor was the disciple of Astro Sovereign, the peerless immortal weapon which Astro Sovereign had refined when he had been the True Immortal had already been destroyed in a battle.

Except for Female Emperor and Heaven Emperor, Encompassing Emperor, Brocade Emperor and Sunlight Emperor all had peerless immortal weapon with them.

Light In Mirror was said to be the peerless immortal weapon of Sunlight Emperor which was able to enlighten the sky and the earth.

This famous weapon with a powerful reputation had always been employed by Sunlight Emperor in numerous battles over these years.

“Thats...” The expression in Yan Zhaoges eyes went frozen.

After that, the light in the mirror suddenly began to brighten.

There was a red light showing inside of the golden fire light.

Then a red fire flew from the Light In Mirror, drawing a red line in the space.

Yan Zhaoge only felt that red fire light quite familiar to him.

“Mars Halberd” Yan Zhaoge murmured that with light flashed in his eyes.

It seemed that when Exalted Fire Luminary had created a tremendous uproar in the Immortal Court, Mars Halberd hadnt been with him.

After that, perhaps Mars Halberd had detected the changes of the situation or Suo Mingzhang had noticed him, as a result, Mars Halberd had also come to this area.

However, since there were too many experts of the Immortal Court in this area, Mars Halberd was not able to go too deep.

So he had chosen to stay at the outside, trying to look for some chances.

However, he had somehow run into Candle Sunlight Emperor.

‘I wonder what they have talked about. Yan Zhaoge pondered that,But it seems that they have agreed to go on separate ways.

As he thought of that, Yan Zhaoge still kept observing his surroundings while chasing after Mars Halberd.

Mars Halberd always gave out ruthless attack, but he was not good at hiding himself.

Thus it was even harder for him to wander in this area since he could be found by the experts of the Immortal Court at any time.

Clearly, Mars Halberd knew about that too.

So he had been extremely alert.

Therefore, as Yan Zhaoge revealed the sound of himself to Mars Halberd on purpose, the latter found out about that right away.

However, seeing it was Yan Zhaoge who was following him, Mars Halberd felt at ease at once.

Of course, Mars Halberd also felt a bit awkward.

Because he had already known that his attack at that time had sent Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting to the universe of the Immortal Court by mistake.

“Should I call you Senior Ye” Yan Zhaoge said that breezily as if nothing had happened between them while giving his obeisance to Mars Halberd with a smile.

Hearing that, the fire giant who had been transformed by Mars Halberd fell in to silence for a short while, then he shook his head while saying, “Ye Yang has already died.

Now I am only a peerless immortal weapon in this world.

Im Mars Halberd.”

“This place is inconvenient for us to talk.

Lets move to another area, is that fine with you” Yan Zhaoge waved his hands while saying, “Those people of the Immortal Court are all around of this place.

I also got some issues with them.”

Mars Halberd nodded immediately, saying, “Thats what I have been thinking.”

After that, they both flew away, in order to stay far away from the encirclement of the Immortal Court for the moment.

The moment they stood steady on the ground, Mars Halberd said first, “Although I didnt mean for what I have done at that time, I still felt sorry for you and your friend when I knew about that.

I did have some old grudges with the disciple of Daoist Xuanzhong, but I never wanted the disciples of our orthodox Daoism be harmed by those evil persons.”

Yan Zhaoge stared at him while saying with a meaningful tone, “Even if Brocade Emperor has made use of the people of the Immortal Court to set you up and almost destroyed you in the Nine Underworlds”

“I wont vent my anger on the people of the young generation.

Fu Jinxiu is the only one who should be responsible for that.” Mars Halberd responded without any hesitation, “Moreover, even if I want to revenge myself on Fu Tingxiu, I wont let any devils of the external dao get involved.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “So, you didnt have an enjoyable conversation with Sunlight Emperor”

The face of the fire giant was covered by the flames, so no one could see the look on his face.

However, it was still able to hear the appreciation in his words “You were already there when I met Candle Sunlight Emperor I didnt even find your existence.

Now come to think of it, the reason why I was able to detect your trace was because you have hinted me deliberately”

“Im flattered.

Actually, I only saw you leave at that time.” Yan Zhaoge smiled and answered.

The fire giant nodded slowly.

Then he shook his head while saying, “Candle Sunlight and I have separated with each other by mutual consent.

Itll be easy for us to be found by those devils of the external dao.

So we have agreed that he would inform me about the details after he managed to get some information.

Then, we will make plans.”

Yan Zhaoge was clear that Mars Halberd hadnt fully trusted Sunlight Emperor.

Sunlight Emperor had always been the supporter of Earthly Sovereign.

This time Exalted Fire Luminary had stirred up troubles in the Immortal Court, the World beyond Worlds which was stuck in the middle was in an embarrassed situation.

What this thing would end up with was still uncertain.

“But fellow daoist Yan, why did you come here” The fire giant asked, “Have you happened to be here or have you also come here on purpose to search for Mingzhang”

Yan Zhaoge said, “When the thing with Dim Radiant Sect has happened, you have been in the Ancient Cold Abyss.

Now since you have already been out, I wonder how much you know about what have happened at that time”

“Ive heard someone talk about it.” Mars Halberd said, “But I dont know about the details.”

Yan Zhaoge then told Mars Halberd the essential part of the story.

At the end, he said, “Due to the Dim Radiant Wheel and my mother, I became a thorn in the Immortal Courts side.

And as a result, I killed Wang Zhengcheng at last.”


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