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It had been a long time Mars Halberd hadnt returned to the World beyond World.

After he had heard what Yan Zhaoge had said, the fire around the giant kept wobbling and jumping.

“The young deserved to be respected...” Mars Halberd shook his head constantly without doubting Yan Zhaoges words.

Although his sensing ability was not that good, he was still a peerless immortal weapon who was in the same cultivation base as a True Immortal.

There were only few Martial Saints who would be able to hide their traces from him.

No to mention that he had already noticed that Yan Zhaoge wasnt even a human immortal but only a ninth level martial saint in the late stage of immortal bridge.

That was enough to prove that the young man in front of him was a superior cultivator.

Yan Zhaoge was already not the same person as he had been in the Minor No Hatred dao arena.

Wang Zhengcheng was actually an old acquaintance of Mars Halberd.

Whats more, Wang Zhengcheng had been the witness of the battle between Mars Halberd and Brocade Emperor.

Although they hadnt been too close with each other and had many disagreements with each other in lots of things, Mars Halberd still couldnt help but sigh inwardly.

“You are the descendant of Yan Xingtang and Di Qinglian, I have heard of that.” Mars Halberd sighed and said, “But I never realized that your mother was the disciple of Hu Yuexin.

I also didnt realize that she would make such a huge progress.”

Wang Zhengcheng, the Earthly Sovereign at the present, was the disciple of Jiang Shen who had been the Exalted Earth Luminary.

Hu Yuexin was the disciple of Shao Junhuang who had been Exalted Wood Luminary.

When Mars Halberd had been sealed in the Ancient Cold Abyss, he was acquainted with both of them.

“No wonder you would come to look for Mingzhang.” Mars Halberd said that in a meaningful tone, “He might not in the mood of dealing with other things.

But since you and your mother are all disciples of Shao Junhuang.

Things might be different.”

Hearing that, Yan Zhaoge was cheered up right away, saying, “You mean...”

“Im also an outsider.

The relationship between Mingzhang and Shao Junhuang is so complicated.

Maybe they couldnt even sort it out themselves.” On these words, the fire giant looked to the space in the distance.

“Mingzhang didnt listen to my advice and insisted on heading to the Immortal Court.

He said he must kill those two Profound Immortal of the Immortal Court.

I was very grateful to him, but also quite concerned.”

“I have heard that he has retreated all of a sudden after he had killed a cultivator.

As I got relieved hearing that, I was also a bit confused.

Because the Suo Mingzhang I know, is not a person who would give up so easily.”

The face of the fire giant looked a little indistinct behind the fire.

He continued, “Something must have happened to make him change his mind.”

“Thats why you have followed the trace and arrived here” Yan Zhaoge paused and asked, “With all due respect, do you know...

why Exalted Fire Luminary has come here”

“He would only leave everything behind for one thing.” Mars Halberd answered lightly, “ One thing that concerning Shao Junhuang.”

Yan Zhaoge exhaled deeply.

He had had a same assumption before.

However, at that time, Yan Zhaoge only had a hunch without any proof.

After all, Exalted Fire Luminary had already been obsessed with finding Exalted Wood Luminary for over two thousand years.

Now, Mars Halberd who knew Exalted Fire Luminary a lot also made the same assumption.

Then Yan Zhaoge was eighty percent sure that his former guess was right.

“Senior, are Exalted Fire Luminary and Exalted Wood Luminary...

a couple” Yan Zhaoge asked a tentative question.

“A couple” Mars Halberd said that with hesitation.

After a short while, she said, “They used to be...”

Yan Zhaoges heart jolted right away while the look on his face turned awkward, “Used to be...”

“Its a long story.” The fire giant shook his head with his eyes fixing to the place far away, “Since Mingzhang has gone straight to this place regardless what have happened, Shao Junhuang might really be here.”

Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temples gently.

It was likely that Exalted Fire Luminary had known of this location from the expert of the Immortal Court who had been captured by him.

Here came the question.

Since the Immortal Court knew that Shao Junhuang was at this place, why hadnt they done anything yet

After all, Shao Junhuang who supported the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor had gone against the Immortal Court more often than Suo Mingzhang who had always had a neutral attitude.

What those of Hu Yuexins lineage had done was enough to show what kind of a person Exalted Wood Luminary was, since Hu Yuexin was Exalted Wood Luminarys disciple.

If Shao Junhuangs position had been located, the experts of the Immortal Court would already come here to attack her.

Therefore, this area might not be the place where Shao Junhuang had hidden herself, but where she had been buried.

Yan Zhaoge had already been prepared mentally after Astro Sovereign had reminded him.

But he still couldnt help feeling pitiful.

Right at this moment, the fire which enveloped Mars Halberds body wobbled slightly.

Then he, having no intention to hide anything from Yan Zhaoge, said, “Words have come from Candle Sunlight Emperor through the contact path he has left me.”

“He said he would think of a way to bring me across the encirclement and get to the inside.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “I wonder if Senior Apprentice-Uncle Yue and Earthly Sovereign have also arrived at this area.”

“They might have.” Mars Halberd answered, “But Candle Sunlight Emperor couldnt get in touch with them for the moment nor know where they are.”

Although lots of experts had gathered in this space to besiege Suo Mingzhang like catching a turtle in a jar, this place was actually very broad, even broader than the World beyond Worlds.

The Immortal Court could only block off this area for the moment and then slowly narrow the range afterwards to search for the precise location of Suo Mingzhang.

“So what are you planning to do, Senior” Yan Zhaoge looked at Mars Halberd while asking that.

Mars Halberd answered, “I dont think Sunlight Emperor would set me up.”

Otherwise Sunlight Emperor would have tangled with him at that time.

The former didnt even need to defeat him as long as Mars Halberd was not able to get away in a short period of time.

By then, the cultivators of the Immortal Court would notice the fight and come to help catch Mars Halberd.

“Since then, may I ask you to come with me, Senior” Yan Zhaoge pondered for a while and asked that.

Time had passed by, but Sword Sovereign was still not found.

The longer he delayed here, the more variables would show up.

If Sword Sovereign had already arrived at the inner circle of the encirclement, Yan Zhaoge would only be wasting his time wandering around at the outer circle.

The method he had just come up with might seem dangerous, but was feasible.

Though Yan Zhaoge liked the feeling of having everything under control, he would still made some gutty and risky decisions.

“However, if its possible, I would prefer not to meet Sunlight Emperor face to face to avoid the awkwardness.”

Sunlight Emperor needed to cover for Mars Halberd from the experts of the Immortal Court if he wanted to bring Mars Halberd to the inside.

That was the first cover.

Yan Zhaoge had to hide himself from Sunlight Emperor with the help of Mars Halberd.

That was the second cover.

As thus, Yan Zhaoge didnt have to circulate the Peerless Heavenly Scripture since employing the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts was already enough.

Also, Mars Halberd wouldnt detect anything strange in this way.

“This place is full of the experts of the Immortal Court.

You might face an extremely desperate situation.

Have you considered it thoroughly” Mars Halberd asked.

Yan Zhaoge then smiled and said, “Senior, you dont need to worry about me.

Im only afraid that you wont help me.”

Mars Halberd said, “I have made you fall into the Immortal Court by mistake.

I need to pay you back.

Since you have already made up your mind, I wouldnt refuse your request.”


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