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HSSB122: Cloud Portent Mountain


When Yan Zhaoge and the others received news of the results of the third Extreme Yin Bout, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s side also naturally did as well.

Although they didn’t show it outwardly, Yan Zhaoge could still feel that the people of Infinite Boundless Mountain had become much warmer towards them.

With the Sacred Sun Clan holding an even greater advantage, while Infinite Boundless Mountain wouldn’t face them directly, they would also increase their guard.

To Infinite Boundless Mountain, before they had sufficient backing to themselves do so, having Broad Creed Mountain helping them in withstanding the Sacred Sun Clan was naturally a good thing.

However, Yan Zhaoge could still feel that on the matter of Cloud Portent Mountain’s Giant Spirit Magnetite vein, their attitude was still somewhat ambiguous.

From their earlier interactions, whether intentionally or not, Infinite Boundless Mountain had seemed to reveal an inclination to cooperate with Broad Creed Mountain in some other areas instead.

Yan Zhaoge took some note of this within his heart.

Although Infinite Boundless Mountain’s attitude was rather ambiguous, led by them, Yan Zhaoge, Fu Enshu and the others still arrived uneventfully in the Cloud Portent Territory.

“Young master, it just so happens that Zhao Ming and his girl have also come to Cloud Portent Mountain,” Walking along the road, Ah Hu was busy sifting through all the reports from his subordinates before relaying the organized information to Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge tilted his head as he thought, “Right, the Scarlet Rainbow Sect does indeed have some business relations with the Mountain Domain’s Cloud Portent Territory after all.”

Ah Hu nodded, “That’s right, lands of solitary yin which also contain solitary yang are quite rare.

For the Scarlet Rainbow Sect, they have several types of spirit grass which would only reach their highest grade in such a land.”

“That’s why they’ve rented a parcel of land at Cloud Portent Mountain and started a medicine field.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded his head.

Broad Creed Mountain was aware of this matter, not having forbidden it.

While Broad Creed Mountain and Infinite Boundless Mountain also somewhat existed as competitors, the relationship between them was far less strained than with the Sacred Sun Clan.

Mutual interaction between the many powers of Broad Creed Mountain’s Heaven Domain and Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Mountain Domain was also not rarely seen.

Cloud Portent Mountain was an important location for Infinite Boundless Mountain.

However, as long as they didn’t encroach on the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein, this place was still not a restricted ground for outsiders.

Of course, if a power on the same level such as Broad Creed Mountain also neared, that would definitely draw the attention of Infinite Boundless Mountain.

A power like the Scarlet Rainbow Sect, though, was totally fine.

Ah Hu continued, “I’ve heard that something’s up with their medicinal field; that’s why Zhao Ming and Jing Yunzhi have both gone over for a look.”

Jing Yunzhi was the daughter of the Chief of the Scarlet Rainbow Sect, also having entered Broad Creed Mountain as a disciple.

Yan Zhaoge said, “After we arrive at Cloud Portent Mountain, we can notify them, and meet up with them when there’s time.

According to etiquette, they should also come to extend their greetings to senior apprentice-aunt Fu.”

Ah Hu gave a simple and honest laugh, “Yes, Young Master.”

Stepping into the Cloud Portent Territory, passing by countless mountains of the Cloud Portent Mountain Range, Yan Zhaoge and the others headed all the way east.

Within the Cloud Portent Mountain range, the highest peak slowly was revealed to Yan Zhaoge’s party.

The entire Cloud Portent Mountain range resembled an enormous coiled dragon, with Cloud Portent Mountain itself as the dragon’s head.

At the foot of Cloud Portent Mountain, it and the surrounding mountains came together to form a small basin of land.

This was where the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein was.

Meanwhile, there was a small spiritual stream halfway up Cloud Portent Mountain.

This spring was known as the Yin Yang Cloud Spring.

This Yin Yang Cloud Spring was actually one of those rarely seen lands of solitary yin that also contained solitary yang.

Because of the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein, Infinite Boundless Mountain had here not just a single Elder.

Other than the First Seat Elder presiding over all the affairs of Cloud Portent Mountain, there was also another longtime Martial Grandmaster specifically sitting over Cloud Portent Mountain.

This Elder was dubbed the Magnetite Elder.

Adding on the Infinite Boundless Mountain Elder who accompanied them, there were currently three longtime Martial Grandmasters of Infinite Boundless Mountain congregated at Cloud Portent Mountain.

The First Seat Elder who managed Cloud Portent Mountain was surnamed Zuo.

He was a middle-aged man possessing dignified features.

As Yan Zhaoge looked at this Elder Zuo, his gaze hardened for a moment.

The Principal Elder of Infinite Boundless Mountain who had been stationed in the East Heaven Region of the Heaven Domain had been one of this Elder Zuo’s subordinates.

In the previous chaos of the Eastern Tang, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s movements would definitely have been determined somewhat by him.

“To our clan, Giant Spirit Magnetite is naturally of the utmost importance.

Your Broad Creed Mountain suddenly paying a visit was somewhat out of my predictions,” Elder Zuo said neither hurriedly nor slowly.

Yan Zhaoge sat silently as Fu Enshu handled matters, “Precisely because of the importance of this matter, without possessing sufficient confidence in it, how would we have brought it up so easily”

In recent years, because the supply of Giant Spirit Magnetite was gradually dwindling, there was a very real danger of it being entirely exhausted.

Within the sect, there were many elders that were trying to combat the problem of the lack of Giant Spirit Magnetite.

With regard to this matter, the clan had tried to find a solution whilst also internally limiting the amount mined.

This way, they had also inadvertently slowed down their own development.

If this problem could be resolved, enabling them to resume mining Giant Spirit Magnetite in large amounts, they would definitely make use of the chance to enter a quick stage of development once more.

Fu Enshu spoke, “Our clan comes with great sincerity; there is no need for your Infinite Boundless Mountain to worry.”

Also having an understanding of Elder Fu’s personality, Elder Zuo smiled as he heard her words.

If Broad Creed Mountain had truly come here to cause destruction, then that would be equivalent to completely pushing Infinite Boundless Mountain to the side of the Sacred Sun Clan.

However, he also had his own thoughts on this matter.

Broad Creed Mountain definitely wouldn’t come to help Infinite Boundless Mountain for no reason.

Since they would be cooperating, it would be a matter of both sides obtaining and gaining what they needed.

As for which side gained more and which side gained less-that was a different matter altogether.

“You said that you want to examine the location After you’ve settled down as is necessary, I shall accompany you,” Elder Zuo said.

Fu Enshu directly swiveled her head over and asked Yan Zhaoge, “Do you require rest”

Yan Zhaoge resisted the urge to roll his eyes at this senior apprentice-aunt’s flighty temperament, “I’m ready anytime.”

Fu Enshu nodded, turning back to face Elder Zuo once more, “When it’s still early now, let’s go.”

Elder Zuo and the other two Infinite Boundless Mountain Elders communicated with their eyes for a bit, before they all nodded.

The Magnetite Elder specifically in charge of sitting over Cloud Portent Mountain said, “Follow me.”

The group entered the valley, directly entering the quarry.

Feeling the flow of spiritual qi within and specially entering the pith of the quarry, Yan Zhaoge came to feel increasingly certain within his heart.

“Our current method of extracting the ore is too crude.

Although our founder obtained the Giant Spirit Profound Art, he did not simultaneously look specifically into mining techniques for the Giant Spirit Magnetite with structural integrity in mind.

The mining techniques that were subsequently developed are simple and violent, unceasingly harming the pith of the vein.”

Calculating silently, Yan Zhaoge’s face darkened within his heart, “Besides our clan, there also seems to be someone else working at restoring the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein.

It does not seem to be the research of Infinite Boundless Mountain themselves, rather actually possessing some flair of before the Great Calamity….”

“Ah, no wonder their attitude is so ambiguous.

They have indeed found hope elsewhere, therefore no longer feeling so passionate towards us.”

“However, it seems like their current operation is still in an experimental stage, so they did not reject our offer outright.”

Yan Zhaoge pondered as he stroked his lower chin.

However, he still appeared outwardly as though everything was normal.

Leaving the quarry, Yan Zhaoge toured leisurely along the basin of the valley, feeling a step further for the pulses of spiritual qi there.

“How come it feels like there is reverse yang qi going directly down from the mountain into the ground” Yan Zhaoge wrinkled his brows as he walked out of the valley, now raising his head to gaze at Cloud Portent Mountain before him.

Halfway up the mountain, there shone the glow of fire.

Yan Zhaoge blinked his eyes, “What are they playing at Infinite Boundless Mountain is burning down their own mountain”

As he thought thus, Ah Hu galloped out, returning with an unconscious person in his arms.

Yan Zhaoge recognized the person—he was evidently one of Zhao Ming’s accompanying retainers.

After regaining consciousness, the person saw Yan Zhaoge and immediately was overjoyed.

“Young Master Yan, it’s good that you are here.

Fourth Prince is on the mountain, currently in conflict with people of Infinite Boundless Mountain!”


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