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“There is no need to say too much about the past.” Yan Zhaoge made an obeisance to Mars Halberd and said, “Senior, Id appreciate your help today.”

After he had said that, he transformed into a flowing light and flew up.

The light kept flickering and changed misty at last.

“I heard that the Dim Radiant Sect always destroyed the old and established the new.

They have also acknowledged the secret of the peerless arts.

Now seeing it by myself today, I am really impressed.” Mars Halberd reached out his hand to hold up the Dim Radiant Light which had been transformed by Yan Zhaoge.

After that, he covered Yan Zhaoge up with layers of fire.

At last, he transformed into a fire light and flew to the space far away.

In the meantime, Yan Zhaoge buried his thoughts in the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, which made him more sensitive to the outside world.

Mars Halberd had no intention to cover Yan Zhaoges sensory ability.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge was able to receive the information from the outside with the help of Mars Halberd.

Mars Halberd had avoided being noticed by the experts of the Immortal Court along the way.

Then, he stopped right away.

The red fire light died out, the universe fell into a darkness again.

Meanwhile, Mars Halberd also weakened his own breath to cover his trace.

Although he was not good at doing this, other cultivators were still not able to find him if he set his mind to hide himself, unless the one who was looking for him was an expert who had pushed the door to the immortality.

As time went by quietly, Yan Zhaoge and Mars Halberd didnt make any sounds or communicated with each other, but only waited there patiently.

After a long while, a golden light shined in the space at the other side all of a sudden.

When that light approached to them, Yan Zhaoge could see a human figure in the golden light.

That was a daoist who was around fifty in a red rope which had Yin and Yang pattern on the surface.

His face was dark red with three feet long beard.

He looked super stern with imposing expression in his eyes.

His eyes were like the hanging mirror in the sky which reflected all the people in the world.

It seemed that his eyes were able to see through people.

Nothing in this world, good or evil, bright or dark, was not able to hide from him.

Since Yan Zhaoge had already seen the painting of that daoist, he recognized who that was right away.

That was Candle Sunlight Emperor, one of the Five Emperors of the World beyond Worlds, the Lord of the Purple Sunlight Cave of the Double Heart Peak in the Kunlun Mountain, also known as Sunlight Emperor.

It was said that he had discovered and inherited the dao tradition before the Great Calamity of the Clear Illusory Moral Lord of the Jade Clear lineage.

Also, the dao arena of the Clear Illusory Moral Lord was said to be the Purple Sunlight Cave of the Green Peak.

Therefore, when Sunlight Emperor had become a True Immortal and opened his own dao arena in the Double Heart Peak of the Kunlun Mountain.

He had also used the namePurple Sunlight Cave.

Right now, with a serious look on Sunlight Emperors face, he was coming from the distance while looking steadily forward.

There was a mirror which shined bright mirror light toward all the directions hanging above his head.

A light showed vaguely in the mirror, shaking slightly.

Sunlight Emperor passed through the place where Yan Zhaoge and Mars Halberd were hiding without slowing down or stopping.

However, Mars Halberd already grabbed the chance and transformed into a fire light to fly into the mirror while merging with the candle inside.

Then the candle light shook even more violently.

After a short moment, it went back to normal.

After the mirror light had turned into a flowing light and gradually disappeared, it was collected swiftly.

Sunlight Emperor acted as if nothing had happened and headed forward directly.

Nonetheless, Mars Halberd already heard a sound by his ears, “My fellow daoist, sorry that I have to put you into my candle light.”

“I understand we have to avoid those demons of the Immortal Court.

It doesnt matter.” Mars Halberd replied, “I should thank you for taking the risk for me.”

Sunlight Emperor said, “Its my pleasure, my fellow daoist.

Although Exalted Fire Luminary hasnt been in the World beyond Worlds for a long time due to some special reasons and his name isnt known in the World beyond Worlds right now, I have heard of him long ago and always admired his achievements.”

“Nevertheless, I still need to speak bluntly.” Sunlight Emperor paused and said in a serious look, “Our dao sect has suffered from a great catastrophe.

Ever since then, there are so many things waiting to be done.

Since we have just made a few progresses, we need to play it safe.

This time Exalted Fire Luminary has been too impulsive making a scene in the Immortal Court.”

“I always speak frankly.

So I had to say those things first.

But dont worry, it wont affect the agreement between us.”

He continued, “Maybe we have some disagreements in many things.

But since we all belong to the Three Clear Lineage, I really dont want to see such an excellent cultivator being killed by the devils of the Immortal court.”

“I just hope you can persuade Exalted Fire Luminary when we meet him.”

Mars Halberd was not a hot-tempered person when not facing the dragon race.

So he only responded calmly, “My fellow daoist, you have always supported the Exalted Earth Luminary, so I understand your stand.

But you should also know that being content to staying in one place is bad for ones independence.”

“The World beyond Worlds is in a steady state right now just because people like Hu Yuexin or Yin Tianxia have stayed outside of the World beyond Worlds to offer their helps.”

“For what I know of Mingzhang, he doesnt have an obvious tendency toward either of the two parties.

And this time he has done that only because his nature told him to do so.”

“But as a matter of fact, Mingzhang existed in this world for the same reason as Hu Yuexin and other people like her.”

Mars Halberd continued, “Although you two stand in the opposite sides and even have some conflicts with each other, I still believe that you can understand what I was saying, my fellow daoist.”

“Your words did make sense.” Sunlight Emperor said slowly, “But still, Exalted Fire Luminary has caused such a huge trouble.

Itll be so hard to clean the mess.”

Mars Halberd asked, “Is this what fellow daoist Jiang Shens idea”

“Im not sure what Earthly Sovereign thought of this.” Sunlight Emperor shook his head while saying, “Ive never met him before.

But I have heard from the people of the Immortal Court that Earthly Sovereign and Sword Sovereign have both arrived at this area to resolve the contradictions.”

“But, that is too difficult for them...

We could only expect that they have managed to secretly help Exalted Fire Luminary escape from the attacks from the people of the Immortal Court.”

“However, as far as I know, we still cant be too optimistic about the result since the number of the superior experts of the Immortal Court is too large...” Sunlight Sovereign sighed slightly.

Mars Halberd was silent for a moment.

Then he replied, “Lets talk about this after we saw Mingzhang.

As long as we could get in touch with him, things would be easier when we could collaborate with him from the outside.”

“That seems to be the only solution for the moment.” Sunlight Emperor nodded.

As they were talking with each other, Sunlight Emperor was still flying in the space.

In no time, there were flowing lights appearing in the distance.

A strong air turbulence was shaking the whole space in a very direct way.

That was no doubt from the experts of the Immortal Court.

Seeing that, Sunlight Emperor and Mars Halberd stopped talking.

Mars Halberd then began to cover himself up with the help of Sunlight Emperor.

Sunlight Emperor was capable of hiding someones trace by using his immortal weapon, Light in the Mirror even if the one he faced was a Profound Immortal of the Immortal Court.

However, when he came close to the light and sensed the aura of those cultivators.

He found himself in no risk because the people he would confront with were all True Immortals.

Sunlight Emperor could even let Mars Halberd receive the information from the outside like what the latter had done for Yan Zhaoge.

However, when he saw clearly who those people were, he flashed a surprised look in his eyes all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, Mars Halberd also had mixed feelings in his mind.

Because they were both very familiar with one of the people standing across them.

That was Fu Yunchi, the Brocade Emperor, the descendant of the Prime Clear Lineage, one of the Five Emperors of the World beyond Worlds.


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