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Still that gorgeous, still that charming, and still that powerful.

When standing with other emperors of the Immortal Court, Brocade Emperor was always the most appealing one.

However, Sunlight Emperors eyes as well as the sense of Mars Halberd both fixed on Brocade Emperor.

“In black...” The man and the weapon said that inwardly.

Although Mars Halberd hadnt been in the World beyond Worlds and was quite unfamiliar about the news there.

He had still heard of the things which had caused great effect later than others.

The condition of Brocade Emperor was one of the things that Mars Halberd cared about the most.

He had already known the two sides of the Brocade Emperor and also the characters of the Brocade Emperor in white and in black.

Sunlight Emperor had stayed in the outer space the whole time and never returned to the World beyond Worlds.

Though he had also got the news later that others.

His disciples from the Purple Sunlight Cave had tried their best to report the big events of the World beyond Worlds.

Thus Sunlight Emperor was also clear of what kind of person the Brocade Emperor in black was.

“My fellow daoists, good to see you here.” After Sunlight Emperor reached to those emperors, he stood still and greeted them.

Apart from Brocade Emperor in black, there were also True Immortal Emperors from the Immortal Court.

They all put on a gloomy look seeing Sunlight Emperor.

Nonetheless, they didnt forget about the etiquette either.

As reluctant as they were, they still gave their obeisance and said, “Fellow daoist Candle Sunlight, what are you doing here”

“To see if I could be of any help.” With a calm look on Sunlight Emperors face, he said that peacefully.

An emperor right in front of him snorted and sneered, “You outer...”

With unkind expression in his eyes, he glanced not only at Sunlight Emperor but also Brocade Emperor in black.

Meanwhile, Brocade Emperor in black only stood there indifferently without changing his countenance.

However, when he saw Sunlight Emperor approaching, he gave his obeisance to the latter.

Another emperor of the Immortal Court stared at Sunlight Emperor while saying in a heavy voice, “That arrogant Suo Mingzhang has done so many things recklessly and will never be forgiven.

This time our Immortal Court has deployed forces only to exterminate this demon.

You better not think of helping him for the sake of your own good!”

“Fellow daoist, there must be some misunderstandings there.

I have only come here because I felt anxious before.

And I just want to see if I could help.” Sunlight Emperor, being not angry at all, continued, “Although Exalted Fire Luminary is a senior to me in the World beyond Worlds.

But we have already gone on the separate ways.”

“I was quite surprised that he would murder all those cultivators so abruptly.”

The third emperor of the Immoral Court tried to ease the tension by saying, “Itll be great if fellow daoist Candle Sunlight would think so.

But this place has already been sealed.

Please dont act on your own randomly to avoid any misunderstandings.”

“Thanks for the warning.

Ill pay attention to that.” Sunlight Emperor nodded and then looked to Brocade Emperor in black.

“Fellow daoist Fu, it has been so long we havent met.

I never realized that such thing would happen to you.

When I heard about the things about you, I was held up by so many other affairs and couldnt get back to talk with you in the World beyond Worlds.

Little did I know that we would meet here by accident.”

Brocade Emperor in black said calmly, “I never thought I would become like this either.”

“Where are you heading at, fellow daoists” Sunlight Emperor watched to the other three emperors.

One of them said, “We have come here by orders.

Now we are waiting for the following demands.

Since you dont want to keep yourself out of the affair, you can come with us.”

Under no circumstance were they willing to let a True Immortal of the World beyond Worlds wander around in this area freely.

“I would love to.” Sunlight Emperor nodded and joined the team.

Brocade Emperor in black also went with them.

As Sunlight Emperor looked at Brocade Emperor in light, he really wished to say something but stopped at the second thought.

During the long travel, they had passed through many spaces.

After a long while, they stopped.

A strong power aura showed up in the distance, which was quite frightening.

However, the thing which caused more attention was a huge lump of vortex-like nebula.

This nebula was even larger than the whole World beyond Worlds and also the sum of lots of spaces of the Immortal Court.

Inside of the nebula were numerous spaces and time being folded together.

If it was unfolded, it would be even larger, too large to be estimated.

“The original nebula...” Seeing that, Yan Zhaoge got a clear idea in his head, “There might be a space-time vortex inside of this nebula which led to a place far away from here.”

If Suo Minglan had entered into the vortex, it would be very difficult for the people of the Immortal Court to find him.

For a moment, Yan Zhaoge even doubted that Suo Mingzhang had only come here to dump the pursuing forces and this wasnt his destination at all.

However, if that really was the case, the Immortal Court wouldnt have been so stupid by inputting so many forces in this action.

They must have deducted from some certain factors that Suo Mingzhang wouldnt leave so easily.

Thinking of the expert which had been captured by Suo Mingzhang, Yan Zhaoge assumed that that expert might not be the only person who knew about that essential information.

And through those experts in the know, the Immortal Court had already figured out why Suo Mingzhang had started a war here.

“Something is hiding, in this original nebula...” Yan Zhaoge pondered that, “Exalted Wood Luminary...

dead or alive, might be seen here for the last time.”

Therefore, before Suo Mingzhang searched this original nebula thoroughly and confirmed the whereabouts of Exalted Wood Luminary, he wouldnt leave even if he could.

In the meantime, the Immortal Court had set their teeth to search the whole nebula too.

They were determined to block Suo Mingzhangs way before he left.

Also, confirming if Shao Junhuang had died or not was also their mission.

Too many experts of the Immortal Court had involved in this.

Considering the huge input of the manpower and the resources, the Immortal Court would never stop until they reached their goal.

As Yan Zhaoge was thinking of that, there was a sudden change in the universe in front of him!

That original nebula which was too large to estimate, was suddenly expanding outward without a break.

Those folded spaces in the expanding nebula all started to spread, swallowing the spaces next to them.

The vortex seemed to turn into a huge beast which could swallow the universe, sweeping all the time and spaces.

“What is happening inside of the nebula A great war” Yan Zhaoge speculated that.

Then he found that the torrent had already approaching to the people around him.

Mars Halberd contacted Sunlight Emperor secretly, “Here is our chance.”

“Thats right.” Sunlight Emperor agreed to him while pretending to avoid the torrent.

At last, he failed to dodge the torrent and was swallowed into the vortex.

Anyway, even if he wanted to elude the vortex, he was still not able to.

The space-time vortex was too fierce to be avoid, even for those True Immortal Emperors like them.

None of them were hurt.

However, none of them were able to escape either.

Besides Sunlight Emperor, Brocade Emperor as well as other emperors of the Immortal Court were also engulfed in the space-time torrent.

After they had jolted in the vortex, Sunlight Emperor was finally able to stand still when the torrent was a bit more steady.

Then Mars Halberd and Yan Zhaoge also had the time to observe their surroundings.

Everything inside of their views were foggy.

Normally speaking, the wrinkles of the space would create solids which were like bright crystals.

However, they only saw everything around them being like mist.

Even if an expert like Sunlight Emperor didnt dare to touch the mist.

Unless he wanted to be squeezed into pieces.

When he was travelling in the space, he needed to try his best to avoid the mist, which made it harder for him to recognize the path.

However, after a short while, the look on Sunlight Emperors face suddenly changed slightly.

After that, a man in black appeared in his view.

That was no other than Brocade Emperor in black.

When Brocade Emperor saw Sunlight Emperor again, he also raised his eyebrows with no surprised expression on her face.

However, it was still easy to tell that this encounter was also unexpected to him.

Only this time, Sunlight Emperor wasnt that relaxed like before.

He asked slowly, “Fellow daoist Fu, why did you come here


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