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“I received the message about Exalted Fire Luminary.

Thats why I am here.” Sunlight Emperor gazed at Brocade Emperor in black and asked, “Fellow daoist Fu, what about you”

Time and space were in a chaotic status here.

Anyone might be transferred to another world through all those spaces at any time.

But it was impossible to say that Brocade Emperor had come here by coincidence because of that.

“I have also come here for a special reason.” Brocade Emperor in black said calmly, “Not for Exalted Fire Luminary, but someone else.”

Hearing that, Sunlight Emperor frowned, “...

Someone else”

Mars Halberd who was hiding in the candle light as well as Yan Zhaoge who had been hidden by Mars Halberd both shocked to hear that too.

“Fellow daoist Fu, pardon me for speaking frankly.

Are you going to...

join the Immortal Court” The look on Sunlight Emperors face was never this serious when he said that.

Brocade Emperor shook his head and answered, “Not yet.”

Not yet...

Those were really two meaningful words.

‘You mean, you did have planned to do so and just havent put into practice. Yan Zhaoge pondered that,Have we given too much pressure to him Otherwise...”

Sunlight Emperor looked right into Brocade Emperors eyes, saying, “Please let me say this, Fellow daoist Fu, that really is an improper move.”

“I dont want to be killed by the other me.” Brocade Emperor said indifferently, “He has already obtained the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag with the help of others.

I have to get my own helpers too.”

Sunlight Emperor then questioned closely, “The other...

the other fellow daoist Fu in white, also sought help from the Immortal Court Or the Blessed Lands of the Buddhism”

“That person offered his help secretly and retreated the moment he was attacked.

However, he has chosen the perfect timing to take the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag from me.

As a result, the other me in white possesses that Immortal Weapon now.” Brocade Emperor, having no intention to hide anything, continued bluntly, “It was all of a sudden.

I couldnt be sure who that person was.

But I think his cultivation base should be above the True Immoral since I couldnt see him through.

Also, he is not from the outer dao.

Sunlight Emperor said in a heavy voice, “Since that is the case, why do you want to turn to the people of the outer dao for help”

“Ive already known about the conflicts between you and the other you, and also the grudges between you and the descendants of Exalted Gold Luminary.

But those are all internal conflicts inside our Three Clear Lineage.

You shouldnt let anyone of the outer dao have an excuse to get involved in our business.”

Brocade Emperor in black said peacefully, “Fellow daoist Candle Sunlight, arent you associating with the Immortal Court too”

“I was just pretending for the moment.

That was my expedient.” Sunlight Emperor said frankly, not caring if Brocade Emperor would inform the Immortal Court.

“Me too.” Brocade Emperor said indifferently.

Sunlight Emperor looked at Brocade Emperor in black, trying to figure out how credible the latters words were.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge trusted that it was Brocade Emperors real thought.

Well, at least for the moment, it was.

If Brocade Emperor joined the Immortal Court, he would accept being remoulded by the Immortal Court.

After that, he would have the treasured light of the power of faith within his body.

Also he had to enshrine and worship the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

In this way, to become a Profound Immortal, Brocade Emperor didnt need to gain the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud and the Grand Simplicity Fist.

Nor did he need to kill Meng Wan and Fu Ting or fight with Brocade Emperor in white.

No efforts, no danger.

That seemed like a perfect way.

Also, that really sounded like something Brocade Emperor in black would do.

But as a matter of fact, that might not be the best for him.

After a person had been remoulded by the Immortal Court, his life and death would be completely controlled by the Immortal Court.

Brocade Emperor in black would never take that step unless there was no other way.

The best result for him would be defeating the Brocade Emperor in white and obtaining the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud with the help of the Immortal Court.

Yan Zhaoge and his father were also hated by the Immortal Court.

For the moment, it was still hard to say which was better for the Immortal Court, remoulding an emperor to make him a member of them or having an emperor who was likely to become a Profound Immortal of the World beyond Worlds as an ally.

That was the bargaining chip of Brocade Emperor in black.

Of course, things wouldnt develop exactly as he wished.

The Immortal Court would never ask for nothing from him.

Lots of negotiations and concessions were yet to come.

“Fellow daoist Fu, please hear my advice.” Sunlight Emperor watched Brocade Emperor in black and said, “I knew almost all the things that happened to you.

There is still chance for you to defeat the other yourself and obtain the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud from the descendants of Exalted Gold Luminary.”

“Since the descendants of Exalted Gold Luminary have got involved with Yin Youming and Hu Tongming, they would never be tolerated in the World beyond Worlds anymore.

Moreover, Earthly Sovereign will never turn a blind eye to the fact that they have killed Wang Zhengcheng.

After the thing about Exalted Fire Luminary is over, Earthly Sovereign will return to the World beyond Worlds.

As long as he and Concealed Sovereign join hands together, they will sweep away all the obstacles.”

“Ive never fought the other you in white, but I heard that he was in a muddleheaded state and couldnt make any progress now.

But you always have a clear mind.

Although it might sound cruel, I decide to support you.”

Sunlight Emperor said seriously, “However, joining the Immortal Court is just like asking a tiger for its skin.

We should solve the problems of the World beyond Worlds inside of Three Clear Lineage.

Dont get any people of the outer dao involved!”

“But I only end up like this because of the people of the Three Clear Lineage.” Brocade Emperor in black said slightly.

With his eyebrows knitted, Sunlight Emperor said, “You mean Zhuang Shen, the previous Southern Exalt”

Brocade Emperor in black shook his head and said, “No, absolutely not.

Zhuang Sheng only took advantage of me at the last moment.

The person who has plotted this is one of the three sovereigns of the World beyond Worlds.

Or maybe Astro Sovereign who went missing.”

“I wouldnt be easily set up if a Profound Immortal wasnt involved in this.”

Sunlight Emperor showed a surprised look on his face, saying, “You mean...”

“If it is Sword Sovereign, I wont be worried that much.” Brocade Emperor said indifferently, “But if it is one of the other sovereigns, how do you expect me to rely on them”

“At that time Yan Zhaoge and his father were nobody and the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud also wasnt found by anyone.

However, considering of what have happened afterwards, they would definitely support the other me in white to cope with the aftermath of the disaster.”

Sunlight Emperor fell into a silence.

The person who had caused all of this could draw Brocade Emperor in white to his side by helping the latter make progress in the cultivation.

Before, Brocade Emperor in white had been in favor of the Broad Creed Mountain while the Brocade Emperor in black had always had conflicts with the Broad Creed Mountain.

So it was clearly which one of them would get roped in by the Broad Creed Mountain.

Whats more, Brocade Emperor in black was already one step behind the Brocade Emperor in white.

At the moment, not only did the latter have the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag, he also made himself master of the Grand Simplicity Fist.

In a word, Brocade Emperor in white was expected to win by the landslide according to the situation right now.

Although Earthly Sovereign and Concealed Sovereign had conflicts with the Broad Creed Mountain and the former would surely make the Broad Creed Mountain pay for what they had done when he came back to the World beyond Worlds.

But it didnt mean that those two sovereigns would give backing to Brocade Emperor in black who was in conflict with the Broad Creed Mountain.

Those were two different things

“This is a matter concerning your life and your dao cultivation, I dont want to jump to conclusions so quickly.” After a short moment of silence, Sunlight Emperor, with his eyes fixed on Brocade Emperor, said sternly, “But I still want you to think twice.

Joining the Immortal court is not a good choice for your fate, your dao cultivation, and your life.


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