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The time and space in the original nebula kept changing unpredictably, which was quite different from the outside world.

Even Mars Halberd still needed to weigh and consider the situation while slightly adjusting his ritual.

After he had made a thorough plan in his mind, he then was ready to start.

The flames burnt and intertwined with each other in the space and turned into the treads of his ritual.

After that, Mars Halberd transformed into a fire giant and flew to the sky.

As the fire storm swept the whole place, there was a double crescent halberd showing up in the raging fire.

That was Mars Halberds real figure brandishing himself.

Right now, the halberd was writing another seal in the space as if it was about to separate the heaven from the earth and break the disorderly space.

A light golden seal showed up.

Then, it fell on the treads which were created by the intertwined flames.

As the seal and the threads combined with each other, ripples of light started to spread to all around.

Sunlight Emperor stood by the side while keeping his eyes open for the surroundings in order to protect Mars Halberd.

Meanwhile, the ripples of light which spread in all directions seemed to have frozen the disordered time and space.

Then Sunlight Emperor couldnt help but praise, “Excellent.”

After that, Mars Halberd turned into a fire giant again while standing in space to wait in patience.

Time was difficult to measure here.

After a long while, the frozen space suddenly fluctuated fiercely.

A strange fire which appeared out of nowhere broke the space right away and then transformed into a seal in front of Mars Halberd.

Mars Halberd watched the seal with fixed attention.

In no time, the fire disappeared.

However, Mars Halberd already knew what to do.

He said to Sunlight Emperor, “Lets go.

Time and space are so unpredictable in this original nebula.

We might need to walk for a long time.”

Sunlight Emperor nodded and said, “I have expected that.

Its already a bless that we could get in touch with Exalted Fire Luminary.

But its still a pity that Earthly Sovereign and Sword Sovereign havent replied us.”

As saying this, they both started off again.

Time was limited for them.

Since the time and space was still changing in the original nebula, the clues Mars Halberd had just received might not be that helpful if they acted slowly.

Moreover, they still needed to avoid the people of the Immortal Court.

Because Mars Halberd needed to guide the way, so he couldnt hide in the candle light of the Light in the Mirror anymore.

As in the following, if Mars Halberd walked aboveboard in the original nebula, the people of the Immortal Court might find him.

And that would bring new problems for them.

In a word, they needed to hurry on with their journey and hid their traces at the same time.

The difficulty was so obvious.

Also, the changeable time and space in the original nebula were full of danger anyway.

If one was not careful enough, he might be crushed by the chaotic time and space and died right away even if he was the expert of the Immortal Court.

Luckily, there were two of them walking together.

So they could cooperate with each other and work separately in the meantime.

Suddenly, Mars Halberd paused and said, “We are here.”

Hearing that, Sunlight Emperor got excited immediately.

Mars Halberd showed his true figure again, which was a massive red halberd and started to brandish himself in the space.

The traces which were left by the red fire stayed in the space for a long time.

After that, they turned into a huge seal which could blot out the sky and cover up the earth like a sea of fire.

Then, streaks of golden light rose up from the fire red seal and began to gather to one point.

The thing that appeared in the space seemed like a steeple, and also like a path.

On the top of the path, the space started to crack.

After that, lots of flames spurted out from the crack of the space.

The heating power was even stronger than Mars Halberds, which was truly thrilling.

Even a True Immortal like Sunlight Emperor was not able to get close to the crack.

Because the moment that crack had appeared and the flames had begun to gush out, he had already felt overwhelmed by the heat with all the organs inside of him burning.

He seemed to have lost all his sensory abilities at that moment.

After he had felt overly scorching, everything seemed to be numb.

He didnt feel hot anymore.

As a matter of fact, he was not able to feel anything anymore.

“Exalted Fire Luminary...” Knowing what had happened, Sunlight Emperor murmured that.

Mars Halberd nodded, “Thats right.”

Hardly had his voice faded away, there was suddenly a weird fluctuation in the original nebula coming from far away.

Some extremely powerful people were approaching this area quickly.

The speed was so quick beyond anyones imagination.

Even in a complicated environment like the original nebula, those people still passed through the spaces very fast.

If they were in a normal space, Mars Halberd wouldnt have any time to react before they arrived in front of him.

“People of the Immortal Court!” Mars Halberd realized right away.

Then the double crescent halberd waved in the sky, trying to cut the path which was paved with the golden light and close the crack.

However, at this very moment, an ancient mirror showed up in front of him and stopped the red halberd.

The candle light in the mirror changed to another figure after it had shaken a bit.

A red massive halberd which looked exactly the same as Mars Halberd broke the mirror and flew to Mars Halberd.

The halberd which came out of the mirror seized the great timing to strike right on the blade of the original halberd.

“Candle Sunlight...” A low and heavy voice came out from Mars Halberd who was trying to suppress his anger.

During that moment of delay, rays of flowing lights entered into the space and came up to them.

Every light contained overly powerful strength.

Since they had gathered together, the power which had generated by them could almost suppress ones spirit.

Those flowing lights flew to the crack from which the flames gushed out along the golden path without stopping for a second!

The strong power opened a larger gap on the crack in no time.

Right after that, all the flowing lights rushed inside of the crack together!

Mars Halberd was blocked by the Light in Mirror.

In the meantime, Sunlight Emperor reached out his hand to support the mirror with reposed look on his face behind the ancient mirror.

“Everything, you have already planned everything!” Mars Halberd said angrily, “You have plotted this with the Immortal Court from the beginning!”

“The thing you have said to Brocade Emperor in black.

Those were all lies which you have used to trick me!”

Sunlight Emperor, with a leisured look on his face, said, “Those were not lies.

I meant for what I have said.

Everything I am doing now is for our dao tradition.”

“I understand your anger, fellow daoist.

But youll understand my good intentions in the future.

Please dont fall from grace.

If you leave with me now, you still have a chance to save yourself.”

“Perfect, perfect...

perfect!” Mars Halberd extreme anger turned into laughter.

Suddenly, he let out a scream.

Then, the red halberd changed his direction all of a sudden and chopped to the space on the other side.

Sunlight Emperor followed him right away with a composed look.

But that look on his face changed abruptly.

He had thought that Mars Halberd had tried to escape.

However, after the red halberd swept in the sky, there was another crack appearing in the space.

More raging flames spurted out from the new crack.

And the new crack sent out even stronger aura than the previous crack in which Sunlight Emperor had thought the Exalted Fire Luminary might hide.

“A trick!” Sunlight Emperor who understood right away chased Mars Halberd in a faster speed.

He wanted to hold Mars Halberd up to prevent the latter from entering the second crack.

Meanwhile, roars kept coming through from the first crack in the space of the other direction.

Then, all the flowing lights turned around inside of the crack and flew to the second crack.


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