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“Please dont make any more mistakes!” With a grieved expression on Sunlight Emperors face, he chased at Mars Halberd at full speed.

As long as Sunlight Emperor was able to stop Mars Halberd before the latter entered the second crack, even for a short moment, all those flowing lights which flew from the first crack would catch up to them.

“Fellow daoist, you stubbornness will bite off your own head.” Sunlight Emperor also transformed into a flowing light and then combined himself with his Light in Mirror.

After that, a light which shot from the mirror pursued directly at Mars Halberd.

The speed of the light was so fast that it arrived behind Mars Halberd at once.

Sunlight Emperor showed his true figure again and waved his hand toward his back.

Then the light from the mirror was like a rope, dragging the ancient mirror toward him.

In the meantime, Sunlight Emperor already grabbed Mars Halberd with one of his hand.

Mars Halberd, without turning back, only wielded the bottom of himself.

Then the roaring flames which were raised by him attacked straightly at Sunlight Emperors palm.

After the attack, they both trembled.

Sunlight Emperor stopped right away while Mars Halberd also slowed down.

In no time, Mars Halberd sped up again.

However, Sunlight Emperor, as close as he was to Mars Halberd, took back his Light in Mirror and reflected Mars Halberd in the Mirror.

As the candle light in the mirror was flickering, rays of light golden flowing lights flew from the mirror.

After that, the lights transformed into a rope to tie Mars Halberd.

Mars Halberd tried to speed up again.

However, the rope made him slow.

It was difficult for them to defeat each other in such a short period of time.

However, stopping Mars Halberd for a moment was not that hard for Sunlight Emperor.

At this moment, rays of flowing lights rushed out from the first crack immediately in an overwhelming manner.

Then they pounced on Mars Halberd instantly.

The long distance in the large space meant nothing to them.

In no time, they reached to Mars Halberd.

The threatening aura which was brought by the lights could hold everyone in awe.

Regardless of the twists and turns, Sunlight Emperor saw everything still going on as he had planned.

Then he was finally relieved.

However, right at this moment, there was another light flew from Mars Halberd.

The light seemed dim, vague, pale, not dazzling and hazy.

However, the whole body of Sunlight Emperor suddenly shook at the moment he saw that light.

Then he shouted, “The Dim Radiant Twelve Arts!”

A mans figure appeared in the dim light.

That was no other than Yan Zhaoge!

“Sunlight Emperor, you did have given much thoughts on this.” On these words, Yan Zhaoge reached out his hands and held the Mars Halberd.

Then, he shook his hand violently!

Although Yan Zhaoge had just comprehended some of the essential ideas of the Heaven Opening Scripture, he still managed to employ the scripture well and connect his power to Mars Halberd.

He and Mars Halberd had lots of differences with each other, but they were connected right away.

As their powers were combined together, the fierce and bright Heaven Opening Fire showed up.

Mars Halberd transformed into a figure which was like a flag and also an axe.

The next moment, he cut all the golden light which had tied on him.

As Mars Halberd was free from the constraint, he and Yan Zhaoge accelerated right away.

They both transformed into fire light and dashed into the second crack.

Almost at the same time they entered into the crack, all those powerful flowing lights already arrived at the outside of the crack.

Nonetheless, after Yan Zhaoge and Mars Halberd had got inside, there were raging flames gushing out from the second crack, which blocked all the flowing lights.

While the flames rose to the sky, the second crack closed right away and vanished in the space.

A wave of anger shocked the space, which almost collapsed this place.

But no matter how angry they were, they still had to accept the fact that they had to start over chasing Exalted Fire Luminary again.

Even though there were also some experts of the Immortal Court at the spot who were good at changing the time and space, they still gave up exploring this area deeply after trying for a long while.

Because the environment of the Original Nebula was a huge obstacle for those chasers.

Sunlight Emperor retreated aside while watching the scene in front of him with a stern look.

With light flickering in the space, a middle-aged man in black appeared by his side, saying, “We have done that in vain.”

The one who said that was Brocade Emperor in Black.

“Even if they have discovered our plan, I was still able to stall him off for a short moment.

Its just I never realized that Mars Halberd was accompanied by someone else.” Sunlight Emperor said in a sullen voice, “I was being too neglectful.”

“Yan Zhaoge, he was here too.

Is he everywhere”

The daoist with a red face watched the space in front of him blankly while saying, “Its still to soon to say whether we will catch them all or fail at the last moment.”


“We dont need to worry anything for the moment.” After Yan Zhaoge had entered into the crack, he looked back and found the crack had already closed.

Flames were flying in front his eyes.

In the meantime, there was something dragging them from the distance to help them move forward quickly.

“If you havent warned me, I might have already made a huge mistake.” Mars Halberd changed back to a fire giant while saying that.

“Senior, Im flattered.” Yan Zhaoge said with a smile, “Didnt you also get suspicious”

When they had been guided by Sunlight Emperor, the Original Nebula had changed abruptly after they had just passed through the encirclement of the Immortal Court and approached the edge of the Original Nebula.

It had been too coincidental.

Due to the strange change of the Original Nebula, it had swallowed everyone around it and separated the people of the Immortal Court from Mars Halberd and Sunlight Emperor.

That had freed Mars Halberd from the supervision of the Immortal Court and made him able to act on his own.

To be conclude, all the things that prevented Mars Halberd from finding Exalted Fire Luminary just disappeared so easily.

So, there must have been some experts of the Immortal Court who were in the high cultivation base entering into the Original Nebula on their own, which caused the changes of the Original Nebula.

That was the best way to trick Mars Halberd.

Exalted Fire Luminary was able to escape from the encirclement of the Immortal Court with the help of the Original Nebula.

As long as he didnt find the target he wanted, he could leave at any time.

Therefore, the Immortal Court must lose no time to capture him.

Exalted Fire Luminary might not trust Earthly Sovereign or other experts of the World beyond Worlds, but he would definitely trust Mars Halberd.

That was why the Immortal Court had thought of a way to let Mars Halberd lead the way for them and help them find Exalted Fire Luminary as soon as possible.

Being pressed for time, the Immortal Court did have executed their plan a bit impatiently.

So Mars Halberd had been a little suspicious before.

“But after hearing the conversation between Sunlight Emperor and Brocade Emperor in black, I became less skeptical.” Mars Halberd said that in a complicated tone.

Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “Luckily, the result is not bad.”

They were dragged by the flying flames which were like rivers and travelled through the spaces for a long distance.

Finally, as the flying flames all disappeared, the scene in front of their eyes changed right away.

Before Yan Zhaoge could stand still, he suddenly flashed a light in his eyes.

Because he could feel his Myriad Dragon Palace shaking slightly.

To be more specific, the beams and the doors which were from the past Heavenly Courts Divine Palace started to shake slightly.

Yan Zhaoge fixed his eyes on the space in front of his eyes, finding there was something there, unlike the other empty spaces.

There were some broken stones, which seemed like the dilapidated walls of the collapsed buildings.

Beside one of the broken walls, a man was sitting right there.


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