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Yan Zhaoge was buried in his thoughts.

Maybe it was because Shao Junhuang really was a person who never stuck to rifles that Hu Yuexin could mention about her so breezily.

But Hu Yuexin must have been inspired by her master too.

Otherwise she wouldnt have followed Shao Junhuangs instructions and ideals so firmly until the last moment of her life.

Perhaps the qualities of being undaunted of setbacks as long as she had set a goal and doing things in a consistent way were the most important things Hu Yuexin had learned from Shao Junhuang.

Being persistent in ones faith was a common feature of lots of the superior people.

However, due to that reason, when those outstanding people had different ideas with each other, the result would be extremely dreadful.

Jiang Shen, also known as the Exalted Earth Luminary, had been both a mentor and a friend to Shao Junhuang.

But they still had gradually stood off each other and even opposed to each other sharply at last.

Even if Suo Mingzhang and Shao Junhuang still loved each other after they had broken up, they still chose to separate with each other.

Yan Zhaoge looked to the short hair man under the Ancient Splendid Tree.

Although Exalted Fire Luminary had left Shao Junhuang, he had still set him mind on looking for her after he had known that she had gone missing.

And he had looked for her for two thousand and four hundred years.

Until today, he finally found her.

But she was long gone.

Yan Zhaoge could judge from the circulation of the spirit qi and the rotten degree of this world that this place had existed for more than two thousand years.

This world might now exist before Shao Junhuang arrived.

In fact, Shao Junhuang might have created this world.

According to the spirit qi and state of the Ancient Splendid Tree, Yan Zhaoge could draw a conclusion from the age of the tree.

Shao Junhuang might have deceased at the moment she had gone missing, which was two thousand and four hundred years ago.

“Her corpse has transformed into the Ancient Splendid Tree.

But right now, I cant sense the spiritual nature of the tree.

It means that her soul must have faded away when she deceased.

And the dead body was the only thing left.” Yan Zhaoge sighed deeply, “She was good at early heaven Oracle Divination of the River Diagram.

So she must have exhausted all her energies in order to find the Pill Hall.

And at last, even her soul was disappeared.”

“How was it possible for such a powerful cultivator to end up like this...

Right, Exalted Fire Luminary has learned the location of this Original Nebula from the people of the Immortal Court whom he has captured.”

“So Shao Junhuang might have been besieged by the people of the Immortal Court and got seriously injured.

Also, she has racked her brains to look for the Pill Hall.

At last, these two things have worn her out.

And that was the reason of her death.”

However, clearly the people of the Immortal Court didnt know that Shao Junhuang was looking for the Pill Hall of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace before the Great Calamity.

While Shao Junhuang had been chased by the people of the Immortal Court, she had entered into the Original Nebula.

Considering that the Original Nebula might lead to all the time and spaces, the people of the Immortal Court had felt that they couldnt find her anymore.

So they had finally given up pursuing.

They hadnt known that the thing that Shao Junhuang had been looking for had been right in the Original Nebula.

For the people of the Immortal Court, this was the last place they had seen Shao Junhuang.

They didnt know if she was still alive.

However, ever since then, Shao Junhuang never showed herself in the world.

So they had assumed that Shao Junhuang had deceased in the Original Nebula.

The Original Nebula was too dangerous to enter in.

The people of the Immortal Court had no intention to search Shao Junhuang in this place if it was not so necessary.

Thus, only until one of the people who had joined besieging Shao Junhuang had been captured by Suo Mingzhang was the information of Shao Junhuang exposed.

Then it led to what had happened today.

As Yan Zhaoge speculated what had happened, he also felt sad.

Shao Junhuang, the Exalted Wood Luminary, might not rank the first in the Profound Immortals who had come forth in the dao universe after the Great Calamity , she was still in the list of the top experts.

However, she had died before she fulfilled her ambition.

Otherwise, she would be so helpful for revitalizing the Three Clear Lineage if she found the Pill Hall.

After all, according to the previous clues, Yan Zhaoge deducted that the Pill Hall might be preserved in a whole piece, although he still found those clues a bit weird.

“I wonder where Exalted Wood Luminary was at in finding the Pill Hall” Yan Zhaoge had a hunch that Shao Junhuang might have been very close to get what she wanted.

Under the Ancient Splendid Tree in the distance, Suo Mingzhang walked near the tree with no expression on his face speechlessly and then pressed his hand on the trees trunk.

Then the branches and leaves of the Ancient Splendid Tree all started to shake.

As he wrote the private seal of Shao Junhuang again, the seal suddenly lighted up.

And the Ancient Splendid Tree started to shine brightly.

A womans figure showed up vaguely in the light.

Yan Zhaoge looked from a distance, finding the woman around twenty years old.

She was a tall woman in green clothes with an extraordinarily gorgeous face.

She seemed to have been born with the elegance and a bit of the indolence.

Yan Zhaoge who had seen her picture before and already known what she looked like recognized that this woman was Shao Junhuang, the Exalted Wood Luminary.

Her facial expression seemed quite calm in the light.

It was hard to see that she was a tough and domineering woman as the rumors had told.

“The person who is able to see the last radiant of myself must possess my private seal.

So you are destined to hear my last words.” The woman in the green clothes said with a light smile, “I will die here today.

I never have any regrets in my life except for three things.”

“The third, I have failed in finding the Pill Hall of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace before the Great Calamity.

Im not able to witness its true figure.”

“Second, I am not able to see the revitalization of the Three Clear Lineage and the day we finally eliminate all the demons and devils.”

“The first...

the thing I regret the most...”

With her voice gradually turning lower and lower, she closed her eyes and said, “I still havent given up on us...”

“Mingzhang, I wish we could be born before the Great Calamity...”

Suo Mingzhang stood still under the Ancient Splendid Tree like a statue and watched the figure of Shao Junhuang disappearing in the light.

The tall and short hair man stood there in silence for a while.

Then he reached out his hand.

One of the white flowers fell in his palm from the branch.

“Junhuang, I havent fulfilled my promise to you...” He muttered those words like he was sleep-talking.

Yan Zhaoge turned around to look at Mars Halberd.

“When they first met together, Mingzhang has promised to do three things within his power for Fellow daoist Shao due to certain reasons before they were together.”

Mars Halberd continued in a low voice, “As far as I know, he has done two of the three things he has promised.”

“After that, they became a couple.

And they only supported each other ever since then.

So there was no need for them to talk about that promise.”

“Although they have disagreed on many things, she never asked Mingzhang to listen to her for the reason that he still had one thing to do for her according to his promise.”

Mars Halberd sighed, “Mingzhang still owes her one thing to do and the third promise just ends up in nothing.”

“After Fellow daoist Shao went missing, Mingzhang kept looking for her.

And the past has been dug up again.” As saying this, Mars Halberd shook his head, “He said he wouldnt feel at ease if he couldnt get a closure of this.”

“Now, it seems that he will never be able to complete his promise, but...”

Hearing that, Yan Zhaoge fell into a silence while looking at the tall figure under the tree.

Either he or Mars Halberd knew that that man who was reluctant to admit his mistake only used the third promise as an excuse to give himself an out.


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