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HSSB123: Asking for people at the door


Hearing the other party’s words, Yan Zhaoge unconsciously lifted his head to glance at halfway up the side of Cloud Portent Mountain, where the light of fire as well as smoke could faintly be seen.

That was precisely where the source of the Yin Yang Cloud Spring was located, that land of solitary yin also containing solitary yang.

The spirit field which the Scarlet Rainbow Sect used to cultivate spirit grass was also just there.

That retainer hurriedly said, “Fourth Prince and Miss Jing are both on the mountain.

When the Scarlet Rainbow Sect’s spirit fields were set aflame by the Infinite Boundless Mountain people, Fourth Prince was unable to hold back, and began fighting with them.”

Yan Zhaoge straightened his neck in contrast to the tempers of Zhao Yuan, Zhao Sheng and the others, as well as Zhao Ming’s, which were rather more violent and reckless.

The other party having set the spirit field of Jing Yunzhi’s family aflame, Zhao Ming naturally couldn’t hold back his rage, not caring about whether or not he was currently within Infinite Boundless Mountain territory.

“Why do those Infinite Boundless Mountain people want to burn down the Scarlet Rainbow Sect’s fields” Yan Zhaoge got straight to the point.

That retainer hesitated slightly for a moment before replying, “The people of a smaller-sized power of the Cloud Portent Territory, the Iron Yuan Sect, forcibly encroached on the land of a nearby manor.”

“When the owner of the manor did not acquiesce, a conflict broke out between the two, wherein his son injured someone of the Iron Yuan Sect.

In retaliation, they broke through the manor’s defences, wanting to kill to vent their anger.”

“Miss Jing having sat down as a guest at that very manor before, as a longtime acquaintance of the family living there, she rushed over to save them as soon as she came to hear of this piece of news.”

“In the end, the Chief of the Iron Yuan Sect, being familiar with one of the disciples of Infinite Boundless Mountain here, instead got over reinforcements, coming to ask for people at their door.”

“Fourth Prince and Miss Jing were not willing to hand them over; thus, the other side promptly headed to burn down their spirit field.”

Yan Zhaoge raised his head slightly, “Intentionally, huh”

That retainer was greatly shocked, “Young Master Yan, Fourth Prince did not want to make an enemy of Infinite Boundless Mountain on purpose, only…only that…”

“I’m not talking about Zhao Ming’s side,” Yan Zhaoge waved his hands, swivelling his head to look at Ah Hu, “Go and inform senior apprentice-aunt Fu.”

Ah Hu scratched his head, “Young Master, Infinite Boundless Mountain has three higher echelon bigwigs here; that’s quite a few Martial Grandmaster experts…”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “At the present moment, this bit of things still isn’t yet sufficient to alarm someone of their level; Infinite Boundless Mountain will definitely also send someone lower to handle it first.”

“In asking you to inform senior apprentice-aunt Fu, it is to allow her to understand the situation and be prepared for it.

If those bigwig figures really are alarmed and come to deal with it themselves, we will not be afraid.”

“In rushing over now, it is in case the other side possesses an expert that can make Zhao Ming suffer a loss.”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge strode off ahead up the mountain.

Standing at the mouth of the valley, currently discussing a new martial technique that Fu Enshu had just passed down to them, Feng Yunsheng and Sikong Qing could not but ask curiously, “Where is it that you are going”

Yan Zhaoge pointed towards the black smoke halfway up the mountain, “There are fellow disciples of our clan who are in conflict with people of Infinite Boundless Mountain up there; let’s head over and take a look.”

Taking a quick glance at each other, Feng Yunsheng and Sikong Qing both nodded, following behind Yan Zhaoge.

On the mountain road, an Infinite Boundless Mountain martial practitioner came over to block them, “Happenings on the mountain; newcomers halt your steps!”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “If I do that, your Mountain’s Giant Spirit Magnetite Vein will see harm.”

The other party stared blankly, “The vein is at the foot…”

Yan Zhaoge didn’t cease walking, as he instantly strode past him, “You would not be able to bear that responsibility.”

That Infinite Boundless Mountain martial practitioner wanted to block him, but felt a strong wind directly assault him, directly suppressing his intended words back down into his chest, completely unable to open his mouth at all as his figure was also constantly pushed back in retreat.

Not saying a word, Feng Yunsheng and Sikong Qing followed closely behind Yan Zhaoge, rushing up the mountain.

Arriving in the vicinity of the fire halfway up the mountain, Yan Zhaoge swept his gaze over his surroundings and saw that within the dense smoke, there were people currently clashing.

One of them was precisely Zhao Ming, his opponent being a middle-aged man with the cultivation of a mid outer aura Martial Scholar, not using the martial arts of Infinite Boundless Mountain.

That should be the Chief of the Iron Yuan Sect.

This middle-aged man was being suppressed by Zhao Ming, but there were quite a few people near him helping him to surround and attack Zhao Ming.

With his martial arts of Broad Creed Mountain, Zhao Ming’s martial prowess was far superior to his opponents’.

Even while surrounded, he could still manoeuvre around with few problems and with strength to spare, even having the leisure to protect a little boy in the process.

It was only that Zhao Ming was hassled to the point of being unable to extricate himself.

Looking rather anxious, he looked to the side.

There, a girl was currently clashing with a disciple of Infinite Boundless Mountain.

That girl was precisely Zhao Ming’s lover and a fellow disciple of theirs, Jing Yunzhi.

Both of them were in the mid inner aura Martial Scholar realm, one of them utilising Broad Creed Mountain martial arts, the other utilising Infinite Boundless Mountain martial arts, the result however being Jing Yunzhi being suppressed and placed at a disadvantage.

Looking at it, there was actually the feeling of her being stuck in a situation with perils around every corner.

Carefully distinguishing for a moment, Yan Zhaoge remembered the information report that he had once viewed back in the clan, revealing the other party’s name to be Hou Xiang or something of the like, a genius of Infinite Boundless Mountain who had just risen up in recent years.

In the vicinity of the fire, a few corpses were already strewn about.

From their attire, they were all of Zhao Ming’s and Jing Yunzhi’s side.

Glancing around, Yan Zhaoge said directly, “Junior apprentice-sister Sikong help junior apprentice-sister Jing; junior apprentice-sister Feng help junior apprentice-brother Zhao.”

As Feng Yunsheng stroked the handle of her sword, not waiting for her to ask it herself, Yan Zhaoge directly motioned with a flourish, “Murderers, must die.”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge waved his sleeve, causing numerous strong winds to surge, dissipating the blazing fire and the dense smoke before them, first moving to extinguish the fire.

Beside him, Sikong Qing, not saying a word, unsheathed her sword, a cold light flickering as she directly replaced Jing Yunzhi, engaging that Infinite Boundless Mountain disciple Hou Xiang in battle!

Feng Yunsheng also invited herself in.

As she brandished her sword, the clouds and the winds changed, the resulting violent momentum of her stroke directly pushing back the many people surrounding Zhao Ming.

Zhao Ming let out a long howl, the sword within his hands rising upwards, creating sword shadows that resembled seven stars shooting through the sky as he focused solely on that outer aura stage middle-aged man, attacking and pressuring him to the point that his back was streaked with sweat.

That Infinite Boundless Mountain disciple Hou Xiang was greatly enraged, “People of Broad Creed Mountain, dare to be so arrogant in our clan’s territory”

Extinguishing the blazing fire, Yan Zhaoge didn’t even turn over to glance at him as he just said casually, “Those who died here all died from blades.

Being bare-handed, you are evidently not a murderer.

Therefore, you can rest easy; you needn’t die.”

Feeling stifled for a second, Hou Xiang then continued smiling coldly as he looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Today, I’ve really come to experience new things; never before have I seen people who’ve come for a favour be so arrogant!”

“I know who you are, and also what you’ve come to our Mountain Domain for.”

“However, you still seem to be a little unclear: to put it more plainly, it is currently your Broad Creed Mountain that has need of our Infinite Boundless Mountain!”

“With the Extreme Yin Crown having fallen to the Sacred Sun Clan, even if their East Rising Martial Saint doesn’t leave seclusion, just from their two Sacred Artifacts alone, it is already not something that your Broad Creed Mountain can withstand alone!”

Hou Xiang wasn’t very old, looking like he had still yet to turn twenty.

Already being in the mid inner aura Martial Scholar realm at this age, it was somewhat hard to come by.

Even more so was his martial prowess.

In fighting with Sikong Qing, up to now, he had yet to fall to a disadvantage, being able to both attack and defend as he executed his techniques in an orderly manner.

He smiled coldly as he looked towards Yan Zhaoge, “In coming to Infinite Boundless Mountain, to put it bluntly, you have come to seek reinforcements, wanting my clan to resist the pressure of the Sacred Sun Clan alongside you.”

“In the war of the Eastern Tang earlier, if my clan had not stood by the side and done nothing, instead having provided assistance to the Sacred Sun Clan, even with you allied with Jade Sea City, it is still unknown which side the victory would have gone to.”

“Now, it is the same.

Jade Sea City has lost the Extreme Yin Crown, and is also having its attentions occupied by the Heavenly Thunder Hall.”

“If we help your Broad Creed Mountain, you will no longer have to fear the Sacred Sun Clan; if we help the Sacred Sun Clan, your Broad Creed Mountain will immediately be finished!”

His palms crossing each other to shock the edge of Sikong Qing’s blade aside, he shouted severely, “Open your eyes wide and put on a proper attitude of asking for a favour; this is not a place where you lot can run amok as you like!”


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