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After Suo Mingzhang had said that, he flew to the sky without saying another word.

And then, he gradually disappeared in the crack which had just showed up in the sky.

The next moment, as the crack closed, the space where Yan Zhaoge and Mars Halberd stayed also went back to normal.

However, after a short while, they both felt that this world suddenly began to shake.

The illusory space was vibrating like the ripples as if a breeze blowing the sea surface.

Although this space was rather steady, it was still inside of the Original Nebula.

If there were disturbances in the Original Nebula, this space must be influenced too.

Obviously, Exalted Fire Luminary had already got into a fight with other experts of the Immortal Court.

And the fierce battle must be the reason of the changes in the Original Nebula.

Since Suo Mingzhang had already presented himself, most of the experts of the Immortal Court would be appealed by him.

Suo Mingzhang had come to challenge the people of the Immortal Court by himself, so he had the initiative in hands.

In this way, he was able to cover his former tracks while preventing his enemies from finding Yan Zhaoge and Mars Halberd by following his footsteps.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge was entirely bathed in the colorful light.

He wrote seals one after another with his fingers in the lights.

The light kept flowing, but those seals all stayed at their fixed places.

There were five seals.

One was in the middle with the other four seals around.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge sat in the air above the middle seal.

After he had looked around, he flicked his fingers slightly.

Then there were four rays of lights flying from his hand and circling above the four seals in four directions.

Then, a large gold seal, a long sword which was as transparent as the water, a weird , dagger-like rectangular seal and a huge black sword box showed up.

“Although the appearances of the Heaven Rotating Light Sword and the Light Yin Sword Seal are not so good, they can still be of use for the moment.” Yan Zhaoge nodded with satisfaction.

Right now, with the Extreme Yang Seal, the Heaven Rotating Light Sword, the Light Yin Sword Seal and the Evil Sword Taotie around him in four directions, Yan Zhaoge was sitting in the air above the seal in the middle.

He and the other four weapons were suppressing the five seals right now.

After that, a dim golden light appeared and gradually combined with the colorful light which were enveloping them.

Having shaken for a short moment, the colorful light was finally stable.

And Yan Zhaoge still stayed in the lights.

The scent of the herbal medicine was getting stronger and stronger, keeping nourishing Yan Zhaoges body.

As a strong man with a high cultivation base, Yan Zhaoge only felt himself brimming over with his spirit power.

When he observed his body, he felt like he was looking at the stars which shined and extinguished in the sky in their own pattern.

Not only that, Yan Zhaoge could even see the universe inside of his body being through the natural changes from rebirth to devastation, then rebirth again.

A few hidden acupoints of his body still hadnt been cultivated yet, so he was not able to break the space and reach the True Immortal stage.

For lots of the cultivators in the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Immortal Bridge stage, cultivating those few hidden acupoints were the most difficult things for them.

Making further progress was always the hardest thing.

Whats more, transforming from imperfection to perfection was also especially difficult.

Many cultivators in the World beyond Worlds had stuck in this stage for dozens or even hundreds of years.

And they had only exhausted their potentials and stepped into their slow deaths afterwards.

However, now Yan Zhaoge could feel clearly that as long as he wanted, he could finish the cultivation of the last few acupoints at any time.

Then he could make a breakthrough right away and become a True Immortal.

From the ninth stage to the tenth stage of the Martial Saint, Yan Zhaoge needed to master new martial arts from each of Three Clear Lineages.

Nonetheless, since he had already had lots of martial arts books of the Three Clear Lineages at hand, he could explore those treasures one by one.

Also, just because he had studied too many martial arts, he felt that he still needed time to study diligently of those profound skills.

Now that he was cultivating the martial arts of all of the Three Clear Lineages, he had to find a way to digest the things he had learned.

Heaven Opening Scripture which he had just received and Immortal Exterminating Sword Manual were both exquisite martial arts of the Jade Clear Lineage and the Prime Clear Lineage.

Yan Zhaoge couldnt help indulging himself in the two powerful and profound knowledge in the two books.

If Yan Zhaoge had been focusing on improving himself ever since he had ascended into the realm of Martial Saint, he would save many times on cultivating.

But that was never what he wanted.

That was the fact before, and now the same.

Therefore, although Yan Zhaoge had already had the confidence that he could become a True Immortal in the colorful light, he still didnt rush to take that step.

Instead, he started to calm him mind and tried to figure out the principle of all kinds of the martial arts.

As Yan Zhaoges spirit power kept growing with the help of the colorful light, he also thought fast.

Thus he could get double the result in studying the martial arts.

Mars Halberd looked at Yan Zhaoge while nodding, “This young man didnt make todays achievements by a fluke.”

Yan Zhaoge had asked Mars Halberd to return to the World beyond Worlds to send a message.

But the latter didnt intend to leave right away because he was waiting for Exalted Fire Luminary to distract all the people of the Immortal Court.

The things that attracted Mars Halberds attention more were the five seals which had been set by Yan Zhaoge.

In the meantime, Yan Zhaoge planned to make more preparations before he entered into the Pill Hall out of consideration of safety.

But since he had stayed in this place for too long, he might lose his way to the Pill Hall since the spaces in the Original Nebula were still changing right now.

The reason why Yan Zhaoge had chosen to stay here and asked Mars Halberd to go back was because Yan Zhaoge had a way to keep the path to the Pill Hall steady for the moment.

‘The martial art he has employed is unique and looks a bit familiar.

But I still couldnt understand the essence of that skill in a deeper level. Mars Halberd thought that,He really is an impressive man.

I never realized that he was also an accomplished cultivator in setting up rituals.

As Mars Halberd was waiting, the disturbances in the Original Nebula out of this space gradually quieted down.

Both sides of the war seemed to have left the Original Nebula and gone far away.

However, due to the influence of the battle, this place had also twisted with lots of cracks appearing on its surface.

That was an unavoidable thing.

Suo Mingzhang wouldnt try to protect this space with his own power.

Otherwise he would only bring the people of the Immortal Court here.

Seeing the colorful light flickering, Yan Zhaoge changed the look on his face.

After that, the Dim Radiant Wheel appeared right away.

As the black iron wheel kept rotating, eleven of the twelve holes on the wheel remained dim while only one of the holes gave out brilliant radiance.

Then, many shadows started to flow out from the radiance, enveloping the space and wrapping all the colorful light without leaking any of them.

“Ill set out on my journey then.” Seeing that, Mars Halberd nodded at once and flew up.

After Mars Halberd had got out of the space, he saw the dilapidated walls of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace again.

He then flew away from this place, trying to leave the Original Nebula

However, right at this moment, he suddenly saw lots of human figures flashed in the space.

One of those humans shot a rays of light from above his head on those ruins as if he was trying to drag those dilapidated walls.

“Thats...” Mars Halberd put on a serious look in his eyes.

Someone had finally found this place.

Not because of Suo Mingzhang, nor because of the colorful light which had already been taken in by Yan Zhaoge, but because of the remains of the Heavenly Court.


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