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Mars Halberd was not unfamiliar with the light which was shot on the remains.

As a matter of fact, he was quite familiar with the light.

Because he had just got into a fight with that lights owner.

The light was from the immortal weapon, Light in the Mirror, which was possessed by one of the five emperors of the World beyond Worlds, Candle Sunlight Emperor.

At this moment, the mirror light was like a rope dragging the ruins of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, which led Sunlight Emperor and others to come.

The people of the Immortal Court had gathered in the Original Nebula mainly to besiege Exalted Fire Luminary and Yan Zhaoge.

In the meantime, they also wanted to figure out if Shao Junhuang was dead or not.

The furious Suo Mingzhang had fought his way out and searched the Original Nebula only in order to find the experts of the Immortal Court who had chased Shao Junhuang.

In this way, the Immortal Court also acknowledged that Shao Junhuang had actually deceased in the Original Nebula instead of escaping from there.

Such being the case, the people of the Immortal Court then focused entirely on searching for Suo Mingzhang.

Although they were aware that Yan Zhaoge was here, they still assumed that he had already broken out the siege being guided by Suo Mingzhang because the people of the Immortal Court knew nothing about the existence of the Pill Hall.

The experts of the Immortal Court inside of the Original Nebula as well as the people who were guarding outside of the Original Nebula all rushed to block Suo Mingzhangs way out in an overwhelming manner.

Meanwhile, the Original Nebula seemed to become tranquil again.

However, there were some people who were still interested in other things.

For example, they wanted to know if Shao Junhuang had left anything here after she had died.

Though Suo Mingzhang might have already taken everything she had left with him, there might still be some valuable things remaining in the place where she had been buried.

With that idea, Candle Sunlight Emperor stayed in the Original Nebula to keep searching.

After all, although he had the confidence that he could defeat a True Immortal of the Immortal Court, he knew that his cultivation base was far behind Suo Mingzhangs.

And due to what he had done to Mars Halberd, Suo Mingzhang would vent his anger on him without no hesitation when they ran into each other even if Candle Light Emperor was from the Three Clear Lineage.

Therefore, Sunlight Emperor didnt follow the main troops of the Immortal Court and stayed here to search the place where Shao Junhuang had been buried.

Beside him was an extremely handsome man in black who was wearing an indifferent look on his face.

That was no other than Brocade Emperor in black.

On the other side stood a few True Immortals of the Immortal Court who had accompanied Sunlight Emperor and Brocade Emperor in black here.

Except for them, there were also a few experts of the Immortal Court staying here to search the Original Nebula.

Since Shao Junhuang had been dead already, the Immortal Court also lost interest in her.

However, considering of the huge event about the fragments of the Heaven Essence Stone which had been caused by Shao Junhuangs disciple, Hu Yuexin, and Yin Tianxia as well as the relationship between Xue Chuqing and Yan Zhaoge, the Immortal Court also left some of cultivators here to search this place and do what they can.

“What is this place” Brocade Emperor in black sized up this place while asking that.

Sunlight Emperor answered him using sound transmission, “If my guess is right, this place used to be the legendary Heavenly Courts Divine Palace before the Great Calamity.

But now there are only the remains being left here after the palace had been destroyed.”

“Heavenly Courts Divine...

Palace” The look in Brocade Emperor in blacks eyes were still calm, “How can you be so sure of that, fellow daoist”

“I have obtained an unique treasure in former years and melt it into my Light in Mirror.” Sunlight Emperor explained that, “And now my Light in Mirror has led me to this place.”

“But, this place is full of ruins without any spiritual qi.”

The two emperors were both more powerful than the cultivators of the Immortal Court beside them.

The reason why they had chosen to talk with each other by sound transmission was not because they were afraid that the others would hear their conversation.

However, those emperors of the Immortal Court could still detect vaguely that Sunlight Emperor and Brocade Emperor in black were talking about something secretly.

So they all looked at the two men with discontented look in their eyes.

However, Sunlight Emperor and Brocade Emperor in black, being not influenced at all, only fixed their eyes on the ruins beneath them with calm looks on their faces.

Their arrivals really had brought a huge trouble to Mars Halberd.

Luckily, he had seen the mirror light of the Light in Mirror and restrained his breath and covered himself in time.

Though Mars Halberd was not good at hiding himself, the Sunlight Emperor and others still hadnt found him because he was covered by the remains of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace in a distance.

However, the group of people still noticed something else.

The border of the space where Yan Zhaoge stayed had already been in a state of devastation because that place had been torn fiercely when all the spaces in the Original Nebula had started to change.

Even though Yan Zhaoge had already covered the colorful light and his own breath so that Sunlight and the others were not able to detect his existence for the moment, it was still clearly to see that this space was connect to another independent world.

Sunlight Emperor and the others hadnt detected that there was anything inside of that independent world, but they were planning to go inside to have a look.

After all, they had wanted to search for the traces which might be left by Shao Junhuang.

So they would definitely willing to spend time checking every place.

Seeing that Sunlight Emperor and his fellows began to approach the crack of the space and prepared to enter the place where Yan Zhaoge was staying after they had paused in the ruins for a short while, Mars Halberd felt his heart sinking.

After he had pondered for a short moment, he shook his head and decided not to hide himself anymore.

He transformed into a ball of fire and rushed to the place far away firmly.

His movement was detected by Sunlight Emperor and Brocade Emperor in black right away.

Mars Halberd was a straightforward person indeed, but his years of experience told him that he couldnt make obvious movements.

So he was still restraining his breath as if he was trying to dodge Sunlight Emperor and the others.

He made it look like that he was really looking for a chance to escape from them secretly but was detected by Sunlight Emperor and others due to his careless movements.

“Stop him.” Sunlight Emperor frowned and shot the light in the Light in Mirror to Mars Halberd right away.

The others had the same ideas.

This place might have the things which had been left by Exalted Wood Luminary.

Since Suo Mingzhang didnt take anything with him, he must have asked Mars Halberd to take those things away and leave this place.

Thinking of that, they all transformed into rays of flowing lights and chased after the fire light.

Seeing that they had already found him, Mars Halberd then began to fly in the fastest speed, trying to show everyone else that he was trying his best to flee regardless of everything.

Though joining hands with Yan Zhaoge seemed to be a better solution, Mars Halberd still didnt want others to find out about the secret of the Pill Hall.

Moreover, Yan Zhaoge seemed to be cultivating himself in seclusion.

Therefore, Mars Halberd decided to distract the enemies by himself first.

He had planned to leave the the Original Nebula and return to the World beyond Worlds at the first place.

So he was still on the right track of his plan.

Only that it would be much harder and more dangerous for him to leave now.

“Fellow daoist, please stay.” Sunlight Emperor shouted that behind Mars Halberd.

“Candle Sunlight, you better stop showing your hypocritical face.” Mars Halberd said coldly.

Candle Sunlight Emperor replied with a peaceful look on his face, “I understand you holding a grudge toward me.

But I really want you to hear this.”

“Exalted Fire Luminary always goes his own way and ignores the laws and rules all the time.

He never cares about others.

The huge disaster which was caused by his hot temper has involved all the disciples of the Three Clear Lineage in trouble.

I have to make this tough decision in order to uphold justice in the World beyond Worlds.”

“I know he isnt the only one who has crossed the line.

But he has gone too far.

There is no turning back for him.

Now we can only stop loss in time.

You know, Im also grieved about this.


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