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“After many years, time will show that I am right.” Sunlight Emperor said sternly, “Fellow daoist, it doesnt matter if you dont understand my intention.

But I hate to see you sinking deeper and deeper into the quagmire of error.

Otherwise, you know that problems accumulated over the years cannot be resolved overnight.

By then even if you want to mend your ways, itll be too late.”

“Please leave this place with me.

Dont get yourself involved in the matters with Exalted Fire Luminary and Exalted Wood Luminary anymore.”

Hearing his words, Mars Halberd snorted and asked,

“After many years, wont you be ashamed to face your ancestors”

Mars Halberd, not bothering to say another word to Sunlight Emperor, kept flying without a stop.

“What a slow-witted man.

Why do you even bother to waste your time on him If he wants to die with Suo Mingzhang, lets make sure he gets what he wants.” A woman beside Sunlight Emperor said that indifferently.

As this female True Immortal chased after Mars Halberd, she suddenly raised her hand.

A silver glowing light flew out from her palm.

The light arrived behind Mars Halberd in an extremely fast speed like a shooting star flashing across the sky.

Mars Halberd shook his body and struck on that silver light like a fire dragon swaying its body.

Then the silver light exploded right away.

It seemed that the advantage of the silver light was its speed instead of its strength.

However, after the silver light had been broken, it didnt disappear.

Instead, the light spread and formed a gigantic net which surrounded Mars Halberd at once.

Mars Halberd could feel vaguely that the piercingly coldness inside of the light was aiming at him.

Without any hesitation, he still rushed forward.

In the meantime, he showed his true figure, which was a fire red halberd, and brandished himself in the sky.

After that, the large net which was interlaced by rays of silver light was cut right away.

Meanwhile, the surface of the halberd seemed to be frosted up and began to shined crystal light.

As the fire red halberd shook its body, the frost on its surface was broken into pieces.

As the frost turned into ashes, the raging flames showed up again.

However, the pause of Mars Halberd had given Sunlight Emperor and the others enough time to catch up with him.

Especially when Mars Halberd was under the mirror light of Sunlight Emperor, he started to move tardily immediately.

Then, in a overly threatening manner, the fire red halberd broke through the mirror light again.

However, with a flash in the sky, a black shadow passed by Mars Halberd and arrived at his front.

That was Brocade Emperor in black who had employed the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form.

The two of them were old rivalries, let alone that Mars Halberd was sparing no pains to break out of the encirclement.

At the moment, he chopped to Brocade Emperor in black right away.

As flows of qi bumped into each other, the appearance of the fire red halberd seemed to change.

Now it was like an axe and also a flag.

Brocade Emperor, with the look on his face remain the same, attacked Mars Halberd instantly with his left palm and right fist.

He employed the Yin and Yang qi in his left palm, with the principle of Taiji.

In the meantime, his right fist seemed to be everywhere and all conquering.

Flows of clear qi also intertwined with each other on the right hand of Brocade Emperor in black, transforming into a scepter.

The former unique martial art Taiji Yinyang Palm and the later scepter art now combined with each other at this moment flawlessly, showing the wonder of the natures creation.

Mars Halberds skill which was evolved from the Heavenly Opening Scripture had managed to suppress the Taiji Yinyang Palm of Brocade Emperor.

However, at this moment, that restriction according to the martial art principle no longer existed.

And Brocade Emperor in black was not at a disadvantage any more.

Both parties only confronted each other with toughness.

Brocade Emperor in black fell back while Mars Halberd was stalling by the former and stopped flying ahead.

Mars Halberd was still one upon Brocade Emperor in black.

Even if Brocade Emperor in black had no disadvantages in the martial art principle, he was still no match for the unique Brocade Emperor before since he had been divided into two persons.

Nonetheless, he never planned to fight Mars Halberd by himself alone.

After Brocade Emperor had held off the attack of Mars Halberd, the others had already caught up with them and circled Mars Halberd.

Mars Halberd who remained undaunted acted very quickly.

Suddenly, he turned around and struck at one of the emperors of the Immortal Court.

Although Mars Halberd was angry at Sunlight and held grudge with Brocade Emperor in black, he still hadnt lost his calmness in the battle.

He didnt choose Sunlight Emperor and Brocade Emperor in black as his target not because they were all from the Three Clear Lineage but because the other rivals of him were weaker.

Since he was besieged right now, he had to attach the weakest spot of his enemies.

Like the lightness, the coldness, the violence, the warmness, the heavenly opening fire suddenly lighted up and reached to that emperor of the Immortal Court, making the latter feel himself drowning in the fire sea.

When Mars Halberd who was good at attacking faced someone who was weaker than him, he would defeat that person utterly as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

That emperor who was defeated had to retreat right away, which left a crack of the encirclement.

Because that emperor might be killed right away if he didnt retreat.

The emperor which had been targeted by Mars Halberd looked like a middle-aged scholar who was gentle and cultivated.

However, when facing Mars Halberd, he had no gentle reaction at all.

His hands in the long sleeves were pushed forward together and then combined to form a circle.

After that, he raised his arms and threw them down fiercely as if he was brandishing a huge hammer.

Flows of immortal qi formed into a huge powerful hammer which was as big as the ancient mythical mountain and then smashed to Mars Halberd.

It was like two generals crossing each others path in the ancient battlefield.

One was wielding the huge hammer while the other was waving the halberd.

With that, they just started fighting each other in the air.

Mars Halberd could even detect that the True Immortal of the Immortal Court in front of him had cultivated the toughest qi of the Five qis of the Immortal, the Steady Qi.

But he didnt care.

The outer dao would always be the outer dao!

As Mars Halberd wielded his body, the swift and fierce halberd using its heavenly opening blade cut the hammer into two pieces!

After that, the fire red halberd kept going forward and straightly chopped to his enemy in front of him!

Sunlight Emperor shot the light of the Light in Mirror to Mars Halberd again, but the latter only ignored that.

Even if he was stopped by the mirror light and couldnt kill his opponent in front of him, he still had the confidence that the man in front of him would be injured so seriously that he had to quit the battlefield.

And that would be a best chance for Mars Halberd to open a crack in the encirclement.

However, right at this moment, there was a small earthy yellow umbrella hanging above the head of that emperor of the Immortal Court.

Threads of a ritual began to light up in the space.

A huge ritual exposed itself.

After that middle-aged scholar look man had exhaled, he attacked Mars Halberd with his hammer again.

Mars Halberd was startled.

Given the condition of their former fight and the injury he had caused, that emperor shouldnt be able to organize the attack so fast and head off Mars Halberds attack .

The problem was the ritual.

Mars Halberd then started to glance over the place around him, finding that besides the man in front of him, the other four emperors of the Immortal Court also had a small umbrella hanging above their heads.

The umbrellas were in white, red, black and blue colors.

“Battle array...

Five elements...” The experienced Mars Halberd understood what had happened at once.

Actually he didnt care the battle array which was formed by the emperors of the Immortal Court.

It would only take him more time to get rid of it.

However, Sunlight Emperor and Brocade Emperor in black were also on the spot.

As expected, since Mars Halberd wasnt able to break through the encirclement in a short period of time, the light in the Light in Mirror became brighter and brighter in no time, making Mars Halberd feel that he was carrying the heaviest thing in the world.

In the meantime, Sunlight Emperor also reached to Mars Halberd.

Note from the translator:

Dear readers, I\'m sorry for the infrequent updates after picking this novel up.

And after quite some consideration, I\'ve decided to drop this novel so that I can focus on BL novels only which are really what I love most.

Picking up a novel that already has many chapters translated is really a huge task for me.

The consistency of the previous terms has been such a headache for me at a point.

I hope my translation didn\'t fail you much.

If at some point, it is not that readable, then I\'m sorry.

I\'ll keep improving my skills so as to bring better translations.

Thanks for reading the translation and sorry again for not being able to finish the whole story.

And I\'d love it if any other group would be willing to continue this novel to the end.

Best regards.


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