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Chapter 1231: Siege

“Fellow Daoist, stop making continuous mistakes.” Sunlight Emperor sighed, while holding up the Mirror Light with one hand, and grabbed Mars Halberd with the other hand.

Mars Halberd didnt bother talking to him.

The tail of the halberd slammed into the Sunlight Emperors palm.

The Sunlight Emperors palm was ever-changing.

In the interlace of multiple shadows and the light, the palm of his hand radiated light rays.

A fiery red pole rushed out from it.

The long pole looked exactly the same as Mars Halberds halberds tail.

Even the strength and power realm were similar.

Under the collision, both bodies vibrated together.

Sunlight Emperor withdrew his palm; the fiery red pole and the light in his hands dispersed at the same time.

After the light disappeared, there was a trace of burns in his palm.

Despite both of them being in the same lineage of orthodox Daoism, Mars Halberd had already achieved completion for thousands of years.

Although he was suppressed in the Dragon Tomb for a long time, he was still much more experienced than the Sunlight Emperor.

Sunlight Emperor was also not discouraged, holding the Mirror Light with the other hand.

The candlelight reflected in the ancient mirror shook violently.

Then, a series of milky flames flew out of it and bombarded on Mars Halberd.

Mars Halberd turned back, and the crimson flame dissipated the milky flames.

But at this moment, under the vibrant candlelight in the ancient mirror, it reflected a fire red halberd, and it broke out of the mirror swiftly, confronting Mars Halberd again.

Sunlight Emperors gaze was solemn.

His Immortal Qi surged forward and merged with the Mirror Lamp.

He was off Clear Illusory Moral Lords lineage.

At the same time, he also learned the secrets of many Heavenly Scripture, such as the Clear Illusory Moral Scripture, Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture and Myriad Phenomena Heavenly Scripture.

With all the knowledge, it evolved into a mirror art that could fabricate myriads of forms in itself.

Also, it was powered by heaven and earths candle flame.

Thus, allowing it to be endlessly changing and graceful.

Also, Sunlight Emperors Immortal concept and Mirror Lamps power conception were in the same lineage.

Now he himself urged this unique skill.

Under the combination of the two, the power of the reflection in the mirror seemed to be on par with the real Mars Halberd.

The two sides collided.

Mars Halberd didnt manage to get any advantage.

On the contrary, milky white flames flew out continuously, bombarding the real Mars Halberd.

This flame seemed to be light and flimsy without any harm.

But, Mars Halberd knew clearly about its destructive power.

If the attack landed, even True Immortals of Three Clear Lineage would not be able to sustain it.

Whats more A finger came without warning.

It was as though it crossed the boundary of time and space, appearing so abruptly on the side of Mars Halberd.

Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations – Grand Commencement Divine Finger!

Black-clothed Brocade Emperor!

On Mars Halberds surface, the flames suddenly converged.

In the void, there was only one carved dragon pattern on the fire red halberd.

On the surface of the halberd, a faint luster flashed by.

This luster finally fell on the halberd tip.

Then, Mars Halberd streaked across the sky in a beautiful arc.

At this moment, he was no longer as violent as he previously was.

Its movement could no longer be defined by rigidity or softness, nor was it simply a combination of rigidity and softness.

But, it was beyond all that.

A fiery red arc was drawn.

The entanglement of the Mirror Light was first bounced off, then it avoided the white candlelight flames bombardment.

It reached precisely on the fingertip of the Black-clothed Brocade Emperors index finger.

Both figures trembled at the same time, and bounced back in the opposite direction.

After bouncing off, Mars Halberd once again traversed the graceful trajectory, escaping the Sunlight Emperors Mirror Light subsequent pursuit barely.

With the help of this collision, Mars Halberd quickly traveled through time and space and moved towards the other side.

His target was another True Immortal emperor from the Immortals court.

There were a total of six immortals who came here.

Five of them joined forces to set up the formation.

They would borrow power with each other, and to echo with each other in the formation.

In the formation, there was an empty slot.

It was the first woman who released the silver white light to intercept Mars Halberds path.

Seeing Mars Halberd rushing towards herself, the woman sneered, “You see me as weakling”

“Heretics! Youre always proud with the little profit in front of you, acting complacent and putting no one in the eyes.

You should know nothing is absolute!”

She bent down to avoid Mars Halberds attack, and then punched Mars Halberd from the side.

The silver light on her fist shone like a bright silver long spear.

She utilized her fist arts to activate her spear arts.

She intercepted horizontally, directly hitting the middle of Mars Halberds waist.

It directly broke the fulcrum that allowed him to exert strength.

It was apparent that her judgements were precise!

Mars Halberd flashed sharply, and the crimson flame inside exploded, forming a rolling wave.

It successfully slowed down the womans punch.

But Mars Halberds forward pace was slightly slower.

He turned sharply and slashed towards the opponent.

“Am I really scared” The woman didnt evade this time.

She substituted her spear with her fist.

She fought Mars Halberd face-to-face!

When the two sides collided, they both retreated together.

The woman looked down at her hand, there was a red mark on it, but no blood was seen.

Mars Halberd was a pure killing weapon.

In terms of the materials used for refining it while setting aside the other attributes, its sharpness surpassed Immortals Artifact such as Mirror Light and Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag.

The woman used her fist to exchange blows.

It was no different than mortals using their flesh and blood to resist the piercing attacks from cold weapons.

“Youre not that strong,” she sneered.

Mars Halberd had sustained attacks from the Sunlight Emperor equipped with Mirror Light and the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor, and he was unable to catch a breather.

Right now, he was already an arrow at the end of its flight .

However, he was not petty with it, but calmly asked his opponent, “How do I call you”

The woman said indifferently, “Immortals court – Ruan Mingya.

Emperor title – Han Lei.

Having the Immortal Incense in the five directions of Yuan Gong, Fang Chi, Zi Yuan, Yu Ban, and Gao Zhen.”

Mars Halberd nodded, “Youre really different with these heretic fighters.

Over the years, I have seen the genius, who was like you or even better than you, having their talents wasted.”

“It is a pity for all your talents.”

Sunlight Emperor and the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor had no slight change of expression.

They were unconcerned about the conversation between Mars Halberd and the woman.

Ruan Mingyan said coldly, “Stop talking big.

Youre stubborn and you dont know your limits.

There is no need to illuminate your path nor refine you.

Destruction is your only destination.”

“Ive heard that you died once in the past, and live in shame as a weapon to rebirth until you live to this day.

Today, it will be your second death anniversary.”

While she was talking, five other Immortals emperors launched their attack together in a formation.

The five true Immortals were not from the same sects; each practicing different martial arts.

But at the moment, driven by the battle formation, each martial arts conception first divided into Five elements and flowed endlessly in continuous momentum.

In this way, the immortals with unrelated sects were vaguely united, as if they were one.

This terrifying force attacked Mars Halberd from five directions.

Mars Halberd responded calmly and dished out all his moves.

Each of his attacks was getting faster than the previous one.

He had specifically targeted the subtle gaps in the opponents battle formation to crack the opponents ultimate move.

On the other hand, the Sunlight Emperor and the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor launched their attack again.

“Fellow Daoist, you have no chance to win.

Surrender.” Sunlight Emperor persuaded him again.

But halfway through, he paused suddenly.

Because he felt that in the distance, there was a fluctuation among the ruins of the heavenly palace.

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