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Chapter 1232: Martial Saint Realm Tenth Level, Supreme Exalt Among Human!

Because of the effect of the original nebula, cracks appeared in the void in which the ruins of the Heavenly Palaces remains were located.

The cracks in the void were not stable and were constantly shaking.

However, this jitter was irregular but relatively stable, which was a normal phenomenon of spatiotemporal changes in the original nebula.

But as time went by, the changes here became more obvious, more violent, and more chaotic.

It seemed that there was an extremely powerful existence.

It was originally dormant, but now it was gradually becoming active.

As it regained consciousness, the void began to expand.

The independent void inside seemed like it was about to shatter and disintegrate.

Under the shadow, Yan Zhaoge sat in the lotus position with one index finger lightly tapping his eyebrows, while the other hand was placed before his lower abdomen, pressing on his Dantian.

Then, he moved his hands upwards and downwards respectively, and gathered towards the center.

With this action, each part of Yan Zhaoges body lit up one after another, like a little star.

The stars were shining brighter and brighter.

There were a few hidden caves that hadnt been moving before.

At the end, they finally lit up one by one.

The acupuncture points lit up like the starlight, then they started to move like other starlights.

Then, they produced their own unique trajectories and patterns, and moved nonstop.

Along with the movement, the starlight extensively moved.

After reaching the zenith, they became weak, and finally died out.

But after dying out, a new star corresponding to this acupuncture lit up, from the first birth to stepping into the zenith again.

Not limited to life and death, it moved around tirelessly.

Until the last acupuncture point completed this process, Yan Zhaoges entire vigor changed.

The universe inside him was finally complete, as if there was no difference from the real universe.

It was exactly like a little universe.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge seemed to have reached a new height.

Even in this process, his flesh and blood were undergoing unprecedented changes.

Every part of his body was filled with True Martial Essence.

Even the smallest flesh, bones, and meridian was filled with it.

If Yan Zhaoge was willing, he could even free himself from the limitation of flesh and blood and let a part of his body be replaced by the True Essence.

It was not the change in “shape” by the stretching and shrinking of the muscles, but the beginning of qualitative change.

Once this step was taken, the martial art practitioner had begun his journey of escalating above the mortal realm.

To a certain extent, it was really approaching the immortal level!

In other words, transcending the mortal and becoming a martial saint, but the human attributes still did not fully subside.

At this moment, the character “Human-” could be added before the word “Immortal”.

Human Immortal.

Martial Saint Realm Tenth Level Perfection, human exalt peak, possessing the physical body of human immortals!

Above mortals but below immortals.

Human immortals were one step away from being immortals!

Yan Zhaoges success in becoming a human immortal was different from that of other martial art practitioners.

Yan Zhaoge evaluated his inner property at this moment.

Not only could he see that the universe inside of him was the same as the real universe on the outside, but he also could see this universe from its creation to its end.

Within eternity, there is a point that is difficult to describe and difficult to figure out.

It has no superiority, inferiority, no beginning and no end.

Then, this point began to expand, chaos began, and a primordial world was formed.

The earth, water, fire, and wind ran around and then stabilized again.

The world opened up, Clear Qi rose, and the turbid qi sank.

A world finally appeared.

Then the times changed, the world was transformed, developed towards prosperity, and all living things grew.

However, it slowly headed towards destruction and decay.

It was a miserable state.

The streets collapsed and all living things were dying.

Time and space collapsed with it until they finally returned to the void together.

But in the void, the world creation happened again, so everything started over and over.

Life and death continued.

Yan Zhaoge opened his eyes and smiled slightly.

I have attained the Martial Saint Realm Tenth Level, Supreme Exalt Among Humans!

Immersed in the colorful radiance, he had ascended his realm, and the Three Clears were unified.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoges perception reached a peak beyond his level.

“Mars Halberd is still nearby.

He hasnt been able to leave.

Is he fighting with someone”

Yan Zhaoges eyes narrowed, “Many people are besieging him.

It feels familiar… This feeling.

Is Black-clothed Brocade Emperor and the Candle Sunlight Emperor there too”

Over time, Yan Zhaoges perceptual sensitivity began to return to its own level after the sharp rise.

But what he had just discovered was definitely not an illusion.

Yan Zhaoge took a look around him.

There were four talisman seals suppressed by top-ranking soldiers, then he took a look at the talisman seal suppressed by himself.

He gently waved his hand and the Great Dim Radiant Wheel, replacing the central talisman seal that he was suppressing.

The dark shadows caused by the Great Dim Radiant Wheel still enveloped the four corners and covered up the colorful radiance.

Then, Yan Zhaoges figure rushed forward and directly broke through the boundary that was full of cracks.

He reached the exterior of Heavenly Palace ruins.

In the distant sky, the Sunlight Emperor and others also noticed the spatiotemporal change in the ruin.

“Could it be that the Exalted Wood Luminary did not die” Everyone was surprised at first, but then felt that something was wrong, “It should not be the Exalted Wood Luminary…”

“So, is that Yan Zhaoge He didnt leave with Exalted Fire Luminary”

Sunlight Emperor began thinking and many thoughts appeared in an instant.

“We cant let him join forces with Mars Halberd!” Black-clothed Brocade Emperor said quietly, “Otherwise, he has the ability to kill the True Immortals.

Wang Zhengcheng has the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram yet he still couldnt escape.”

When he first spoke, Mars Halberd suddenly changed the direction of the beseige.

He turned around and rushed to the ruins, ready to return there.

Now that Yan Zhaoge was ready to take the initiative, then of course he must join forces to defeat the enemy.

As Black-clothed Brocade Emperor said, they joined forces and Yan Zhaoge would use him as a weapon, which would make Yan Zhaoge more powerful.

However, the Sunlight Emperor acted according to his thoughts and was not slow in taking action at all.

Although he had only fought briefly with Yan Zhaoge once, he knew the extraordinariness of Yan Zhaoge, so naturally he could not let Mars Halberd fall into Yan Zhaoges hands.

Without the Black-clothed Brocade Emperors reminder, Sunlight Emperor looked into the mirror and rushed to stop Mars Halberd.

Immortal Courts Frigid Thunder Emperor Ruan Mingyan threw a cold gaze, “Yan Zhaoge He did it without any effort.”

Suo Mingzhang was gone and the Immortal Court would try to capture or destroy Mars Halberd at all costs.

In terms of Yan Zhaoge who inherited the legacy of Dim Radiant Emperor – Yi Tianxia, the elites in Immortal Courts couldnt wait to eliminate him.

After glancing at the Sunlight Emperor that intercepted Mars Halberd, Ruan Mingyan and others did not say much.

They rushed towards the ruins, and they encountered Yan Zhaoge who flew out of the ruins.

Black-clothed Brocade Emperor did the same.

For him, it was the best outcome to be able to kill Yan Zhaoge.

It didnt matter if he couldnt do it.

Many people were besieging, so it was likely to force Yan Zhaoge to use his Taiyi fist.

That was his goal.

He did not believe that Yan Zhaoge came this time and brought the Origin Opening Sword to the World Beyond Worlds.

Other than Candle Sunlight Emperor who was intercepting Mars Halberd, Black-clothed Brocade Emperor and seven other people quickly spread out, then closed in and surrounded Yan Zhaoge.

However, when they got close, Black-clothed Brocade Emperor and Ruan Mingyan both realized and felt at the same time that Yan Zhaoge in front of them seemed to be different…

Yan Zhaoge looked at the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor and the Immortals in front of him and raised his eyebrows.

“Hey, True Immortals”

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