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Chapter 1233: The Strongest Martial Saint Realm since The Beginning of History!

With the Frigid Thunder Emperor – Ruan Mingyan taking the lead, there were a total of six Immortal Court Emperors along with Black-clothed Brocade Emperor of Three Clear Lineage.

At this moment, a total of seven true Immortals Emperors stood in front of Yan Zhaoge.

Including the emperor who was dressed up like a middle-aged scholar, the five experts of the Immortal Court came up and immediately encircled Yan Zhaoge.

Although they were not as sharp as the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor and Ruan Mingyan, they could also feel that Yan Zhaoge had outstanding qualities.

It was a feeling that was more dangerous than Mars Halberd.

In the face of a formidable enemy, Yan Zhaoge was calm and collected.

He first glanced at the five small umbrellas of different colors.

“The Five Elements Sun Devouring Formation, a very subtle and clever battle formation.” Yan Zhaoge glanced at it and immediately understood the situation at hand.

“But, there are minor differences with how it was before the Great Calamity.

It appears to be improvised.”

He chuckled softly, “True, without improvising, I am afraid mastering this technique would be very difficult with your shallow knowledge of the martial arts.

However, it is really rare for this technique to be revamped into being simpler.”

All the five people from the other side broke into a rage upon hearing what he said, “Ignorant fool, you clearly do not know your limits.”

Compared with the Sunlight Emperor and Black-clothed Brocade Emperor on the world beyond worlds, the experts of the Immortal Court rarely have direct contact with Yan Zhaoge.

Their understanding of him was limited.

Naturally, he was not satisfied the moment he heard Yan Zhaoge spouting nonsense.

During the rotation of the formations sign, the Five Elements Sun Devouring Formation faced Yan Zhaoge and enveloped him.

Under the blessing of battle formation, the five Immortals Court Emperors launched their assault and gave each other a boost.

Their actions were in sync with one another as if they were one.

“The Immortal Mountain Carrying Hammer.

Mortals move to the Immortal mountains to start on the path to Immortality.

Each mortal has his own path to be an Immortal.” Yan Zhaoge calmed down and regained his composure.

He first directed his gaze to the middle-aged scholar who clenched his hands into fist like he was lifting the mountain as a sledgehammer to hit him, “Like the Earth Encompassing Seal, it is from the lineage of His Majesty the Emperor.”

His gaze then turned to the Immortal Courts Emperor who had a red umbrella above his head, “This corresponds to…fire, is it the Scorching Sunlight Supreme Martial Art ”

It was the Scorching Sunlight Supreme Martial Art, not the Sunshine Divine Skill.

The main focus was not the blazing sun but on the endless scorched earth under the sun.

The endless scorched earth was like purgatory.

Corresponding to the water, was an Immortal Court Emperor who practiced the book of the Feiliu Seven Saint Scripture.

At the moment, he had one hand on his chest to gain momentum, while his other hand unleashed an attack outwards.

Two types of arts, ” The breaking of the embankment” as mentioned in the middle of “Feiliu Seven Saint Scripture” and “Torrent” were merged into one, forming a momentum which overflowed the skies.

The Martial Arts of Feiliu Seven Saint Scripture was famous for its vast and endless stream of water.

At this moment, not only did the emperor have powerful strength, but he also managed to hold back the flood.

The water level surged and finally collapsed loudly, flowed downwards and created an explosive force.

“Is this Shocking Sting of the Withered Wood Profound Art corresponding to wood”Yan Zhaoge had become interested when he was under siege.

Like Feiliu Seven Saint Scripture, the Immortal Door Mountain Carrying Hammer, the Scorching Sunlight Supreme Martial Art, and the Withered Wood Profound Art were also Supreme Martial Arts that were circulating before the Great Calamity and went extinct in the world beyond worlds.

This Supreme Martial Arts left its own writings in the history of the world before the Great Calamity.

Shocking Sting revolves around thunder claps and revitalisation.

This art had both offensive and defensive properties.

It could be used for self replenishment and eliminating the enemy.

The fifth Immortal Court Emperor who joined hands to form the Five Elements Sun Devouring Formation to correspond to Metal was a sword cultivator.

The sword light flashed through the void, instantaneously divided into tens of thousands ways, like a sword rain.

“Mountain Shu Sword Art” Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyelids.

He could not help feel weird.

Before the Great Calamity, Mountain Shu Sword Art had a glorious period.

During their golden age, many talented swordsmen emerged.

All of them were second only to the lineage of Prime Clear and Heaven Reigning Purple Tenuity Polaris Grand Sovereign Emperor.

Even after the golden age and into the fluctuating period, they were still well-known in the world.

They were known as the first sect to be the heirs to the Three Clear lineage.

The sect had an abundance of talented people and was better than the Martial Arts of the Three Clear lineage.

In the eyes of the high-level strongmen of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace and Three Clear lineage powerhouses of lineage, it was still considered to be a sacred place.

As long as things change for the better and the talents come together for one more time, there was hope for them to enter a new flourishing period.

Unfortunately, a Great Calamity had made all this become only a hypothesis.

In the dao universe where World beyond Worlds, Roving Jade Heavens, the Eight Extremities World, and the Floating Life World were located, the lineage of the Mountain Shu Sect was also lost, and only the lineage of the sporadic martial techniques fragments remained.

Today, it resurfaced in the hands of the Immortal Court.

When Yan Zhaoge saw it, he could not help feeling a bit emotional.

But beyond being deeply moved by what he saw, he shook his head, “Unfortunately, what you have been doing is not the way it should be.”

As the opposing party surrounding him moved right in front of him, Yan Zhaoge looked composed as he raised his hands together.

He had also dabbled in the Five Elements Sun Devouring Formation.

It was undoubtedly easier to dismantle the opponents formation first and then destroy the enemies one by one.

However, Yan Zhaoge did not use this method.

The universe in his body was spinning swiftly.

The stars also shone together.

Then, Yan Zhaoge unraveled both his palms and raised them up to the sky together.

He then turned it downwards to let out a strike!

Two-handed Cyclin Heaven Seal!

With one palm shifting everywhere, the changes of nature were reversed.

Both heaven and earth were healed and were returned back to their natural state.

With one palm shifting everywhere, the primordial gulf made its first appearance, created the seas and lands, transformed the world into limitless manifestations of nature.

Both processes were completely opposite of each other, but they showed the majestic change of the world.

At this moment, they gathered together to form a twisted terror force that intertwined with each other.

Both of Yan Zhaoges palm swooshed down, and the force that came along twisted time and space of the nearby primitive nebula like a fried dough twist, causing it to look distorted.

Under severe distortion, there were tears within the boundaries of the space-time portal!

Like a small piece of primitive nebula, the internal parts of the space-time portal were torn into pieces by Yan Zhaoges hands!

The five Immortal Court Emperors joined forces to form a battle formation.

Even the True Immortals who were lineage of the orthodox Daoism were cautious in using the Five Elements Sun Devouring Formation.

Even in the time and place of the universe were twisted into a clump by Yan Zhaoge like an old cloth!

The formations sign started to crack and shattered into countless streams of lights, like fireflies.

The Sacred Mountains Sledgehammer descended from the sky, shattered everything into fine powder!

The billions of miles of acres of scorched earth that seemed to be like purgatory were instantly turned into cool ashes!

Like the Milky Way breaching its dike, the flood that tilted the earth evaporated completely!

The spring thunder exploded.

The sound of the thunder declined and faded away and then there was silence!

Thousands of sword lights hid the sky and covered the earth, passed through the clouds and cracked rocks.

Then, it vanished like smoke in thin air as if it was just an illusion!

A Five Elements Sun Devouring Formation fell apart!

Yan Zhaoge incessantly kept his palms in motion, pushing his palms forward continuously.

After going back and forth to the initial state, along with the transformation of the two palms and seals, the five Immortals Court Emperors were beaten out and flew out together!

The twisted horrifying force was not dissipated and was durable.

It entangled their body, petrifying their body movement for a long time.

The thunder of Ruan Mingyan and Black-clothed Brocade Emperor came to an abrupt end.

Ruan Mingyan was dumbfounded, “This is Martial Saint Realm Is this someone who has not become Immortals”

Black-clothed Brocade Emperor People who almost never change their emotions were also stiff at the moment, sizing Yan Zhaoge up and down.

Yan Zhaoge was much stronger than the previous fight between them in the World beyond Worlds!

“Martial Saint Realms Tenth Level, Human Immortal” Black-clothed Brocade Emperor could feel Yan Zhaoges aura, seemingly a real universe was within his body.

“So fast! This process took even less time than when he was promoted from the Martial Saint Realm Eight Level to the Martial Saint Realm Ninth Level!”

“And this strength…Chen Qianhua is far inferior to him!”

This was in the memory of Black-clothed Brocade Emperor, whether he witnessed it or heard it.

The person in front of him was probably the strongest human in history.

Among the people he knew, Yan Zhaoge was the strongest Martial Saint Realm!

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