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Chapter 1234: Beat the True Immortals until They Kneel

Yan Zhaoge continued to stride forward.

“You all think that I cant do anything to all of you just because you both have Immortal Qi surrounding your body, and I dont have any Immortal Artifact with me”

Yan Zhaoge continued in amusement, “Indeed, Leakless True Immortal had never been defeated before.

Even if you cant win, youre still able to protect yourself.

The worst case scenario would be a tie.”

Even if he couldnt do anything to a mere human Martial Saint, he could also try to retreat unwounded.

It even applied to the Immortal Court heretics – Leakless True Immortals.

Thanks to that, even if a Martial Saint Realm was dispatched and they couldnt do anything to him, they could still find other easier targets.

Even the Martial Saint Realm wouldnt be able to do anything.

“However, does it really work like that Did you all forget something”

Yan Zhaoge stepped forward, passed through time and space, and immediately appeared in front of Frigid Thunder Emperor, Ruan Mingyan.

He raised his palm again, aimed at Ruan Mingyuans face, and immediately slapped her face.

“You heretic, what are you being arrogant for!” Ruan Mingyan came back to her senses, and got mad.

She turned her body sideways, and both of her hands raised up together.

It was as if she was holding a spear.

After that, she suddenly twisted her waist.

In the void, silvery white lightning started surging, and exploded silently.

As Ruan Mingyan attacked with her fist, it was as if the thunder god in the sky was throwing a long spear.

It passed through space, and launched towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoges facial expression did not change.

He opened his palm, and caught Ruan Mingyans spearhead with his hands!

The violent yet silent silvery white lightning was jumping around and exploding fanatically within Yan Zhaoges hand.

However, after it was grabbed by Yan Zhaoge, the silver lightning extinguished one after another, and mere electric arcs remained.

“Underworld Thunder Scripture.

Its considered decent for a heretic to be able to train it till this caliber.”

Yan Zhaoge continued praising, “I had encountered it before.

Among all the heretics that I know of, only Yin Shiyang of that year was stronger than you.

Although I do not know much about you heretics, those that have the same cultivation as you and have the same standards as you shouldnt be many.”

Ruan Mingyan stared at Yan Zhaoge angrily.

However, she felt that her Underworld Thunder Spear was grabbed firmly by Yan Zhaoge, and wouldnt budge at all.

It wont advance forward.

It also cant be retracted!

“However, trash will always be trash.” Yan Zhaoge said calmly, “Its a pity for all of your talents.

What a waste.”

He pulled back his hand that was grabbing the thunder spear.

Following the drag, Ruan Mingyan was pulled towards him.

His other hand raised highly.

It aimed towards Ruan Mingyan again, as if the sky was crumbling down.

Ruan Mingyan suddenly realised that she couldnt dissipate the silvery white lightning she formed just now.

Even if she was of the Immortal Court, those that have her level of strength should be able to control their power however they want to.

However, she wasnt able to control the thunder that she created anymore after Yan Zhaoge held it in his hand.

The silvery white thunder spears current owner isnt me anymore.

It now belongs to Yan Zhaoge!

“The heretics that are greedy and too hasty for strength can definitely defeat the righteous ones among their peers that have the same realm if they were to fight hand-to-hand.

However, Ive never heard of someone that can be this strong!”

Ruan Mingyan felt like her entire world wasnt real anymore.

If the opponent was a True Immortal of the Three Clear Lineage, Ruan Mingyan would accept her defeat if she lost to the opponent of the same realm no matter how proud she was.

However, the person in front of her was a Martial Saint Realm!

Human Immortal still had the word “Human” in it.

They havent turned into an actual Immortal yet.

However, it was such an opponent that made her look like a powerless toddler in front of him.

Ruan Mingyan couldnt remain calm.

“Dont underestimate him! Do not treat him like a Martial Saint Realm!” Ruan Mingyan suppressed her pride, unwillingness, anger, shock, fear and many other negative emotions.

After she calmed down, she suddenly opened her mouth and bellowed.

Suddenly, a silvery white thunder shot out from her mouth.

As the silvery white thunder was flickering, a spearhead emerged from the thunder!

The bright silver spear pierced through the void with a shriek, and fell into Ruan Mingyans hand.

After that, all the silver light started gathering back onto the spear.

The spearhead trembled.

As if a silver dragon that came out from the abyss and was rushing towards the nine heavens, it went up against Yan Zhaoges fist that was going to hit her.

This was a Leakless caliber Immortal Artifact, Heavenly Abyss Underworld Thunder Spear!

Yan Zhaoges palm did not stop advancing.

He exerted the Cyclic Heavenly Seals Reversal strength.

As he twisted his palm, he went to grab the Heavenly Abyss Underworld Thunder Spear.

Rua Mingyans facial expression displayed no emotions.

A frightening glow flashed across her eyes.

“Duo!” She released a voiceless soft growl.

It was like a muffled thunder exploding, but there was no sound at all.

However, following her soft growl, the Heavenly Abyss Underworld Thunder Spear which had not came in contact with Yan Zhaoges hand suddenly trembled.

After that, the Immortal Artifact trembled until it disassembled at that moment, and broke into pieces.

A Leakless Immortal Artifact exploded!

Ruan Mingyans throat trundled.

Multiple muffled thunder exploding sounds came one after another, and a series of Underworld Thunder started emerging.

Her whole body surged with power, and fused it together with the exploding Heavenly Abyss Underworld Thunder Spears might.

With her cultivation and power, this strike could bring upon a huge threat to many True Immortal Emperors from the Three Clear Lineage!

If someone was careless and took the strike directly, he could even face the risk of perishing!

However, Yan Zhaoge just grinned.

His left hands Cyclic Heavenly Seal continued coming down.

His right hands fingers combined with each other, and held it like the shape of a knife.

He then chopped towards the void.

His palm came out from the darkness.

He broke through the darkness, and a light appeared in his hand.

In the light, an object that looked like an axe and halberd appeared!

Heaven Splitting Halberd!

It was a strong force that opened the heavens and split the earth; relentless and vast.

It made the first move and broke through the ravaging Underworld Thunder, causing the thunder to explode.

After that, the Reversals astonishing strength capable of pressuring even the heaven and earth caused the thunder to shatter.

The huge hand covering the heavens dissipated the thunder, and reached Ruan Mingyans head.

The five fingers came to grab her head.

“How are you so powerful Even if a Profound Immortal were to suppress his realm until that of a Martial Saint Realm, he wouldnt be so powerful!” Ruan Mingyans eyes widened with anger.

She raised both her arms, and barely managed to block Yan Zhaoges palm.

However, Yan Zhaoge didnt even bother changing his attack, and did not try to evade Ruan Mingyans defence.

He just continued pressing his hand downwards.

The rampaging power suddenly caused Ruan Mingyans whole body to tremble, and slowly became powerless.

The thing that scared her even more was that the surrounding space had been sealed by Yan Zhaoges palm.

She wasnt falling downwards after being hit.

The void under her feet was sturdy, as if there was an endless tough ground beneath it.

Because of this, she had to handle the pressure on top of her, and the blockage below her.

Every strength was firmly pressuring on Ruan Mingyans body.

It caused her knees to turn weak, and she couldnt support herself.

She, a Leakless True Immortal, was beaten by Yan Zhaoge until she could only kneel among the void!

Ruan Mingyan was furious, and wanted to stand up.

However, she was pressured until she couldnt even move.

Yan Zhaoges left hand caused Ruan Mingyan to continue kneeling, while his right hand swept sideways again from the other side.

Among the five emperors of Immortal Courts that formed the Five Elements Sun Devouring Formation, the scholar that used the Immortal Door Mountain Carrying Hammer was the strongest.

Right now, he was barely able to escape the effects of Yan Zhaoges remaining force from his strike before this.

However, before he could recover and stand up firmly again, he was pressed by Yan Zhaoges palm, and turned dizzy.

Yan Zhaoges frightening true essence turned into a huge divine mountain which was much more frightening compared to his Immortal Door Mountain Carrying Hammer.

He was sealed in the mountain, and couldnt even struggle.

“Black-clothed Brocade Emperor, havent you always been thinking about my Taiyi Fist”

Yan Zhaoge then raised his head and looked at the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor that wanted to leave, and punched his fist from a distance!

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