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HSSB124: When discussions fail, fight!


Completely not bothering to entertain Hou Xiang’s delusions nicely, Yan Zhaoge shook his head somewhat amusedly, “The Extreme Yin Crown having fallen into the Sacred Sun Clan’s hands, it’d still be possible for your Infinite Boundless Mountain to help neither side.

But helping the Sacred Sun Clan; that would really be having a hole in the brain.”

“Their willingness to be a vassal to another aside, if the people of Infinite Boundless Mountain are all as sensible as you, it’s destined never to be able to rise up.”

Seeing Sikong Qing having replaced Jing Yunzhi, battling Hou Xiang in her place, Zhao Ming instantly let out a small sigh of relief.

The worries in his heart having disappeared, also having Feng Yunsheng helping him to sweep away the surrounding interference, he instantly lunged towards his opponent like a ferocious tiger leaving the mountain.

Whilst extinguishing the fire, Yan Zhaoge also scanned the surrounding area.

After a once-over, Yan Zhaoge’s attention fell on that child whom Zhao Ming had been protecting earlier.

That was a boy who looked not much older than ten.

He appeared rather dazed, as though he was mentally unsound.

He knelt beside a man, shaking that man’s arm, “Daddy, daddy”

Yan Zhaoge knit his brows slightly.

With just a single glance, he knew that that man had already breathed his last.

Seeing the man ignoring him, the boy stumbled and swayed as he got up and walked elsewhere, treating the nearby flashes of blades and shadows of swords like they were invisible.

He arrived at a woman’s side, also shaking her arm, “Mummy, mummy”

Yan Zhaoge sighed silently.

This child, was already an orphan…

The boy looked all around uncomprehendingly, his eyes still filled with incomprehension as though not understanding why his parents were just not paying him any heed.

Having been replaced by Sikong Qing, Jing Yunzhi came over to the boy’s side, also seeming somewhat not able to bear it.

Looking at the other corpses strewn across the ground, fury surfaced within her eyes once more.

Other than the boy’s family, the rest of the dead were all people sent over by the Scarlet Rainbow Sect to manage their medicinal field here.

Letting out a loud yell, Jing Yunzhi joined in the fray over by Zhao Ming’s side, exterminating the martial practitioners of the Iron Yuan Sect alongside Feng Yunsheng.

That middle-aged man in the mid outer aura Martial Scholar realm was precisely the Chief of the Iron Yuan Sect who had initially brought people along to find trouble.

At this moment, facing Broad Creed Mountain’s direct disciple Zhao Ming, even while their cultivation levels were similar, he also quickly fell to defeat.

He called out towards Hou Xiang, “Help…”

Before his words had landed, Zhao Ming had already stabbed out with his sword.

Now, a cold snort suddenly resounded from afar, “Killing someone in the lands of my Infinite Boundless Mountain”

A strong aura-qi shot through the air, tough and vigorous, resembling a massive mountain-splitting knife, chopping down towards Zhao Ming!

The other party had obviously not exerted his full strength, but as this axe chopped over, it was something that Zhao Ming would be unable to withstand.

If he took it, even if he didn’t die, he would also be heavily injured!

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change, as, substituting his sword with his fingers, he stabbed out.

Seven streaks of aura-qi took the form of swords, resembling seven stars converging as they blocked that massive axe formed of aura-qi.

The seven streaks of sword-qi moved at different speeds and with different levels of force, each contacting a different point of that massive aura-qi axe, not destroying it but casually adjusting its direction, causing it to veer slightly off course.

Seeing this, Zhao Ming did not stay his hand, piercing his sword straight through the chest of the Iron Yuan Sect Chief.

That middle-aged man opened his eyes wide, and collapsed onto the ground.

The final scene that he saw was of the corpse of the woman who had previously died by his hands with a grievance lying strewn across the ground, with that simple and foolish boy by her side.

The next moment, before the middle-aged man’s eyes was only blackness, as he breathed his last.

Feng Yunsheng, Zhao Ming and Jing Yunzhi swept up the remaining enemies before congregating together by Yan Zhaoge’s side.

Yan Zhaoge said, “I’ve arrived late; my condolences, junior apprentice-sister Jing.

Junior apprentice-brother Zhao, let us slowly talk later.”

Zhao Ming nodded cautiously, his gaze directed straight into the distance.

There was precisely the direction from which the massive aura-qi axe had attacked, where a group of people was currently rushing down the mountain.

Gazing over from afar, Yan Zhaoge saw that above the head of their leader was a spiritual light that shot up into the horizon, flickering as it was sometimes visible.

Without question, it was a Xiantian Martial Scholar.

The other party, possessing a big build, looked to be about twenty-six or twenty-seven years old, his features cold and stern.

He was garbed in black, with an emblem of a mountain peak stitched onto his clothes.

It was actually the appearance of a core, direct disciple of Infinite Boundless Mountain.

When he saw Yan Zhaoge, that person’s gaze instantly hardened.

Yan Zhaoge glanced at him calmly, similarly recognising him.

Ji Hanru, one of the leading figures of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s younger generation, of the same age group as Lu Wen and Xiao Shen, though still slightly older than them.

In the Eight Extremities World, the name of the ‘Little Mountain Lord’ Ji Hanru, an elite of the current younger generation, already resounded familiarly like thunder to the years.

Many years ago, Ji Hanru had had a battle with the successor of the Thunder Domain Sacred Ground Heavenly Thunder Hall, the Thunder Rumbling Young Master.

The only son of one of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s bigwig Elders, the Thunder Rumbling Young Master was hailed alongside the Broad Creed Young Master Yan Zhaoge and the Radiant Prince Huang Jie as one of the current era’s Four Young Masters.

Ji Hanru had secured a draw in that fight, cementing his status as one of the strongest experts of the current younger generation.

Earlier, just having arrived at Cloud Portent Mountain, Yan Zhaoge had already met him once.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge knew that he had just happened to come to this region for tempering, thus leading to their coincidental meeting here.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Ji Hanru said coldly, “Killing in Infinite Boundless Mountain; is this how your Broad Creed Mountain plays the part of guests”

Yan Zhaoge raised his lower chin slightly, indicating for Ji Hanru to look towards the Hou Xiang who was still currently in the midst of a battle with Sikong Jing, “The Scarlet Rainbow Sect is a clan of my Heaven Domain, while junior apprentice-sister Jing is a disciple of my Broad Creed Mountain, having rented a spirit field of your Infinite Boundless Mountain for plantation purposes, and never having failed in giving you your share of it.”

“Our clan comes over to visit, and your Infinite Boundless Mountain disciple abets people in burning down this spirit field here.”

“Is this how your Infinite Boundless Mountain plays the part of hosts”

In their attitude towards Broad Creed Mountain, Infinite Boundless Mountain was split internally into two great factions.

According to what Yan Zhaoge knew, amongst the younger generation, Ji Hanru belonged to the faction which had no good feelings towards Broad Creed Mountain.

Thus, facing Ji Hanru, Yan Zhaoge similarly didn’t put on a nice face.

Looking at Ji Hanru, Yan Zhaoge’s face was expressionless, “Or is it to say, that it was completely intentional on your part”

Ji Hanru said indifferently, “I know what you have come here for, but that is not something that you can rely on to act unbridled and without reservation.”

“All of your logic can’t change the one simple fact that this place is Cloud Portent Mountain, the territory of my Infinite Boundless Mountain.”

“Whatever happens here, it will naturally be settled by my clan’s laws.

Your Broad Creed Mountain stepped past these boundaries and even killed-do you treat my Infinite Boundless Mountain as non-existent”

Yan Zhaoge chortled, “When we really needed you to appear just now, you indeed were non-existent.”

The aura-qi around Ji Hanru’s entire body surged as he strode forward step by single step, the Infinite Boundless Mountain martial practitioners behind him doing the same.

“As long as it is someone who has killed, take down all of them, and hand them over to our clan’s Elders to deal with.”

“Yan Zhaoge, I am of no mind to engage in battles of the tongue with you.

Recently, your name has come up quite a lot; I wonder how much of it stems from the true abilities that you possess”

“I, Ji Hanru, have never believed in rumours.

I only believe in my own eyes and my pair of fists!

Saying thus, he punched out with his fist, with a momentum as heavy as a mountain!

Not even looking at it, Yan Zhaoge retaliated with a single palm.

As his palm struck out, it was like the roar of a dragon and the howl of a tiger resounded!

Aura-qi that resembled flames solidified on Yan Zhaoge’s palm, directly facing off against the momentum of Ji Hanru’s fist.

Ji Hanru laughed coldly, “Facing me head-on”

Of the six great Sacred Grounds, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s martial arts were renowned for its heavy momentum and great strength!

A fist strike as heavy as a mountain, with the momentum of crushing dry twigs and smashing rotten wood, seemed about to destroy Yan Zhaoge’s Tu**a palm.

However, with a flick of his wrist, Yan Zhaoge’s strength suddenly skyrocketed, erupting in an instant!

“When discussions fail, fight; what do I have to be afraid of facing you head-on”

Within his Tu**a Palm, was integrated the essence of the Mighty Ape Demonic Fist!

The explosive power that suddenly erupted shocked the heavens and shook the earth!

The momentum of the fist strike that resembled a mountain was momentarily rendered sluggish before, vibrating intensely, it was shaken to the point that the earth quaked and the mountains wobbled!


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