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Chapter 1239: Beating People Like Planting Trees, Burying from Head to Toe Into The Ground


Sunlight Emperors facial expressions changed when Yan Zhaoges hand grabbed the Mirror Light.

After that, Zhan Zhaoge grabbed and pulled the Mirror Light towards himself.

The unblockable pressuring strength caused the Sunlight Emperor to lose his balance and was pulled towards Yan Zhaoge uncontrollably.

He tried to stabilize his own body while silently chanting a profound art.

The majestic Immortal qi entered the Immortal Artifact Mirror Light.

The continuous Immortal qi were all burning.

The Mirror Lights candle light shook violently, and instantly transformed into a fiery sea.

The fiery sea was burning to its maximum.

Bright golden light rose upwards and rushed out the mirror, resembling a flood thats been let loose.

Yan Zhaoges hand could vaguely feel the burning sensation from his hand that was grabbing the Mirror Light.

However, in the next instant, Yan Zhaoge immediately used his martial arts to reverse the yin yang, and flipped the universe around.

He fused both Cyclic Heavenly Scripture and Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, which immediately cooled down the golden light.

“Open!” The Sunlight Emperor shouted with a resolute expression on his face.

The Mirror Light trembled, and was even shivering softly.

On its surface, many small cracks appeared.

After feeling the changes of Sunlight Emperor and the Mirror Light, Yan Zhaoge smiled very naturally.

“I have already missed out on a spear Immortal Artifact.

I cant just keep on being empty-handed, right”

On his palm, a light fused by darkness was litted up.

It was hard to tell if it was dim or radiant.

Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, Eleventh Art, Wilderness Devouring.

On Yan Zhaoges hand, a wild behemoth suddenly opened its huge mouth, and devoured both heaven and earth.

The frenzy devouring energy reached out, and started crazily sucking on the vitality within the Mirror Light.

This move of Yan Zhaoge didnt only have the Dim Radiant Sects Wilderness Devouring Art, it even contained the concept of the Evil Sword Taotie.

For the current Yan Zhaoge, the Evil Sword Taotie was not of much use to him anymore.

The power within its concept was also nothing outstanding.

However, when he fused it together with the Wilderness Devouring Art, the horrifying suction power capable of devouring even the heavens and earth became unstoppable.

Sunlight Emperors gaze flashed slightly when he saw it.

Not only did he not stop and try to escape, he tried to speed up the process as well.

He was helping Yan Zhaoge to devour the Mirror Lights Immortal qi, similar to chugging him with it!

“No matter how strong your Martial Saint cultivation is, your body will surely be torn apart if you try to devour such a huge amount of Immortal qi!”

In the face of death, the Sunlight Emperor became very decisive with his actions, “Allow me to grant you the Immortal Mortal tribulation!”

Both of their bodies were in mid-air, and neither of them moved.

They stared at each other without the intention of backing off.

As time passed, the Sunlight Emperor was shocked to see nothing happening to Yan Zhaoge.

If it was any other Martial Saint Realm, even if they are able to use the Wilderness Devouring Art to devour the Mirror Lights vitality, their body would have been ruptured by the majestic Immortal qi, and cause them their demise.

However, chaos resided in Yan Zhaoges body.

It was capable of containing a myriad of things, and had engulfed all the Immortal qi that was devoured.

Although he couldnt use them for his own benefits, it wouldnt be able to harm Yan Zhaoge in the slightest for the time being.

“How did you do that Taiyi Fist” The Sunlight Emperor was in awe.

Yan Zhaoge smiled.

He pulled the Mirror Light again with his hand, and pulled the Sunlight Emperor closer to him.

Then, he raised his empty hand to the highest, and launched it towards the Sunlight Emperors head.

The Sunlight Emperor immediately came back to his senses, and let out a snort.

The Mirror Light in his hand exploded again with a radiant light.

The roiling heat waves exploded, and trembled space.

The Sunlight Emperor was very decisive.

When he saw how he couldnt destroy Yan Zhaoge from within through the Mirror Light, and how bad of a situation he landed himself in, he immediately changed his plan.

He directly let go of the Leakless Immortal Artifact which he held very dearly.

Borrowing the strength of the explosion, the Sunlight Emperor finally managed to back out.

However, Yan Zhaoge followed him and advanced forward.

The hand he held high was still engulfing space, and was falling upon Sunlight Emperor.

The Sunlight Emperor was immediately alerted.

Previously, they besieged Yan Zhaoge in a group.

Now that he was facing Yan Zhaoge alone, the horrifying oppressing strength had multiplied!

Now that the Mars Halberd didnt have to worry about being ambushed by others, he could finally focus on dealing with Black-clothed Brocade Emperor.

He was overpowering the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor.

Now, Yan Zhaoge only had the Sunlight Emperor as his last opponent to deal with.

According to logic, suppressing a resisting Immortal Artifact that didnt belong to them would be equivalent to suppressing a True Immortal.

They would have to use a huge amount of stamina, which would drastically decrease their combat power.

However, the Mirror Light held by Yan Zhaoge was like nothing to him.

The surface of the Mirror Light instantly turned dim, and was suppressed by Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge didnt seem to be affected at all.

He continued attacking the Candle Sunlight Emperor.

The Sunlight Emperor discarded his Immortal Artifact to try to seek an opportunity to gain the upperhand.

However, his efforts were futile.

The dark red sword lights around Yan Zhaoges body lit up.

He instantly appeared in front of the Sunlight Emperor, like a god descending from the heavens.

He immediately slapped downwards again.

The Sunlight Emperor couldnt do anything but try his best to defend against it.

The power enough to suppress heaven and earth, and the whole universe made the Sunlight Emperor have a hard time defending against it.

Although he had also cultivated the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, he could only feel a sense of helplessness.

“How can a Martial Saint Realm have such a deep understanding towards the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture Even most Profound Immortal wouldnt be able to do so.”

Yan Zhaoges single palm seemed to cause the heavens to crumble.

It locked the void tightly, and the strength transformed into a shapeless vast earth.

It pressurised the Sunlight Emperor from above and below.

Now, the Sunlight Emperor felt the despair and shame Ruan Mingyan had felt.

His body was under oppression until he almost kneeled.

“Fallen Deity, Fallen Deity… You really live up to that name!” He struggled to raise his head.

He stared at Yan Zhaoge, “Such a pity.

Its a pity that youre as stubborn and fearless as the Exalted Fire, and dont know when to retreat!”

“When Heavenly Emperor asked me to help him out, I stayed at the outskirts of the void, and never returned to the World beyond Worlds.

Thinking back about it, I really regret my decision.”

“If I had killed you early on, there wouldnt be such a day as today.”

“People like you will just destroy any sign of resurgence of our orthodox Daoism that hardly comes by!”

“If the direction is wrong, no matter how fast you run, youre being further away from your true goal.” The Sunlight Emperor struggled to complete his sentence, “The more outstanding you all are, the bigger the calamity you all will bring upon our orthodox Daoism.”

Yan Zhaoge casually said, “Were both just on different sides.

Isnt your mindset too shallow, Sunlight Emperor”

“I just hate the fact that I dont have enough power to destroy you!” The Sunlight Emperor let out a long sigh.

Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “You must be leisure enough to still spout all these nonsense.”

As he was talking, the strength of his palm continuously grew stronger, and a sudden change occurred.

The Sunlight Emperor was already trying his best to support himself.

With the sudden change, he was caught off guard.

The majestic power of the Reversal made him go dizzy, and it became hard for him to maintain his body posture any longer.

Yan Zhaoge extended his hand again to grab onto the Sunlight Emperors leg.

After that, he lifted his arm, and immediately carried this True Immortal Emperor that had become famous for thousands of years in the World beyond Worlds.

The Mirror Light had already disappeared from the other hand of Yan Zhaoge.

His empty palm swept upwards from below.

The profoundness of Cyclic Heavenly Scripture and Myriad Phenomena Heavenly Scripture were casted together, and a real soil appeared.

It was vast, boundless, and thick.

As Yan Zhaoge raised his hand, the whole materialised land was carried upwards.

After that, he lifted the Sunlight Emperor and threw him on the vast land.

Just as the Sunlight Emperor widened his eyes with shock, his whole body was forcefully plummeted into the land from head to toe.

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