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Chapter 1241: The Fifth Person


The Black-clothed Brocade Emperor and the Sunlight Emperor actually died under their own devices, but Mars Halberd didnt care much.

After thousands of years of war, he had seen too many lives and deaths.

Even he himself could be said to have died once.

In comparison, the fall of the Candle Sunlight Emperor was not as impressive to Mars Halberd as it was when he heard of the death of the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng.

Instead, killing the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor made Mars Halberds mood a little more complicated.

“Senior, forgive me for being presumptuous.

The hatred between you and the descendants of the Grand Clear doesnt seem to be as deep as that between you and the dragon clan of the Fire Dragon World” At this time, Yan Zhaoge also turned around to look at Mars Halberd, “In the Nine Underworlds, you were schemed against and was under the siege of the heretics emperor.

At that time, although His Majesty the Brocade Emperor was not yet divided, to some extent, the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor can be regarded as the culprit.”

“His Majesty the White-clothed Brocade Emperor might also have grudges with you, but he would not use the swords of heretics.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “In the past, Grand Clears predecessor Daoist Xuanzhong helped the Dragon clan to suppress you.

It is a matter of course that you have to settle this with His Majesty the White-clothed Brocade Emperor, but it should no longer be a hatred that leads to death.”

There was no more resentment between the White-clothed Brocade Emperor and Mars Halberd.

Yan Zhaoge did not help both of them and did not intend to interfere.

“The score is finally settled today,” said Mars Halberd slowly.

Mars Halberd did not feel offended by Yan Zhaoges persuasion and mediation.

Although Mars Halberd just witnessed Yan Zhaoges unparalleled feat then and now in overpowering the world, Mars Halberd did not sense any hostility in Yan Zhaoges words.

In addition to the endless hatred of the dragon clan of the Fire Dragon World, Mars Halberd usually would entangle himself with matters for so long.

The Black-clothed Brocade Emperor died under his hands.

For him, the grudges with the Grand Clear descendants had come to an end.

Of course, if the White-clothed Brocade Emperor was willing to fight again, Mars Halberd would not be afraid and would not avoid it.

Mars Halberd looked at Yan Zhaoge and said, “You are proficient in the Immortal Exterminating Sword and Taiyi Fist, and you can stop the treasured light imbued with faith power of the heretics.

The higher level heretics couldnt notice things here in a short time.”

At the same time, the communication within Original Nebula was inconvenient.

Because of the tacit cooperation between Yan Zhaoges power and Mars Halberd, people such as Ruan Mingyan and the Sunlight Emperor did not have the time to communicate with the outside world.

“But six True Immortals disappeared at the same time, the heretics would find out after there was no news for a long time.”

Ruan Mingyan and five others acted together with the Sunlight Emperor and the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor, which already attracted attention.

Although both parties were on the same boat, they were definitely not in cooperation; they would be vigilant with each other.

Other insiders would also pay more attention.

If they disappear together, they would attract the attention of others more quickly.

The situation at Original Nebula was complicated, and it was really difficult for someone to look for them once they lost contact for a while.

But after a long delay, the other party would have paid more and more attention to this matter.

After all, the Sunlight Emperor, Ruan Mingyan, and others came out together, but not aimlessly.

They were given time to freely explore the Original Nebula, as they were given the task of finding clues of Exalted Wood Luminary Shao Junhuang.

“I return to World beyond Worlds, but your father and others might not be able to come back in time,” said Mars Halberd in a deep voice.

As the two spoke, they re-entered the ruins of the Heavenly Palace remains.

In the ruins, there were cracks everywhere, revealing the appearance of the void inside.

At the same time, because of the previous war between both sides, it affected the space-time at close range again.

The void world on that side had become extremely unstable.

The Canghua Heavenly Tree was taken away by Exalted Fire Luminary Suo Mingzhang.

Separated from the Heavenly Trees suppression, the space world was about to break, and the signs of doomsdays had been revealed.

“You are right.

Although the heretics in Immortal Court and His Highness Earthly Sovereign have lost the Sunlight Emperor and others whereabouts, it is still possible to find the approximate location of their disappearance,” said Yan Zhaoge while walking.

The space-time in Original Nebula was constantly changing, but not necessarily omnipotent.

If there were enough experts with high cultivation to take action or send in a large enough manpower, there was still the possibility of finding this place.

Although not inevitable, they needed to be vigilant.

“So, I plan to move it to the Pill Halls gateway,” said Yan Zhaoge.

Mars Halberd was a little surprised, “Can it be done”

This kind of operation didnt only look at the strength of cultivation, the ingenuity was beyond human reach, and it could not be operated just by sheer strength.

“Being in an environment such as Original Nebula, I cant be completely sure, but I can try.

Of course, I still have to stay in and work around the Original Nebula.” Yan Zhaoge replied, “Theres no assurance that others will find this place.

So, there is no harm to try.”

Entering the realm of Exalt and accomplishing the role of Human Immortal, Yan Zhaoge could do much more.

This was his reason to break through the realm today.

After all, he did not know in advance that the Sunlight Emperor and others would find this place.

He said to Mars Halberd, “Although it is difficult to locate in the Original Nebula, once Senior goes back to find my father, he would have a way to locate me after I move around.”

Before Yan Zhaoge left, he made preparations with Yan Di, leaving a secret method.

Later, Yan Zhaoge would use this secret method.

When Yan Di wants to find him, Yan Di could have a chance to find him.

“Since youre so sure, theres no time to lose.

I will need to go.” Mars Halberd nodded.

He also had a way to contact Exalted Fire Luminary, Suo Mingzhang despite the chaotic situation.

After all, Suo Mingzhang was either pursuing or under the pursuit of the Immortal Court experts.

Yan Zhaoge cupped his hand, “I have troubled you, Senior.”

After watching Mars Halberd go away, Yan Zhaoge returned to the world that was about to shatter.

The shadow dissipated and the streamer appeared.

Centered on the Dim Radiant Wheel, four high-grade sacred weapons: the Extreme Yang Seal, the Light Yin Sword Seal, the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword, and the Evil Sword Taotie, surrounded and bathed in the colorful lights together.

As Yan Zhaoge entered, the shadows shrouded again, covering everything.

“Get up!” Yan Zhaoge put his palms together, and the five talisman seals fixed by the five treasures turned together and formed a tentative relationship with each other.

Under the momentum of the situation, the colorful lights, together with Yan Zhaoge himself, began to be retrieved together.

Under the shadow, the colorful lights gradually became a small dot, folded in time and space, becoming elusive, floating in the Original Nebula.

The space world near the ruins finally began to collapse completely.

From the outside, the colorful lights disappeared, as if a faint shadow, floating aimlessly in space and time.

While Yan Zhaoge was in the shadows and in the colorful lights, it was visible that the interior of the lights extended through time and space and led to the other side of the void.

There, a strong presence stood quietly.

“It takes five people, but I dont know if I can find the Female Emperor, and whether she is willing to take action”

Exalted Fire Luminary, Suo Mingzhangs movement was getting bigger and bigger.

Regardless of the thoughts in mind, the Earthly Sovereign and the Sword Sovereign might still be in the void.

In this way, while the Astro Sovereign sat in World beyond Worlds to watch the Concealed Sovereign, he could also deter others.

Yan Di and Nie Jingshen could all leave the World Beyond Worlds.

Together with Yan Zhaoge and Mars Halberd, there were already four people.

It was the fifth person, which required Yan Zhaoge to put more thoughts.

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