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Chapter 1242: The Helper Arrived


Yan Zhaoges plan required five people.

These five people were not picked at random, but their cultivation had to be at least of the level of True Immortals.

It didnt matter if the cultivation realm was not on par.

It would do if the persons strength was substantial.

Mars Halberd definitely was on par.

Whether he was a Leakless Immortal Artifact or a True Immortal, he met all the standards.

Whether it was Yan Zhaoge himself at the Martial Saint Realm Ninth Level, or Yan Di and Exalt Nie Jingshen, who were at Martial Saint Realm, they could compete with the vast majority of True Immortal strongmen.

But there were only four of them, they still lacked one more person.

The Female Emperor, Jie Mingkong, regardless of strength or relationship between both sides, was the most suitable candidate.

Unfortunately, there was no news of her on that day; even Chen Xuanzong, the Astro Sovereign, could not reach her.

Yan Zhaoge felt that Mars Halberd most likely could not find Jie Mingkong.

Although he himself had accomplished Exaltation, his strength was amazing, and he could really take on most of the Leakless True Immortals, he was not the solution to the problem.

Quality couldnt replace quantity.

There was only one Immortal Artifact like Mars Halberd, which seemed to have an independent life.

He didnt need to be dependent on the Origin Opening Sword, nor dependent on the Mirror Light that Yan Zhaoge got this time.

Although the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace was good, there was no need to expect for the same reason.

Whats more During this trip to Pill Hall, Yan Zhaoge believed that the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace could play its unique role.

Even if it could fill the vacancy of the fifth person, it would be affected at the most critical moment, leading to failure at the last hurdle.

“The Emperor in the white-clothed brocade” Yan Zhaoge looked at the sky and thought, “Oh, yes.

He is the only one left, and he will be called Brocade Emperor in the future.”

The Black-clothed Brocade Emperor was defeated, so naturally, the strength of the white-clothed Emperor would rise and return to the level before the two sides split.

But the problem was that no one knew where the White-clothed Brocade Emperor was now.

When Exalt Wang Zhengcheng planned to contain Yan Zhaoge and others so that Tian Yidao could kill Xue Chuqing, White-clothed Brocade Emperor had never appeared for unknown reasons.

Even if Yan Zhaoge later found out the Astro Sovereign had returned to World beyond Worlds, there was still no definite news about the Whit-clothed Brocade Emperor.

Yan Zhaoge had doubts before, but this time when he came out, he met the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor and felt his doubts were mostly true.

At first, the White-clothed Brocade Emperor was probably caught by the people of the Immortal Court.

However, through the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor, it could also be seen that the White-clothed Brocade Emperor should be fine.

However, for some reason, he never returned to World beyond Worlds.

“Unfortunately, Im afraid he couldnt be counted in now,” Yan Zhaoge sighed.

Unless it was a last resort, there was no need to consider the Myriad Emperor.

This old man might not plan to take both sides; for most of the battle between Broad Creed Mountain, Yujin Cliff, and Qilin Cliff, he had a neutral stance.

This had something to do with his usual mannerism and attitude, he would not easily side with Broad Creed Mountain just for the temptation of Pill Hall.

And Yan Zhaoge did not intend to lure him.

Because there were far better candidates than him.

When it comes to his relationship with the Profound Sovereign – Roving Jade Heavens, and Dragon Spring Emperor, he was much closer to them than the Encompassing Emperor and even Brocade Emperor.

However, Yan Zhaoge had some hesitation.

Because Yan Zhaoge had never been able to see the Sword Sovereign, Yue Zhenbei face to face.

He was not sure about Yue Zhenbeis stance towards Roving Jade Heavens.

Even though Yue Zhenbei and Long Xingquan were seniors and juniors from the same sect, the relationship seemed to have no obvious barrier due to the contradiction between World beyond Worlds and Roving Jade Heavens.

But if there was really a top powerhouse like Roving Jade Heavens to intervene in the internal battles of World beyond Worlds, the Sword Sovereigns attitude would be unpredictable.

He could also write a thick book of grievances between the martial art experts of Prime Clear.

“Now I cant contact Uncle Yue.” Yan Zhaoge looked up slightly, “Time is tight and things are urgent.

If Female Emperor couldnt be found, Uncle Long would be the best option.”

Yue Zhenbei might not necessarily be dissatisfied because of this.

If there really was a problem, it would only slowly turn around afterward.

As Yan Zhaoge was thinking, he turned over his palm and there was a small bronze mirror in his palm.

There was a cross on the surface of the copper mirror, which divided the surface into four pieces.

At this moment, there was a little candlelight reflection on each of the four mirrors, shaking slightly.

“Compared to before, the spiritual consciousness is weaker.” Yan Zhaoge was very clear of the matter, “These two cracks are special handling methods.

At that time, this Mirror Light played a magical and wonderful role, but it was damaged.

It would need to be fixed afterward.”

He looked at the Mirror Light that had become much smaller as a result of consuming its power.

After observing it for a moment, he put it away again.

Then, Yan Zhaoges attention went back to the Dim Radiant Wheel.

After Yan Zhaoge himself became an Exalt, he actually had a little idea.

A little idea that went against common sense in this world again.

Martial Saint crafting an Immortal Artifact.

Of course, it couldnt be done alone.

The foundation came from the Dim Radiant Emperor, Yin Tianxia.

Because of this, Yan Zhaoge had some confidence in his heart.

After todays war, he was even more confident.

However, it was not urgent, even though he urgently needed to improve his strength.

Yan Zhaoges eyes fell back to the colorful lights portraying a distant time and space.

The black silhouette of the hall was looming.

Yan Zhaoge looked at it, sinking into contemplation, his eyes showed a rare look of spacing out, and he seemed to be wandering.

Looking at the nearly complete and preserved Pill Hall of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, many of Yan Zhaoges deep memories poured out like a tide.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge thought of a lot more things.

As he was contemplating, he couldnt help remembering the cold feeling as he approached the hall.

It was as if someone was staring at him coldly.

“Is someone else already there”

“Is it a person who existed before the Great Calamity and lives in the Pill Hall after the Great Calamity Or is it someone who found the Pill Hall while treasure hunting after the Great Calamity, but is trapped inside”

When the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace was received, six Immortal Bridges of Martial Saint Realm were missing because of the Pill Hall and their whereabouts had been unknown for so many years.

But obviously that cold willpower existed before they disappeared.

“If its not someone else, then…” Yan Zhaoges pupil shrunk slightly and his eyes narrowed.

He no longer spaced out, his eyes refocused, and his gaze became stern.

He stared at the dark shadow in the distant void and stayed silent for a long time.

In silence, Yan Zhaoge was cultivating while observing the scene opposite the time and space in the colorful lights.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge of the Martial Saint Realm could not refine the immortal qi that he previously extracted from the Sunlight Emperor and Mirror Light as his own.

However, it was still useful for martial art practitioners to absorb it.

At the same time, it could be useful when Yan Zhaoge repaired the Mirror Light, which could be used to nurture the Dim Radiant Wheel.

Time passed day by day very quickly.

Yan Zhaoge carefully maintained the cover brought by the Dim Radiant Wheel, drifting in the space-time of Original Nebula, avoiding the powerful Immortal Court.

Time was like water.

Yan Zhaoge waited patiently and finally ushered in the dawn.

He received a message from Yan Di.

Yan Di, Mars Halberd, and others have already found him and were about to arrive.

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