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Chapter 1243: Prideful Sword of the Divine Lands


In the Original Nebula, it was very hard to communicate with each other, as lags and delays were very common.

After receiving the message from Yan Do, Yan Zhaoge knew that Yan Di and the others had already arrived at the Original Nebula quite some time ago.

After receiving the news, Yan Zhaoge was delighted.

However, he didnt forget the important matters

Based on the time, the Immortal Court should already have their suspicions arose, and realised that they had lost contact with Frigid Thunder Emperor and the others.

Their main focus was on Fire Exalt, Suo Mingzhang.

However, the disappearance of Ruan Mingyan and the others meant that someone else was in Original Nebula.

It was most likely Yan Zhaoge and Mars Halberd.

Naturally, this would cause the people within the Immortal Court to prioritize this matter.

The Mars Halberd was taking a huge risk in bringing Yan Di and the others back to the Original Nebula.

If the top experts of the Immortal Court didnt continue their search for Suo Mingzhang, they would have already entered the Original Nebula.

Yan Zhaoge maintained his concealed presence, and was going around the chaotic and ancient space.

After communicating for a few times, he finally built a more stable connection with Yan Di, and had asked to meet up with him.

“Youre all here.” After seeing Yan Di, Yan Zhaoge brought them into the shady area engulfed by the Dim Radiant Wheel.

Other than Yan Di and Mars Halberd, Nie Jingshen and the others had also arrived together.

An unexpected fifth person appeared.

She was a tall woman with green clothing.

Her eyebrows were like a drawing.

Although she seemed very normal while standing there, she was like a longsword that was sheathed.

Her sharp demeanor was radiating, and her strong aura was overbearing.

She was no stranger to Yan Zhaoge.

However, this was the first time he had seen her true self.

Prideful Sword of the Divine Lands, Yu Ye.

After “Little Sword God” Long Xueji, she was the Prime Clear lineages most outstanding genius, and had the same reputation as “Sword Shaking Nine Heavens” He Mian.

She was as radiating as the “Kunluns God Shocking Dragon, Youth Enlightening Eight Sects” in the World beyond Worlds.

In the past few years, Roving Jade Heaven even had the sentence “Nine Heavens Soaring Solo Crane, Fragrant Splendour Fills Divine Lands” being spread around.

The first half of the sentence refers to the current Sacred Court Exalt He Mian, while the latter refers to Yu Ye.

The two of them were also praised by the Roving Jade Heaven as the twin supreme heavens favoured.

The other reason why Yan Zhaoge was familiar with her was because she was the granddaughter of Profound Sovereign Gao Qingxuan and Dragon Spring Emperor Long Xingquan.

She was Long Hanhuas cousin, and the second cousin of Gao Qing.

Profound Sovereign – Gao Qingxuan and Dragon Spring Emperor – Long Xingquan had three childrens.

The eldest son was Gao Xuebo.

The second child was a girl named Long Xuening.

The youngest son was Long Xueji.

Yu Yes mother was Gao Qingxuan and Long Xingquans second daughter, Long Xuening.

Long Xuening and her husband married fairly early, but were late to give birth.

Because of this, Yu Ye was younger than Long Hanhua.

When Yu Ye was born, Long Xuening and her husband had both passed away.

Yu Ye was raised by her grandparents Long Xingquan and Gao Qingxuan.

She was very talented, and her name started roaming around the Roving Jade Heavens.

Everyone praises her for having the traits of Profound Sovereign and Vine Sovereign.

However, Gao Qingxuan himself felt that his granddaughters potential was unordinary, and was comparable to the Roving Jade Heavens number one sword, which was also Yan Zhaoges grandmother, Di Qinglian.

The last time Yan Zhaoge went to the Roving Jade Heavens, she was outside adventuring around, which caused them to not meet each other.

At that time, according to what Gao Qing and the others had said, Yu Ye was a Ninth level Martial Saint Realm.

Her cultivation was at the Late Immortal Bridge.

Although her reputation was the same as He Mian, her cultivation was lower than He Mian that was already an Exalt at that time because she was younger.

However, when they met each other today, Yu Ye was also an Exalt.

Her body was also that of a Human Immortal.

As the representative of the younger generation of Roving Jade Heavens who was being compared to Nie Jingshen and Chen Qianhua, the representatives of the younger generation of the World beyond Worlds, there was no doubt of Yu Ye and He Mians strength.

Although the green-clothed girl looked very plain, and didnt seem to have anything outstanding, Yan Zhaoge who was proficient in Grand Clear sword arts could vaguely feel something unordinary about her.

“Senior Sister Yu, nice to meet you.” Yan Zhaoge smiled and joined his hands together as a salute.

“The last time I went to Roving Jade Heavens, you were away at that time.

Sadly, I didnt get to see you.

I never expected that I would be able to see you today.”

Yu Ye returned the salute, “Junior Brother Yan, nice to meet you.

I also regretted not being in the Roving Jade Heavens after hearing what uncle and Little Qing said.

After the formalities, she looked at Yan Zhaoge and muttered to herself, “Human Immortal Thats really fast…”

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di looked at each other, and couldnt help but smile.

However, Yan Zhaoge was more concerned about the other issue at the moment.

“Dad…” He used a gaze of inquiry to look at Yan Di.

Yan Zhaoges understanding towards Yu Yes strength was only from the rumours.

However, as long as the senior sister Yus strength was on par with He Mian, that was enough.

Indeed, He Mian had lost to Long Xuejis blade.

However, during that period of time, He Mian had just become an Exalt, while Long Xueji was about to push the Immortal Door soon.

Yan Zhaoge had never seen Ye Yu and He Mians attacks with his own eyes.

However, he knew what kind of standards Long Xueji had.

Yan Zhaoge wasnt suspicious of Yu Yes strength, he was just a little surprised.

Originally, he thought the person Yan Di wanted to find in the Roving Jade Heavens was Long Xueji.

“Before Mars Halberd returned to contact us, senior brother Gao had already sent some disciples to secretly come to World beyond Worlds, and brought a news along with him.

He should have arrived at the same time as Mars Halberd.” Yan Di explained.

“When you were opening the pathway towards the Pill Hall, Roving Jade Heavens seemed to have something going on.”

During that time, Roving Jade Heavens had always paid great attention to the Pill Hall of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

He had always been searching for it.

After someone from their sect had gone missing inside there, they put in more effort to search for it.

The last time Yan Zhaoge went to the Roving Jade Heavens by himself, Hao Qing had mentioned before that the Prime Clear lineage had found some clues regarding the Pill Hall.

From the looks of it, Exalted Fire Suo Mingzhang had used the method passed down by Exalted Wood Shao Junhuang, and had thoroughly made a pathway leading towards the Pill Hall.

The Roving Jade Heavens seemed to be affected as well.

“After I received the message from senior Mars Halberd, I immediately asked that Grand Clear disciple to report it back to senior brother Gao.” Yan Di said, “Five people.

We currently lack one person, which was why I asked senior brother Gao and senior brother Long to help out.”

Since Gao Xuebo and the others still had Yan Dis side on their mind, Yan Di would naturally not purposefully avoid them.

Yan Zhaoge certainly had no objection to this.

As he spoke until here, Yan Dis facial expression turned serious, “According to what senior brother Gao said, other than Roving Jade Heavens and us, there might be others that would be involved.”

Yan Zhaoge knew about it as well when he went to find the realm of Fire Dragon World.

“Its highly possible that those would be the Demon Race that had hidden themselves from the word, and was slowly planning their steps.”

Because of that, the amount of Roving Jade Heaven experts coming here werent just one or two people.

The Roving Jade Heaven did not only contain the successor of the Profound Sovereign lineage and the Dragon Spring Emperors lineage, they also had other Prime Clear lineage experts.

Long Xueji also wanted to take action.

However, for the preparations of both sides, he was going together with the others from the Roving Jade Heaven.

The person that came together with Yan Di was Yu Ye who had just came back from adventuring.

“The situation is too complicated.

However, its not something out of the expectations.” Yan Zhaoge thought to himself as he touched his chin.

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