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Chapter 1244: Quiet And Moving Demons


The chances of the Pill Hall of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace being fully reserved was very high.

It would undoubtedly have many treasures stored inside.

Those that were looking for clues would pay attention to it.

For now, since Yan Zhaoge had the inheritance of Shao Junzhao as his foundation, he was still the person with the highest lead.

However, the pathway that Shao Junhuang opened would benefit the others that had some intel about it as well.

Roving Jade Heaven was among them, and the Demon race were the same.

After understanding what Yan Di meant, Yan Zhaoge knew that the demon race he spoke of werent just those small fries from the Dao Universe.

Instead, it was pointing towards the demon race experts at where the Fire Dragon World was located, the Demon race Universe.

Speaking of the demon race, it was already considered very unfamiliar to those people of the current timeline.

Everyone was more familiar towards the situation where the demon races number had turned into zero.

However, their knowledge about the demon race existing in the universe far away at the other side of the space was limited.

Because of that, those martial art practitioners that had medium to low cultivation, as well as the general population would assume that the few demons scattering around was the whole demon race.

The Broad Creed mountain heard some news from the Astro Sovereign Chen Xuanzong because they were finding Suo Mingzhang.

Yan Zhaoge knew slightly more than him.

However, he came in direct contact with them when he first stepped foot into the Fire Dragon World after finding it.

Before the Grand Calamity in the great thousand worlds, there were already very little top notch Great Demons.

However, they werent extinct.

Through the records in the Martial Repository of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace and based on what those people that appeared in the Heaven Court said, most of the demon race had already been laying low before the Grand Calamity, and were resting.

During the ancient era before and after the Investiture of the Gods, the demon race had a period of prosperity as well.

The amount of demon race experts were enormous.

Many of them had entered Daoism or Buddhism, any many others had also entered the Nine Underworld.

However, as time passed, members of the demon clan slowly reduced to zero.

“It seems like it started in the era of the Journey of the West…” Yan Zhaoge muttered in his heart.

During the pre-Great Calamity era, there were already very little top notch Great Demons actively roaming around heaven and earth.

However, if the demon race didnt receive any fatal loss during the Great Calamity because of them going into hiding, they would have almost recovered their vitality fully.

It wasnt clear what stance they would take between the Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands.

The demon race could also disguise themselves into Daoism and Buddha to illuminate others.

“The key point is Nuwa Sovereigns current wellbeing…” Yan Zhaoge lightly rubbed his temples.

Nuwa Sovereign and other Profound Immortal Sovereigns are completely different.

Its just like mentioning the True Martial Emperor [1].

It was completely different from a normal True Immortal Emperor.

Most of the time, a True Immortals emperor nickname would only consist of one or two words.

For example, the Dragon Gate Emperor, Heavenly Fire Emperor, Thunder Emperor, Ice Emperor and the others that existed before the Great Calamity.

Other examples after the Great Calamity would be Dim Radiant Emperor, Bright Connection Emperor, Brocade Emperor, Heavenly Emperor, Candle Sunlight Emperor and many others.

As for the title of True Martial Emperor, his title should have been “True Martial Demon Exterminating Emperor”.

He also had the title “Protector of Saints, True Monarch Profound Heavens Emperor”, “Lord of Demon Exterminating” and many others.

One of the Four Imperials, Purple Tenuity Emperor was also used to being called a simplified title.

The full title was “Heaven Reigning Purple Tenuity Polaris Grand Sovereign Emperor”.

With the same logic, Nuwa Sovereign was naturally not some Profound Immortals sovereign title.

Perhaps it could be changed into a simpler title.

Mother Goddess Nuwa.

Based on Yan Zhaoges memories from when he listened to the myths, he had heard of this entity for god knows how many times.

In this world, she was a legendary figure that had really existed before.

However, because of the year being too far apart, there were very little records about her.

Ye Zhaoge only knew a few limited things after going through a large amount of books in the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

According to rumours, Nuwa Sovereign was born together with the Primordial Heavenly Lord and the Primordial Heavenly Devil, who was born before the earth was split.

In addition, after the heavens were split, Nuwa Sovereign had made everything in the whole world that werent living beings before heaven into living beings, with the exception of the Nine Underworld Evil Devils.

In the distant Ancient Era, there werent any categories like humans or demons.

The habitual way of saying it would be the Ancient Multiple race, or the Ancient Myriad race.

Humans were one race among the myriad of others.

There were other races like Dragon race, Six-legged Winged Snake race [2], Phoenix race, Fish-roc race, and many others that were also categorised into the myriads of races.

It was only until when the patriarch of the Grand Clear Lord of Dao and Virtue started the dissemination of Buddhism that humans started to stand out, and end up being much more prosperous.

Of course, many other races also had Daoism lineage.

It wasnt human beings alone.

The Lord of Prime Clear Numinous Treasure was also well-known for teaching everyone based on equal standards.

However, looking back at history, humans had obviously benefited the most out of it.

Following the passage of time, the Human race started to classify all the other Ancient Myriad races as the Demon race.

Demons were basically what the Human race called those of the other races which were different compared to them.

Very rarely would someone of a Demon race call themselves a demon.

Different demon races would also not classify them as one of their own races.

For this reason, Nuwa Sovereign was deeply respected no matter by the Demon race nor the Human race.

However, as time slowly passes, Mother Goddess Nuwa did not appear in the world anymore, and her reputation was slowly fading.

From the information that Yan Zhaoge held as of now, the last recorded myth related to Mother Goddess Nuwa appeared during the Ancient Investiture of the Gods.

From that era onwards, she was rarely seen anywhere anymore.

However, the passage of time was very long.

Many facts about histories had been mixed up, leaving many mysteries behind.

The current information held could not be fully trusted either.

Before this, after following the guidance of the Astro Sovereign and going to Fire Dragon World, he couldnt help but think about more stuff, “The bigwigs of the Demon race are also concerned about Exalted Fires whereabouts.

Just like what Teacher Gao of the Roving Jade Heavens said, the Demon race seemed to want to continue quietly observing any changes while resting for the past few years.

While Yan Zhaoge had many thoughts spinning around in his head, his hands were not idle.

He clasped his hands together to suppress the five treasures with the colorful lights, and vibrated it together.

The five seals followed its circulation.

After being affected, the seven-coloured streams of light slowly solidified from its illusory state, as if it was a real rainbow bridge.

“If thats the case, then lets not delay any further.

Lets take action as fast as possible.

Lets not waste the advantage that Exalted Wood had snatched for us.” said Yan Zhaoge to Yan Di and the others.

Yan Di, Nie Jingshen, Yu Ye, and Mars Halberd all nodded.

They both set foot on the rainbow bridge together with Yan Zhaoge.

In the next moment, the rainbow bridge was flickering with light.

The eyes of Yan Zhaoge and the others were blinded for an instant, and immediately travelled through many layers of space.

They directly escaped the Original Nebula.

“The risk is not small when going there.

However, time and tide wait for no man.

We can only accept the risk.” Yan Zhaoge utilized the time during the journey to quickly tell Yan Di and the others, “Other than the Demon race, we should also beware of the heretics trying to interfere.”

The dispute between Immortal Court and the Blessed Land was slowly calming down after the intense dispute a few years ago.

If the opponent showed an obvious weak spot, they would definitely utilize the chance to deal a fatal strike, no matter if it was people from the Immortal Court nor the Blessed Lands.

Now, the Immortal Court had spent a part of their stamina to pursue the Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang.

However, the Blessed Lands that discovered their actions were staring intently at the Immortal Court.

However, if they were to receive an actual clue about the Pill Hall like the Demon race and Roving Jade Heavens, there was a chance for them to intervene.

There was no doubt about the value of the Pill Hall.

“Other than that, I feel like theres something weird about the Pill Hall.

We have to be on our guards.” Yan Zhaoge said in a serious tone.

[1] The previous translation mentioned him as “Zhenwu Emperor”.

[2] Heres a picture for reference purpose; despite it being sourced from Chinese Baidu.

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