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Chapter 1245: The Strangeness Of The Pagoda


“Theres something weird about the Pill Hall itself” Nie Jingshen frowned when he heard it.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Im still not sure about the details, but Im sure that there are some problems with that place.

As he was talking, he looked at Yu Ye.

The green-clothed girl seemed to be distracted.

When she came along with Yan Di and the others, Yan Zhaoge had taken notice of this senior apprentice-sister of his.

When walking or traveling through the void, her gaze didnt seem to have any focal point.

She seemed like she was daydreaming, and was contemplating her own life.

It seemed like she was always deep in thoughts about the reasonings of heaven and earth, which caused her to ignore whatever was in front of her.

Her interest in the Original Nebula didnt seem to be any smaller compared to the interest towards the Pill Hall.

It wasnt until she met Yan Zhaoge and walked into the shaded area engulfed by the Dim Radiant Wheel that she came back to her senses, and greeted Yan Zhaoge with courtesy.

She wasnt someone unaware of courtesies.

However, when she was not interacting with anyone, she would always habitually be daydreaming.

After greeting Yan Zhaoge, she stepped back when Yan Zhaoge was talking to Yan Di, and her eyes seemed to turn hollow again.

It didnt have a focal point anymore and was just staring at blankness.

However, her sword intent that was being contained still caused others to have a chill down their spine.

It was as if it would unsheath at any time.

Without it, others would be really worried about her, as she might be abducted by others anytime.

After she felt Yan Zhaoges gaze looking towards her, focus immediately returned to her eyes.

When the others were discussing just now, she was deep in her thoughts about understanding dao and didnt have time to bother about their conversation.

However, she was still listening to what they said.

Everything seemed to have been stored for her in preparation.

Now that she came back to her senses, she immediately came in handy.

“Senior apprentice-uncle Tang and the others, as well as the three people of the Grand Clear lineage had all gone missing because of the Pill Hall.” Yu Ye nodded and said, “There might be something suspicious about that place.”

Yan Di nodded slowly and was deep in thought.

Yan Zhaoge had told him before about what Yu Ye had said.

During that time, Yan Zhaoge was fighting for the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace together with the people of the Roving Jade Heavens and Ingenious Flying Peak.

Everything happened very abruptly, which caused six Immortal Bridge Martial Saint Realm to go missing, and were devoured by the strength of the mysterious mechanism.

According to Yan Zhaoges speculations, the origins of the mysterious mechanism was from the Pill Hall.

After Nie Jingshen and Mars Halberd understood the situation, their expressions turned serious, “Someone was ahead of us Or did a pre-Calamity expert take over it, and used it to escape the Great Calamity”

“Im not sure about it yet.

We can only be more cautious, and adapt to any changes.” Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself for a while, and said, “Actually, from what I can tell, the changes that happened at the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace seemed to be a trap purposely laid down by someone else.”

Everyones gaze shifted towards Yan Zhaoge when they heard it.

Yu Ye was no exception.

“Its like… a very primitive way of hunting.” Yan Zhaoge said to Yu Ye, “Please forgive me, senior apprentice-sister Yu.

I didnt mean to insult the senior apprentices that went missing.

I was just making an example.”

Yu Ye shook her head, “Its fine, I understand.”

She slightly blanked out for a moment, and said slowly, “According to Little Qings description of the aftermath, if junior brother Yans guess is correct, then the opponent would be a martial art practitioner with a higher cultivation.”

“At the very least, he should already have ascended the Immortal Bridge”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Thats my guess as well.

It is apparent that someone conspired this trap.

It wasnt the Pill Halls defence contraption.”

“Since a trap is used to capture others, and not kill them on a spot…” Nie Jingshen asked the main problem, “What does the people that set up the trap want to accomplish”

Yan Zhaoge did not answer.

After coming in contact with the ice cold will of the Pill Hall, he had a guess in his heart already.

However, it hadnt been proven yet.

He didnt feel that it was appropriate to say this guess out.

Because its connections were too broad.

“Maybe well have to try and find the answer after we reach there.” Many scenes from Yan Zhaoges memories flashed through his mind.

However, he didnt show it on his face, and answered, “Lets hope that those who were lost are still safe.

Well be able to save them if we go there.”

Yu Ye and the others nodded lightly, “We can only do this for now.”

The group of people crossed the rainbow bridge, and continued advancing forward.

At the end of the rainbow bridge, the hall finally appeared in Yan Zhaoges sight again.

Its blurry appearance became clearer and clearer.

However, based on his memories, the hall was supposed to be radiating with golden light, like a hall made out of white jade.

Now, it was plain black.

The closer they were to the hall, the more concentrated the medicines fragrance was.

It made their whole body relaxed.

However, when Yan Zhaoge and the others had came down from the rainbow bridge, the fragrance of the medicine suddenly turned into rows and rows of mist, blocking their path.

“Although we have Exalted Woods inheritance to help us, we still have to use our brain to think of how to go in.” Yan Zhaoge was walking in the mist.

In front of him, everything was blurry, and it was hard to determine the direction.

When walking inside, Yan Zhaoge felt that he was just walking on the same spot.

However, the ice cold will from before did not appear once more.

This didnt put Yan Zhaoge at ease.

Instead, he was even more alerted.

“The trap at that time didnt seem like it can only be used once.

The Pill Hall of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace had been fully maintained, and was not in ruins.

If so, wasnt it making too much of a fuss for just capturing a few Immortal Bridge Martial Saint Realm” Yan Zhaoge thought to himself.

For humans, Immortal Bridge Martial Saint Realms were already very strong.

Unless if they were Human Exalts standing on the pinnacle of a human being, Immortal Bridge Martial Saint Realm would indeed be the strongest existence.

In front of Human Exalts, they might seem to be weak.

However, any of them would be able to move the mountains and fill the seas with a raise of their hands, and were capable of destroying both heaven and earth.

If they were placed at those lower realms like Eight Extremities World, Flame Devil Word, or the Floating Life World, they could easily cause havoc to the world.

However, those were just for humans.

For the Immortal Realms above the Nine Heavens, humans were still humans in the end.

The one who laid the trap had captured the six Immortal Bridge Martial Saint Realm, and also retrieve the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

Yan Zhaoge predicted that his original plan was to repeat the same trick over and over again in order to capture more prey.

However, he never expected his plan to be interrupted and ruined by Yan Zhaoge halfway through.

Which was why he was so angry.

Yan Zhaoge still remembered the ice cold will which was full of anger and vengeance very clearly.

“You should be happy that Im jumping into the trap myself.” Yan Zhaoge felt scornful in his heart.

He looked at the mist blocking his path.

After thinking for a while, he raised his finger and wrote in the air.

The light left a mark in the air.

It didnt dissipate, and formed a few sigils.

Many sigils were tangled against each other, and transformed into a door, which opened up in the mist.

Yu Ye who was daydreaming turned around and looked at the door blankly.

After being surprised for a short while, her focus returned to her gaze.

“Junior brother Yan, did you perhaps acquire the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace”

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