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Chapter 1246: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


After hearing Yu Yes question, Yan Zhaoge nodded with honesty, “It was a coincidence for me to acquire the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

Because of how huge of a matter this was, I had been keeping quiet about it, and even hid it from all of you.

Please forgive me, senior apprentice-sister.”

He looked at Nie Jingshen again, “Senior apprentice-brother Nie, please forgive me.”

“Its a shame to say this but, even though I got this powerful Immortal Relic for many years, I still cant get it to work.

Senior apprentice-uncle Yue hadnt returned to the World beyond Worlds yet, while senior apprentice-granduncle Long and Profound Sovereign are still in seclusion, which caused the delay until now.”

If they wanted to achieve something after entering the Pill Hall, the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace would play an important role.

Since Yan ZHaoge had invited Nie Jingshen, Yu Ye, Mars Halberd and the others to go alongside him, he didnt plan on hiding it any longer.

If Yu Ye never guessed it out, Yan Zhaoge would have also told them later on his own.

He was different from back then.

Now that he had this level of cultivation, he didnt have to worry about the matter regarding the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace being exposed.

In all honesty, he believed that Gao Xuebo and the others that had received the report of Gao Qing, or the Brocade Emperor Fu Yunchi that received the report of Fu Ting must have already had their suspicions raised.

During that year, Yan Zhaoge had benefited the most without doing much.

Of course, if someone had any malicious intent, Yan Zhaoge would not just let him off the bat.

However, the people he chose to follow him were chosen after many rounds of thinking.

At the very least, no internal conflict would happen.

As expected, Yu Ye was just asking.

After she gained a confirmed answer, she nodded and said, “Seems like our chances have increased.”

After that, her attention wasnt on Yan Zhaoge any longer.

Instead, she reanalysed the surrounding mist, and her gaze lost focus once more.

She seems like she was experiencing the environments profoundness.

It was very obvious that the disappearance of those fellow members was due to the Pill Hall, and wasnt related to Yan Zhaoge at all.

Naturally, Yu Ye wouldnt get mad at him.

“After Master returns, there wouldnt be much use if you tell him about the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.” Nie Jingshen laughed and said, “There arent many that is proficient in alchemy in the Jade Capital Crag.”

“There shouldnt be any problems for Tranquil Profound Immortal to wield the furnace.

Its just the percentage of success.” Yan Zhaoge advanced forward, “However, lets talk about those after we settled our matters here.”

After absorbing the medicinal qi that was fused into the colorful light, all of them had benefited from its effect, despite not benefiting from it as much as Yan Zhaoge did.

However, it wasnt easy to utilize it as their own power.

Other than Yan Di who was quite proficient in alchemy, and Yan Zhaoge who could use his own body as a furnace to quickly absorb the medicinal qi, the other three of them required time to absorb it.

However, time and tide waits for no one.

They could only afford to store them, and just slowly absorb its effects.

Yan Zhaoge was the first to traverse through the mist into the door.

The space in front of him turned wide in an instant.

Yan Di and the others followed him inside.

The majestic hall was erected in front of them.

The black hall was flying alone in the void.

There werent any altars nor buildings surrounding it.

Waves and waves of black lights were spreading everywhere.

While it was causing havoc to the void, it vaguely built up a space dimensional boundary.

It was as if a solitary world was formed with the hall as its centre.

If there wasnt any guidance or door, it was impractical to enter this world from the outside worlds boundless space.

When they reached the front of the hall, the ancient and old aura filled their face.

“After the Great Calamity, it had been existing here, silently floating until now…” Yan Zhaoges gaze swept through the faint dark light, “It doesnt seem to be infested by the Nine Underworld yet.

However, its different from what I remember.”

“Is it because of the Great Calamity, or is it because of the inside of the Pill Hall”

As he was thinking, he turned around to Yan Di and the others and said, “Lets go in.

The path is unpredictable, so everyone, be careful.

If we get separated, remember to always protect yourself.

Remember what I told all of you on the way here.”

“For the person entering here first has the upper hand advantage, they would also be the first to come in contact with the traps.

There are pros and cons of going first.” Yan Zhaoge said smilingly.

Nie Jingshen smiled casually.

Yu Ye was still distracted, and seemingly a daze.

Mars Halberd shook his head, “Still, the persson going first has the advantage.”

Yan Di laughed as well, “Since were here, lets just get used to it.”

“Indeed…” After contemplating for a short while, Yan Zhaoge looked towards Nie Jingshen, “However, we still have to be extremely careful.”

Nie Jingshen looked back at him.

Yan Zhaoge said, “Were much more special.

We might be the prey the opponent is looking for.”

Yan Di and the others were deep in thought.

Nie Jingshens body was the Earlier Heaven Nascent Form, one of the most top notch earlier heaven forms that was extremely rare.

There were many times where the word “one of the” description could be trashed away.

Yan Zhaoges earlier heaven physique could be said to just be above average.

However, after so many years of continuous cultivation, and non-stop training, his later heaven form could be considered the strongest one among all human martial art practitioners.

Even if the Mother Goddess Nuwa who created humans during the Ancient Era saw his physique, she might be surprised as well, as she would never have expected a humans physique could be this strong.

Yan Dis situation was similar to him.

However, it was not as exaggerated as Yan Zhaoge.

As for the Mars Halberd, although he was a weapon, the soul sealed inside it belonged to the former expert, Ye Yang.

He was an actual True Immortal Emperor that pushed open the Immortal Door.

Although he had transformed into the Mars Halberd, he was still a Leakless Immortal Artifact.

According to the information everyone had a grasp on, he might be the first Immortal Realm expert to approach the Pill Hall after the incident.

In other words, the highest level prey that the hunter that laid the traps had encountered.

Yan Zhaoge had limited understanding towards Yu Ye.

When Yan Di contacted the Roving Jade Heavens to search for helpers, while Gao Xuebo and Long Xueji dispatched Yu Ye to follow him, they also mentioned a few things.

After hearing it from Yan Di, Yan Zhaoge had a clearer understanding towards her.

This senior apprentice-sister of his looked like she would always desert her role solely, and wouldnt care about anything unless if it was martial arts that she was passionate about.

Her way of doing things deeply resembled people like Exalted Fire, Suo Mingzhang and Si Kongqing.

On the other hand, because of her early heaven soul, she was different from the average people.

From the looks of it, the five of them seemed to have different traits which made them special.

“We cant obtain the tiger cub without entering the tiger den.” Everyone looked at each other, and put up a smile on their face.

They wouldnt belittle their opponent.

However, they werent afraid as well.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Yan Zhaoge smiled and said.

His gaze retracted from Nie Jingshen.

Actually, the one that he was worried about the most was Nie Jingshen.

If his suspicions deep down his heart was correct, Nie Jingshen would be the easiest target.

However, it wasnt convenient to explain his suspicions.

Therefore, he decided to remind not only Nie Jingshen, but the other five as well, which caused them to be more alert.

As they were talking, they reached the front door of the Pill Hall.

Yan Zhaoge looked at Yan Di who was at his side.

One person at one side, the both of them extended their hands to push the huge door that resembles the palace in the heavens.

The doors that seemed to be really heavy felt like it didnt have any mass.

It just opened widely without any sound produced.

In front of Yan Zhaoge, there was only darkness.

As he stepped inside, he suddenly felt the space turning illusory.

After light re-entered his eyes, Yan Zhaoge looked at his surroundings only to realize he was the only person left!

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