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HSSB125: Attack, can’t break through; Defence, can’t hold through!


The Divine Mountain Fist renowned for the strength of its attacks, in a head-on clash, was actually shaken by his opponent.

Ji Hanru’s originally confident face finally changed slightly.

Sucking in a deep breath, he let out a deep roar, “Open!”

Moving with his intentions, Ji Hanru’s fist-aura suddenly changed.

That heavy and vigorous aura-qi actually revealed some traces of spiritual activity.

It was as though on the lofty peak of the high mountain, there were trees and fields abound, numerous flowers in full bloom.

In the eyes of others, Ji Hanru’s fist-aura that resembled a mountain was no longer as illusory and rigid as before, rather seeming somewhat like it truly existed there.

As he punched out, it was as though a mountain peak had really appeared before them.

The mountain peak toppled over, descending with the momentum of Mount Tai, causing everyone’s hearts to tremble!

Having developed spirituality within the aura-qi-this was the true indicator of power for an early Xiantian Martial Scholar!

Ji Hanru was also a proud person.

Thus, facing the late outer aura Martial Scholar Yan Zhaoge, while earlier having heard of his consecutive victories over Chao Yuanlong and Xiao Shen, he had still not unleashed his full strength, not believing in the devil as he thought to compete nicely with Yan Zhaoge for a bit.

Who knew that Yan Zhaoge would really be so ferocious, directly meeting his iron fist head-on without dodging or evading.

What was even harder for him to accept was that, the one who had lost that exchange was actually him!

In a head-on clash, Yan Zhaoge had evidently held the upper hand!

But his Infinite Boundless Mountain’s martial arts, be it offensive or defensive, were all specially tailored for head-on clashes ah!

His thoughts flashing like lightning, no longer daring to hold anything back, Ji Hanru immediately revealed his true abilities.

The spirituality of his aura-qi was revealed as his fist-aura heavy and vast whilst also naturally intelligent, Ji Hanru forcibly counteracted the decline of his Divine Mountain Fist!

However, at the same time, Yan Zhaoge’s face flashed with a red light!

Of the Wind Fire Calamities, the Fire Calamity!

With that fist of his, Yan Zhaoge consecutively exerted force three times, his strength rising explosively time and time again!

The terrifying explosive power seemed to have no end to it as it continually reached another and yet another peak.

His palm a purplish-red colour, the Tu**a Palm’s special function of breaking through the aura-qi of enemies was brought to bear to the point of perfection as it forcibly broke through Ji Hanru’s numerous layers of aura-qi, his palm coming to meet his fist!

Within the air, an explosion resounded, as though two heavy objects had just collided.

Ji Hanru’s fist could not help but tremble slightly.

As he was, after all, an early Xiantian Martial Scholar, with his acute senses under his full state of concentration, he detected the incomparable ferocity from Yan Zhaoge’s third exertion of force.

Ji Hanru’s right hand didn’t move as he formed a palm with his left hand, chopping down towards Yan Zhaoge!

His aura-qi agglomerating, vigorous and domineering to the extreme, as Ji Han chopped downwards, it resembled a Heaven Splitting Axe of a gigantic divinity!

As that axe descended, even the towering mountains before them, were directly split apart!

Jin Hanru’s movements were all completely taken in by Yan Zhaoge, who let out a long laugh at this.

The Tu**a Palm of his left hand remained unchanged, remaining pressed against Ji Hanru’s right fist, whereas on his right hand, his index and middle fingers lined up into swords, the Big Dipper Sword appearing once more!

A perfectly executed Xuanji Heavenly Reflection[1] landed perfectly where the weakest point of Ji Hanru’s power was.

His left hand’s Tu**a Palm violent like fire, his right hand’s Big Dipper Sword intricate and graceful.

Yan Zhaoge’s simultaneous execution of the two martial arts, one tough, one soft, was to be admired indeed!

With that sword move of his, the Heaven Splitting Axe of Ji Hanru’s momentarily halted within the air.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge’s left palm continued exerting force!

As a loud boom resounded, within everyone’s ears vaguely resounded a sound which made it seem as though something had shattered!

Ji Hanru was sent stumbling backwards!

Yan Zhaoge capitalised on his advantage, immediately lunging over as his fingers, resembling the blades of swords, were pointed directly at Ji Hanru.

His aura-qi solidified to form a sword as a green light faintly flickered.

The roar of a dragon resounded as a variant technique of the Coiling Dragon Sleeve, Clouds Surging Dragon Soaring, was executed, instantly arriving before Ji Hanru!

Ji Hanru’s right hand had already turned numb at this moment.

Having lost the initiative, he made a quick and prompt decision, holding his left palm out before his chest!

Numerous layers of aura-qi agglomerated and merged into one, evoking the feeling that there were no weak points in it whatsoever!

Infinite Boundless Mountain direct lineage, Great Chaotic Elements Palm!

Perhaps because it was slow and clumsy, or perhaps because it was not easy to cultivate in, of the current Eight Extremities World’s martial arts, in terms of straight-on defence, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s were ranked amongst the top few!

The Giant Chaotic Elements Palm was precisely their essence!

Even having lost the initiative, even being unable to use his right hand, Ji Hanru had steeled his heart to concentrate on defence at this moment.

As the power of his palm seemed to have sealed himself off, Yan Zhaoge’s Cloud Surging Dragon Soaring technique was temporarily unable to break though.

“There is no invincible martial art, only an invincible martial practitioner.”

After slowly saying thus, Yan Zhaoge’s sword-aura suddenly changed, as seven sword shadows shot into the air, resembling the seven stars of the Big Dipper as they congregated into a formation of worshipping the north.

The sword shadows lined up in a straight line as the power contained within them was now condensed to its maximum level, focused at a single point!

Yan Zhaoge’s arm trembled, resembling a heavenly dragon moving its body.

The sword intent of the Coiling Dragon Sleeve and the sword intent of the Big Dipper Sword, actually seemed to merge into one at this very moment!

Dragon Riding the Big Dipper!

Iron hammers could not break cowhide, but cowhide could sometimes be penetrated by sharp steel nails.

With that one sword, its power condensed and concentrated to the utmost, Yan Zhaoge shockingly pierced through the defence of Ji Hanru’s Great Chaotic Elements Palm!

Ji Hanru finally regained the use of his right hand as it came out just in time to block this sword of Yan Zhaoge’s.

However, his right hand which had originally already been a little injured, suffered injury once more!

Ji Hanru stumbled uncontrollably backwards!

Following this sword of Yan Zhaoge’s, he no longer continued attacking, rather standing leisurely there with his hands behind his back, raising his head to look towards the sky.

There, the air suddenly shook as a few people suddenly emerged, precisely Fu Enshu and the other important people of Infinite Boundless Mountain.

Ji Hanru’s face slightly turned green.

Although he had many techniques that he had still yet to put on display, in just those mere few exchanges, as a Xiantian Martial Scholar, he had actually been suppressed and beaten by the late outer aura Martial Scholar Yan Zhaoge!

This was not a late outer aura Martial Scholar facing off against a mid outer aura Martial Scholar, but rather an early Xiantian Martial Scholar facing off against a late outer aura Martial Scholar.

The gap between these two, compared to that between the early to mid as well as the mid to late outer aura stages, was even greater!

The crowd of Infinite Boundless Mountain disciples behind him were all shocked as they watched the scene before them.

Rather recently, rumours regarding Yan Zhaoge had been rife as his fame in the Eight Extremities World grew and grew.

However, hearing it with their ears and seeing it for themselves in person with their own eyes were naturally completely different for their minds.

Especially when, this Yan Zhaoge before them, was even more ferocious than was rumoured!

With a cultivation of a late outer aura Martial Scholar realm, attacking head-on, and suppressing the early Xiantian Martial Scholar Ji Hanru, a Heaven’s favoured son of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s younger generation who was most proficient in fighting forcefully head-on!

Also, it was evidently Ji Hanru who had launched an attack first, yet then been forced to the defensive in but an instant; and what was even more humiliating was that, he hadn’t been able to defend successfully!

Seeing this, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Elder Zuo, the Magnetite Elder and the others also frowned slightly.

Fu Enshu, meanwhile, had a smile on her face, evidently in a rather good mood, to the point that even within her gaze with which she looked at Yan Zhaoge was revealed a seldom seen gentle and gratified smile of a member of the senior generation.

While Elder Zuo appeared calm, his gaze was currently on Yan Zhaoge.

The Magnetite Elder and another Martial Grandmaster of Infinite Boundless Mountain came to surround Fu Enshu, looking somewhat as though it was intentional while also not.

Seeing their three Martial Grandmaster experts standing together with Fu Enshu, the Infinite Boundless Mountain martial practitioners instantly calmed greatly.

Whatever the case, here in Cloud Portent Mountain, their side possessed more experts!

And Fu Enshu was not Yan Di.

Under such circumstances, even if Yan Zhaoge was a dragon, he would also have to crouch; even if he was a tiger, he would also have to lay prone down!

What was laughable was that having fought so happily just now, with so many experts of Infinite Boundless Mountain present now, he would have to pay his debts immediately!

Yan Zhaoge appeared blind to all their gazes as, facing Elder Zuo who was staring at him as a tiger would its prey, he was also completely unruffled, as he greeted him respectfully.

“Dear seniors, this Yan has not failed in his mission, having already successfully extinguished the fire, successfully preventing its instigator from damaging the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein a step further.”

“En…en” Upon hearing his words, everyone present all opened their eyes wide.




[1] Xuanji is a collective name for the first four stars of the Big Dipper


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