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Chapter 1249: An Abundance of Divine Pills


It might also be because Yan Zhaoge was now inside of the Pill Hall.

As he felt the ice cold will again, it felt even more realistic and clearer.

Within Yan Zhaoges emotions which were very calm, a ripple suddenly appeared as if a stone was thrown into a pool of water.

The surface of the water then vaguely reflected an image.

It was like a pair of eyes that were coldly staring at Yan Zhaoge.

It wasnt as fiery and wild like last time.

However, all the resentment and rage had solidified into a much more frigid coldness, which could cause ones heart to palpitate.

Yan Zhaoges mood was calm.

He was staring at the pair of eyes that seemed loom.

After a short while, the pair of eyes disappeared, and the ice cold will also disappeared afterwards.

However, Yan Zhaoges mood didnt relax because of this.

“Hes about to succeed.” Yan Zhaoge had a feeling.

His facial expression looked weird.

After a while, he straightened his body and let out a turbid gas from his mouth.

Yan Zhaoge turned around and silently paid respect to “Broad Clear Old Man” Ran Chis corpse.

After he retrieved the corpse, he retreated out of the room.

“The other five person must be dead already.”

While Yan Zhaoge was thinking, he continued venturing the area engulfed in shadow in front of him.

As he continued venturing, he found the corpse of other people in other pill rooms.

“Tang Xianfeng, Lu Zhibo…” Yan Zhaoge said silently in his heart.

The former person was a longtime Elder of the Roving Jade Heavens.

He was the Profound Sovereign – Gao Qingxuans personal disciple, and was of the same peer with Gao Xuebo.

The latter was Gao Xuebos personal disciple.

The two of them had fallen into the trap when fighting with Ran Chi and the other Grand Clear martial practitioners for the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, and had disappeared since then.

Now, both sides had the same result.

They both perished in the Pill Hall.

Their bodies were the same as Ran Chis.

While the outside seemed like nothing had happened, the inside of it was already crumbling like sand sculptures.

The thing which caught Yan Zhaoges attention was that different people suffered different degrees of damage from the insides of their body.

From being very rough, it slowly became very detailed.

It was as if a butcher who was an amatuer slowly got used to butchering.

In the end, he had a deep understanding of the body, and was able to do it with ease.

Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself, “I might have guessed it right…”

This area was already close to the pill storage.

After checking his surroundings, Yan Zhaoge walked to the pill storage.

While he was being more careful, he was also very excited.

The captives were all placed inside the nearby pill refining rooms.

The opponent could only be around this area.

The probability of him being in the pill storage was the highest, which was why it would be exceptionally dangerous.

However, now was the opponents crucial moment in his plan.

If Yan Zhaoge was a step ahead and managed to find him, he might be able to stop the opponents actions.

Otherwise, if the opponents preparations were all complete and had succeeded, it would be very difficult to deal with him.

In the starry sky in the dark universe, it was empty as if there was no such thing as “distance”.

Yan Zhaoge walked for a while and stopped.

He then started writing sigils in the air.

The light beams of the seals were shining in the void, and were going from near to far away.

In the end, the light beams solidified at far away, and shone the whole void.

Over there, it was as if a huge pearl had appeared.

Its surroundings were surrounded with one rune after another.

As if the ribbon head and tail had connected with each other, it spinned around the pearl.

It looked like the pearl was quietly existing in the dark void, and was just being neglected by humans.

However, if it wasnt activated by a special art, no one would find anything no matter how many times they went searching for it in the void.

The pearl was translucent.

The inside of it was filled with rising golden steams, and its actual image was blurry.

This was the Pill Halls crucial location.

The pill storage which was used to store finished products of divine pills.

During the former years, when people came to the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Pill Hall to refine pills, most of it would be brought away by them after they finished refining them.

However, a part of it would be left in the Pill Hall, and would be stored here.

The place the pills were stored would be the pill storage.

However, not anyone could go into the pill storage.

Yan Zhaoge got nearer to the pearl.

From afar, it looked like a pearl.

However, as he got closer, it looked extremely humongous as if it was a star.

The Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace floated out.

Yan Zhaoge pressed his hand on the furnace, and pushed it forward to let it come in contact with the pill storages circular surface.

Golden lights radiated from the top of the three feet tall pill furnace.

It then slowly integrated into the star in front of him.

After that, the perfectly round star suddenly transformed, and displayed a semicircle appearance.

The other side was a neatly flat surface.

As if it was in the middle of a flat surfaced lake, the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace quietly stood there.

Yan Zhaoge did not touch the furnace.

Instead, he headed to the inside of the lake by himself.

This time, his body didnt receive any resistant force.

He successfully passed through the light beam which looked like a water surface, and entered the semi circle.

As soon as he entered, medicine fragrance filled his nose.

It was so concentrated that it was suffocating.

In Yan Zhaoges sight, other than the land below his feet, his above and surroundings were engulfed by purple steam.

Among the steam, faint golden lights were leaking outwards.

As his gaze followed the golden light, he saw many golden pagodas.

Under normal circumstances, many kinds of divine pills and medicines would be categorised, and sorted individually into these golden pagodas.

Yan Zhaoges attention wasnt on those golden pagodas first.

Instead, he carefully inspected the whole pill storage.

After checking the inside and outside of the pill storage thoroughly, Yan Zhaoge could confirm that the opponent wasnt here.

It was only after that he had the mood to check out the golden pagodas.

There was an abundance of many different kinds of divine pills.

When he first got the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, the scattered divine pills were nothing compared to the sight in front of him.

There wasnt just an abundance of variety.

Most importantly, it was in an enormous amount.

Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill.

Mortals who consumed it would have their longevities increased, thus achieving eternal youth.

They would be able to sense the heavens, hearing the decrees of the Heavenly Court.

Those on the brink of death would be immediately revived, the dead brought back to life and flesh regrown on bones.

If a martial practitioner were to consume it, they would be able to connect with the miraculous, purest immortal qi that existed beyond the nine heavens, absorbing it into their bodies and benefiting incomparably as a result.

Purple Qi Golden Jade Pill.

Consuming it grants one purple muscle and golden bones.

They would then be close to immune to external injuries.

Its extremely beneficial to those martial practitioners who were training their physical bodies.

Heavenly Lotus Nine Hearts Pill.

Consuming it would open up the nine holes of the human body.

It also causes the spirit to contain the nine divinity, which makes them extraordinarily smart.

They would also gain the feeling of Heavenly Connection, and cause the souls perception to improve.

While the effects gained depends on the person consuming it, the effects were already considered godly.

Other than that, Supreme Miraculous Star Flying Pill, Divine Sky Pill, Resplendent Clear Longevity Pill, Bearing Essence Grand Pill, Wind Thunder Providence Pill, Nine Skies Heavenly Dew Pill, Godly Rhythm Pill, Six Yin Profound Meditative Pill…

All the divine pills that were hard to find in the human realm and heavens were all here.

As long as Yan Zhaoge took everything, he wouldnt be leaving here empty-handed.

“However, its just half of what I expected…” Yan Zhaoge slitted his eyes.

The part that was missing wasnt because they had decomposed through the passage of time.

Instead, it looked like someone was a step earlier in taking them away.

“If hes not at the pill storage, does that mean hes at the medicine storage” Yan Zhaoge thought in his heart, “Core pill room Or did he return to the core hub”

As he was thinking, Yan Zhaoge swept through all the pills.

However, his facial expression changed a little.

Through his North Ocean Clone located in the control centre, he realised that someone else was approaching the pill storage.

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