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Chapter 1252: Top Three Among the True Immortals


The strong impact force caused He Mian to fly away.

Not only that, Yan Zhaoges fist was like a divine artifact.

As He Mian was flying from the impact, the horrifying power formed a huge piercing force, and immediately pierced through He Mians chest!

He Mians attacks were much more ferocious compared to Chen Qianhua that hadnt acquired the Heaven Splitting Scripture yet.

Excluding the Martial Saint Realms, among the enemies that Yan Zhaoge had fought himself, even the True Immortals like Brocade Emperor and Candle Sunlight Emperor would be helpless when facing He Mian.

If it werent for Leakless True Immortal, they might have been defeated under He Mians swords.

As for the True Immortal Emperors of the Immortal Court, if they were to go one-on-one against He Mian, they would be unable to counterattack him at all.

However, when taking defence into account, He Mian couldnt compare to Chen Qianhua who had fused the Jade Clear Later Heaven Six Scriptures into one, and had managed to cultivate the foundation of the world.

Yan Zhaoges fists strength was continuous.

It caused He Mians wound to slowly rupture everywhere.

Suddenly, a red light flashed in the void.

An old man appeared behind He Mian.

His palm was placed on He Mians back, which stopped He Mians momentum from pushing him any further.

At the same time, the wound that pierced through He Mians body had also stopped rupturing.

The wound finally had the time to be contained.

On He Mians tensed face, a shameful look appeared, “Master…”

“Todays fight would only benefit you.

Your view of the world was too narrow last time.” The old man stopped He Mians figure, and moved him to the side.

After that, he turned his head around and looked at Yan Zhaoge.

After Yan Zhaoge blew He Mian away with his fist, he did not continue pursuing him.

Instead, he stood on the ground and cupped his hands, “Greetings, Cloud Emperor.”

The old man that saved He Mian was one of the Roving Jade Seven, Cloud Conquest Emperor.

He was someone of the same era as Profound Sovereign Gao Qingxuan, Spring Emperor Long Xingquan, Yan Zhaoges grandfather Yan Xintang as well as his grandmother Di Qinglian.

In the past, the seven people fused their power together with the Profound Sovereign, and created the Roving Jade Heavens under the support of Incongruence Divine Mother.

Among the Roving Jade Seven, some died, and some left.

Now, there were only two of them remaining in the Roving Jade Heavens.

Among them were Gao Qingxuan, and the Cloud Conquest Daoist right in front of him.

The way he dressed was similar to He Mian.

They both wore Daoist robes, but they didnt tie their hair.

The hair was hanging down loosely.

The old mans appearance couldnt be said to be handsome.

However, he looked formal, and looked like a gentleman.

However, after a few thousand years of killing, many souls had perished under his blade.

When he was just standing peacefully over there, his monumental aura emanated despite him being dormant.

Daoist Cloud Conquest was already a True Immortal, while Profound Sovereign, Earth Sovereign, Astro Sovereign, Concealed Sovereign and others of his era were already sovereigns.

His realm level seemed to be lower by a little.

However, Yan Zhaoge had heard a rumour saying that the Cloud Emperor wasnt afraid of failing the Pure Profound Tribulation.

Instead, he was staying at the True Immortal Realm for other reasons.

In the past years, he suffered a fatal injury from fighting with the Immortal Court martial practitioners, which caused his progression to slow down.

However, after so many years, the wound was already fully healed.

The magnificent power that he had accumulated was very rare in the world.

His cultivation and strength was so strong that he could preside arrogantly over those of the same cultivation, and wasnt what most True Immortal Experts could come close to.

Although He Mian who was an Exalt couldnt do anything to Tranquility Emperor and Trueness Emperor, they couldnt do anything to him either.

However, if He Mian was to fight against his own master Cloud Conquest Emperor, he would undoubtedly lose.

There were no other possibilities.

It wasnt because of the Cloud Conquest Emperors understanding towards his disciple.

Instead, his strength was far too great.

Cloud Conquest Emperors gaze analyzed Yan Zhaoge.

He complimented and said, “Pupils surprasses their teachers, and the newer generation will surpass the older generation.

As expected, you were just testing out your power when you were in Roving Jade Heavens.”

“Cloud Emperor compliments me too much.” Yan Zhaoge said plainly, “Your disciple Daoist Hes strength is quite strong.

Naturally, I have to be more serious.

Sorry if I offended you, but things happen in fights.”

“Does Cloud Emperor want to take action himself”

The Roving Jade Heavens and World beyond Worlds werent exactly that peaceful during the past few years.

The two of them had often clashed against each other.

Relatively speaking, Profound Sovereigns attitude towards the World beyond Worlds was considered quite friendly.

On the contrary, Roving Jade Heavens old Grand Master Vine Sovereign and Cloud Conquest Emperors attitude were much more intense.

Their relationship with the Jade Capital Crag of the World beyond Worlds was much worse.

“My disciple wanted the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace for my sake.

However, he isnt skilled enough, and requires more training.” Cloud Conquest Emperor did not get mad.

There was no hint of hostility within his words either.

“Instead, I have something I want to ask you.”

Yan Zhaoge could already guess what he wanted to ask, “Cloud Emperor wants to ask me if the World beyond Worlds cant contain me anymore, would I want to join the Roving Jade Heavens, right”

“Little Friend Yan is very thoughtful.

Thats exactly what I wanted to ask.” Cloud Emperor nodded.

Yan Zhaoge asked quietly, “Would Vine Sovereign and you, the Cloud Emperor be willing to co-exist peacefully together with my senior apprentice-uncle Sword Sovereign”

“If we are fighting against heretic monsters or the Nine Underworld Devils, sure.” Cloud Emperor answered without hesitation.

“However, before that, no.”

“Junior apprentice-brother Kong is the Vine Sovereigns last disciple.

After her grandmother Di Zizhi had perished, the Vine Sovereign was already holding a grudge against your ancestors.

After that, he put all his efforts into raising junior apprentice-brother Kong.

She raised him from young, and their feelings for each other were very deep.

It is much more than how a normal mother would feel for her son.

However, junior apprentice-brother Kong was killed under Yue Zhenbeis sword.”

Cloud Emperors expression was peaceful, “For me, junior apprentice brother Kong is like my friend.

One day, I must be able to make up for his loss.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded and said, “Understandable.

However, Im sure that Cloud Emperor had already guessed my choice.”

“Yeah…” Cloud Conquest Emperor nodded in pity, “Its such a pity.”

With the Profound Emperor around, the two sides wouldnt reach the point of becoming irrevocable enemies.

However, with the Sword Sovereign around, it was hard for the two sides to get close to one another.

It was hard for them to come together as one.

“If thats the case, I can only test out our little friend, Yans capabilities.

I have three hobbies in my life, which are swords art, formations art and alchemy.

I really dont want to miss out on such a precious treasure like the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.”

After the Cloud Conquest Emperor finished speaking, his index finger and middle finger combined together to form a sword.

After that, he pointed it towards Yan Zhaoge.

In an instant, a dark red sword formation suddenly appeared and engulfed Yan Zhaoge without any hints or warnings.

It ignored the distance between space, and appeared out of nowhere.

It ignored the interval between time as if it had already existed beforehand.

After that, limitless and boundless dark red sword lights started to collapse inside, and crushed everything inside it.

Yan Zhaoge shaped his right hand like a sword.

Inside it contained the essence of the Heaven Splitting Scripture, which was able to open the heavens and split the earth.

On the dark red sword formation, a crack formed.

After that, he launched a Grand Shattering Brightness Palm with his left hand, and caused the sword formation which already had a crack to explode.

Just as he jumped out of it, his sight was filled with one after another sword formations.

It engulfed the whole sky.

The technique which He Mian had to use his full strength to pull off was just executed instantly by the Cloud Emperor.

He even managed to form more than one sword formation.

“Among all the True Immortals that I know of in this era, Cloud Emperor, you might be among the top three.” Yan Zhaoge praised.

His figure turned into a red light, and started to continuously flash around in the void.

This time, not only the Immortal Trapping Sword Scripture, he even fused in many other supreme arts.

Yan Zhaoges speed improved significantly compared to when he was fighting He Mian!

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