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Chapter 1253: In Front Of Me, No One Can Be Called A Prodigy


In the void, more than ten green, black, and red huge sword formations were erected.

As the sword lights were circulating around, it caused the internal area of the Pill Hall, as well as the universe and space around the pill hall, to transform into a land of extinction.

The murderous sword qi filled the whole space.

The horrifying aura that was filled with destruction, extinction, and calamity was brought along with it.

With just the aura released by these few sword formations, it was enough to cause one to be in a huge shock, which would result in them losing any sense of bravery they ever possessed.

Yan Zhaoge became even more serious.

However, his gaze was still calm, and no fear could be seen from within.

He flew up to the sky.

After using many kinds of supreme arts together, his speed was raised to the maximum.

He was teleporting around the universe.

When the Cloud Emperor saw it, his expression turned even more serious.

With a touch of his left hand, six dark red sword formations instantly occupied Yan Zhaoges surroundings, which caused him to be squeezed in the middle of it.

After that, the six sword formations presented a power of unison, as if two pyramids were being held together with one in front and the other from behind.

After that, the dark red radiance flashed and collapsed together towards the inside.

In the place where Yan Zhaoges body was, he felt as if the whole universe was perishing together, and the universe he set foot on doesnt exist anymore.

He took a deep breath, and both of his hands crossed.

First, he used his left hand to use Taiyi Fist.

The fist shadow filled the whole universe and stopped the collapsing dark red sword lights.

After that, he pushed his right palm forward, and a miraculous scene occurred.

An image that deeply resembled an axe and a halberd vaguely appeared.

With the majestic will of the primordial gulf and heaven opening earth splitting power being displayed, it was so fierce it forcefully made a hole in the sky full of red.

After that, his left hands Taiyi Fist swapped into the Grand Shattering Brightness Palm.

Among the blurry chaos, darkness had faded and was replaced by brightness.

After that, it disintegrated, and Yin and Yang both didnt exist anymore.

The explosive power caused the hole of the sky filled with red to expand even wider through the destruction.

Yan Zhaoge changed his right hands technique, and the Heaven Splitting Halberd changed into the Cyclic Heavenly Seal and reversed Heaven and Earth.

As if the sky was being torn apart, it forcefully tore the red light barrier apart, which was close to crumbling, to begin with.

After that, Yan Zhaoge transformed into a dark red sword light.

He teleported softly and wanted to jump out of Cloud Emperors sword formations that surrounded him.

However, at the same time, Cloud Emperors used his right hand to incarnate a sword seal.

Suddenly, green sword formation appeared at the hole of the dark red sky.

The green light condensed together and blocked Yan Zhaoges path.

With a flip of Yan Zhaoges palm, heavens and earth were reversed.

In his palm, yin and yang fused together and formed the image of a Taiji symbol.

At this moment, Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, Taiji Yin Yang Palm, and other profoundities of supreme arts were all on display below Yan Zhaoges palm.

It caused yin and yang to become distorted, and the heavens and earth lost its laws.

He swiped softly at the side of the green sword formation, and the green sword formation moved to the side.

As for him, he transformed into a red light and passed through the green sword formation.

The green light in the sword formation suddenly rose.

It pierced through the Taiji symbol below Yan Zhaoges palm and was aiming for his body.

Yan Zhaoge let out a long turbid qi.

His Taiji Yin Yang Palm changed to Taiyi Fist, and it caused the reversal of the Early Heavens.

Taiyi Fist was not only used for attacking.

Under his fully focused defense, the whole world seemed to have transformed into a shapeless void.

It had no shape, nor a figure.

Luckily, Yan Zhaoge had dodged the true sharpness of the attack and only came in contact with it briefly.

After Yan Zhaoge had forcefully blocked the sword formations sudden attack, he still managed to get over the green sword formation that was blocking his way.

After that, he managed to rush out of the dark red sky which had encircled him.

Just as he reached the hole, two more dark red sword formations flew towards him.

They clearly wanted to fill the hole up in the sky, and trap Yan Zhaoge inside again.

However, Yan Zhaoge had already rushed out from the encirclement of the sky, which placed the Cloud Emperors intentions to a halt.

The facial expression of the old man in Daoist robes turned even more serious.

He used his hand to incarnate a sword seal and drew a semicircle in the air.

The dark red sky behind Yan Zhaoge automatically dispersed and broke apart, and everything fell to the void below.

However, as the layers of red light intersected with each other, they formed a giant dark red sword formation which Yan Zhaoge had never seen before.

It was so wide that it directly took over and filled up the whole void.

Yan Zhaoge looked at his surroundings.

He glimpsed around yet he failed to locate the border of the red light.

On top of his head, a green sword formation took the lead with a dark red sword formation in the middle and a black sword formation at the end.

The three sword formations fused together from top to bottom and formed a line.

As if it was a three-layered pagoda, it came crashing down towards Yan Zhaoge!

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge could feel that there was a dark red sword formation below him.

It became so gigantic that it had reached its maximum size as it rose slowly and silently.

Then, it slowly transformed into the shape of a semicircle.

While stopping Yan Zhaoge from going downwards, the Cloud Emperor also cut off any space for him to evade the attack.

The opponent wanted to force Yan Zhaoge to receive the crushing force of the sword light pagoda.

“Hmph!” Yan Zhaoges eyes flashed a little.

He didnt go upwards.

Instead, he rushed downwards.

He transformed into a red light, which resembled a dark red longsword.

The swords top was pointing downwards towards the formation below.

On the sword tip, the green light was circulating.

Layers of black energy were circulating and intertwining on the sharp edge of the sword.

The sword was radiating with an incomparably ghastly and chilly brutalness.

The longsword which was formed by Yan Zhaoges body directly pierced through the dark red formation below him which the Cloud Emperor had used to block his path.

The red light pierced through and left the three-layered pagoda far behind him.

“It succeeded!”

He Mian who was always concentrating on the battle let out a long sigh of relief.

Yan Zhaoge had pierced through the dark red sword formation below and saw the dark void again.

Suddenly, an intense light illuminated in the dark.

Below the dark red huge formation was another sword formation!

A sword formation fused with three colors – red, green, and dark.

It was a sword formation which was much scarier compared to all the attacks before this!

In this sword formation, Immortal Extermination, Immortal Trapping, and Immortal Slaughtering sword were both standing together.

The sword lights shot into the heavens.

It defied the heavens and wanted to murder the whole universe.

The Cloud Emperor himself was standing inside of the sword formation.

He had completely prepared his attack to take down the Yan Zhaoge that had just broken through the sword formation and was at the end of his tether.

“Little Friend Yan, brace yourself!” Cloud Emperor guided his sword, and an incomparable amount of sharp beams flew high up in the sky and slashed toward Yan Zhaoge.

Facing this terrifying sword formation, Yan Zhaoge smiled lightly, “Cloud Emperor, I came here solely for this sword of yours!”

He formed a seal with his left hand and placed it onto his Dantian.

His right hand punched downward!

His four fingers were curled together.

The front of his palm seemed to be flat.

However, it suddenly seemed to be extremely mighty.

The force seemed like it was about to open the heavens and split the earth.

From the front, Yan Zhaoges fist seemed to turn into an image that deeply resembled an axe and a halberd.

At the back of his fist, it was equally flat.

However, at this moment, it was like a big seal that was facing upwards.

The huge seal faced upwards as if heaven and earth were reversing.

The land hung up high, while the sky had crumbled below.

At the side of his fist where the carpal bones were showing, it looked like a peerless divine sword.

Whenever it swung, everywhere would be destroyed no matter the toughness.

Even the myriad of daos couldnt compete against it.

In martial arts, when someone punches someone with a fist using the flat surface created by the four fingers bones, it would be called “cannon”.

When the arm is flipped over, and the back of the hand strikes downwards, it would be called “hammer”.

If it was swiped horizontally with the side of the fist, it would be called “whip”.

In Yan Zhaoges punch, Taiyi Fist established the foundation, combining the essence of Heaven Splitting Halberd, Cyclic Heavenly Seal, Immortal Exterminating Sword, to get a punch adequate in shaking the universe!

In Yan Zhaoges fist will, it evolved from primordial gulf to the rapid development in the universe.

Then, it proceeded to world destruction.

As the cycle completed, the chaos in prehistoric wasteland resurfaced!

Taiyi Fist, Reincarnation of Great Dao!

In the past, Yan Zhaoge transformed Taiyi Fist and Immortal Exterminating Sword into the Cyclic Heavenly Seal and exhibited the Reversal of Creation of Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

Now he assimilated the Dao of Heavenly Scripture, Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, and Immortal Exterminating Sword Concept such as Taiyi Fist, into his fist art.

With one punch, he forcibly broke the Cloud Emperors sword array and hit Cloud Emperor himself!

Seeing this, He Mian looked dull.

Emperor Yun sighed, “No one can be called a genius in front of Fallen Deity Yan!”

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