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Chapter 1254: The New Generation Winning the Older Generation


Yan Zhaoges fist intent forcefully broke through Cloud Emperors sword formation and reached the front of Cloud Emperor.

On Cloud Emperors waist, a sword light suddenly appeared.

Its appearance resembled a vintage longsword.

It was an ancient and cold biting sword.

This was the Leakless Immortal Artifact Cloud Emperor brought with him wherever he went.

Its spiritual consciousness was very abundant.

Without the Cloud Emperors orders, it automatically rose up to protect its master.

The raised sword was like a shield.

It blocked in front of Yan Zhaoges fist.

He Mian was devastated.

With the Cloud Conquering Emperors age, cultivation and identity, he had undoubtedly lost the first battle the moment he was forced to take out his artifact by a Martial Saint Realm.

Yan Zhaoge remained calm when he saw that vintage sword.

His right fist that was striking out didnt have any hints of stopping.

On top of his head, a mirror suddenly hung up high.

There was a light cross-shaped scar on it, which caused the mirror to be vaguely separated into four parts.

Among the four parts of the mirrors, each of them had candlelight radiating inside.

As the mirror light descended, it came in contact with the vintage sword which was blocking in front of the Cloud Emperor.

When the vintage sword felt the provocation from the opponent of the same realm, it immediately became even more brutal.

Yan Zhaoge had not fully refined the vintage mirror yet, which caused the mirror light to immediately turn dim.

However, after being interrupted for a while, Yan Zhaoges fist had already passed through the vintage sword and landed on the Cloud Emperors body.

With a Leakless True Immortals body, the Cloud Emperor did not receive any damage.

However, his whole body fell backward through the impact of it.

The old man in Daoist robes stopped the recoil.

He extended his hand to grab the vintage sword which had turned restless and placed him back into the sword sheath.

He raised his head to look at Yan Zhaoge and shifted his gaze upwards to look at the vintage mirror flying on top of Yan Zhaoges head.

He Mian was also looking at that vintage mirror with shock, “Candle Sunlight Emperors Mirror Light!”

World beyond Worlds and Roving Jade Heavens were both located in the dao universe.

The top-notch experts had already encountered each other many times.

Cloud Emperor and He Mian could naturally recognize Candle Sunlight Emperors Leakless Immortal Artifact which he always had on him, the Mirror Light.

Among the five emperors of World beyond Worlds, the Sunlight Emperor was closer to the Qilin Cliffs Earthly Sovereigns lineage.

When Yan Zhaoge killed Exalted Earth Wang Zhengcheng, the Sunlight Emperor would naturally not be friendly towards him.

If thats the case, there wasnt a possibility that the Sunlight Emperor would borrow Yan Zhaoge his Immortal Artifact.

There was only one reason why the Mirror Light would fall into Yan Zhaoges hands.

However, this explanation felt unbelievable to the two people of Roving Jade Heavens.

They had personally came into combat with Yan Zhaoge, and they knew how strong Yan Zhaoge was now.

The Cloud Emperor, one of Roving Jade Seven.

The current oldest expert in the Three Clear lineage, and was of the same generation with Earthly Sovereign, Concealed Sovereign, and the others.

Although he willingly stayed in the True Immortal Realm for some reason, he was different from other True Immortals.

Among the World beyond Worlds five emperors, without including Female Emperor Jie Mingkong, the Cloud Emperor could definitely fight against the other four alone.

Even so, he still lost under Yan Zhaoges fist.

However, losing was one thing.

The Immortal Artifact being possessed by someone else was an entirely different matter.

Now, He Mian just hoped that Yan Zhaoge had just purely borrowed the Sunlight Emperors weapon.

If there were any other follow-ups, it would be unimaginable.

“Did he have the Origin Opening Sword or any other Immortal Artifacts with him” He Mian looked at Yan Zhaoge and guessed in his heart.

Halfway through his thinking, he was filled with bitterness.

There wasnt much point in thinking about these now.

After he had ascended to become an Immortal, He Mian still had the confidence to fight against Long Xueji.

However, after the fight with Yan Zhaoge, his heart was filled with uncertainty.

This was an unprecedented experience in his life.

There was no doubt that He Mian could reach his current state because of how strong and persistent his will was.

He immediately felt his state of mind becoming unstable, and immediately calmed himself down.

He guarded himself internally and looked inside his internal body to sharpen his sword will.

“Cloud Emperors plan is really ambitious, and is very commendable.” Yan Zhaoge did not look at He Mian, nor did he explain anything about the Mirror Light above him.

He withdrew the vintage mirror and proceeded to smile slightly at the Cloud Conquering Emperor.

This Prime Clear lineage grand sword cultivator was proficient in both formations and swords.

After Yan Zhaoge fought with the master and disciple, he could vaguely feel that the Cloud Emperor wanted to bring back the legendary Immortal Exterminating Formation which had been lost for a long time!

Cloud Conquering Emperor shook his head, “Its not that simple.

Im stuck even at the very beginning.”

“You already won against the others when you have a will like this,” said Yan Zhaoge.

He waved his hand, “Today, I barely won you.

If Cloud Emperor still wants to continue, I will go along with it.

Go ahead and use your Clear Accomplishment Sword.”

“However, like what I said to Daoist He just now, somethings weird about the Pill Hall we are in, and it shouldnt be underestimated.”

The Clear Accomplishment Sword was Cloud Conquering Emperors sword, and it was a Leakless Immortal Artifact.

With the Cloud Conquering Emperors cultivation and strength, having a sword with him would make a huge difference.

Cloud Emperor shook his head.

Although he could tell that Yan Zhaoge hadnt refined the Mirror Light yet, who knows if Yan Zhaoge had the Origin Opening Sword or any other Immortal Artifacts were in his possession.

Even if he didnt have them, he could just retreat and escape with his capabilities.

Besides, the Cloud Emperor instantly thought about many things after seeing the Mirror Light.

He looked at Yan Zhaoge, “The new generation defeating the old generation.

Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian can rest in peace if they knew that their descendant was like this.”

“You praise me too much, Cloud Emperor.” Yan Zhaoge nodded.

He retrieved the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace and did not bother looking at the pill storage below anymore.

Most of the divine pills in the pill storage had already been collected by him.

Although the rest were still precious, there was no need to waste time in order to go back to sort them out.

Fighting against both Cloud Conquering Daoist and He Mian took up quite some time.

Now, Yan Zhaoge was more worried about the opponent that came in one step earlier and took away a huge amount of divine pills from the pill storage.

After contemplating for a while, he started his journey again.

This time, his aim was the Pill Halls core control centre.

Cloud Emperor and He Mian looked at Yan Zhaoges actions in curiosity.

He Mian looked at his master.

The Cloud Emperor shook his head, “Without the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, the spatial world below would be hard to open in such a short amount of time.”

After he finished talking, he went after Yan Zhaoge.

He Mian followed him as well.

“Based on what Fallen Deity said just now, is there something abnormal about Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Pill Hall itself” Cloud Emperor asked.

If he managed to acquire the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, his goal would be completed, and he would back out instantly.

Now that he couldnt get it, he could only resort to going around the Pill Hall for other harvests of similar values.

The Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace wasnt the only legendary treasure furnace.

There were many kinds of legendary treasures as well.

Yan Zhaoge wasnt reluctant to team up with Cloud Emperor and his disciple.

He said, “In the Pill Hall, there seems to be some kind of existence, some kind of will.”

“Im not sure if someone came in before me, or if an expert before the Great Calamity is resting here.

However, theres no doubt that we have to be careful of it.”

Cloud Conquering Emperor and He Mian frowned.

He Mian mumbled to himself, “Other than that, theres still the interference of the Demon Race.”

“Indeed.” Yan Zhaoges heart was connected to the North Ocean Clone who was in the control centre.

He knew that not only a group of people had entered the Pill Hall.

Now, they had all ventured inside.

Following the path forward, after traversing through layers of space, a field of radiating stars appeared in the dark cosmos in front of him.

“The core hub of the Pill Hall, Purple Divine Pavilion…” Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes.

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