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Chapter 1255: The Division of the Roving Jade Heavens


In the inner universe of the Pill Hall, the other places would remain invisible if no special methods were used to activate them.

As the core hub, the Purple Divine Pavilion was radiating with starlights.

Although the dark void causes one to lose their sense of distance.

The field of starlight would give the feeling that this place was the centre of the halls universe.

Although it was the first time Cloud Conquest Emperor and He Mian had arrived here, they could tell that something was extraordinary about it.

They also viewed Yan Zhaoge differently because of how he found this area.

He Mian and his master located the pill storage not solely because of luck.

They had some information regarding the Pill Hall.

This clue was related to the pill storage.

The pill storage was engulfed in a mysterious shadow, which made it hard to find it.

In the end, they managed to locate it without going through many unnecessary paths.

However, Yan Zhaoge was faster than them.

It might be a coincidence for them to meet each other at the pill storage.

However, coincidence wouldnt explain how Yan Zhaoge navigated through the Pill Hall to locate the Purple Divine Pavilion.

The Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace might be able to open many important departments of the Pill Hall.

However, it had no navigation function.

Cloud Conquest Emperor and He Mian looked at each other.

Both of them could see the surprise in each others eyes.

However, the two of them did not speak at all.

Their gaze returned onto Yan Zhaoge, and silently watched him.

Yan Zhaoge could feel their concentrated gaze, but he chose to ignore it.

As he was observing the radiating starry sky in front of him, he asked, “Which person from Roving Jade Heavens came here”

Cloud Emperor and his disciple didnt plan on hiding it.

“Other than my master, Jun Emperor had also arrived.” He Mian replied with a calm expression.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Senior apprentice-uncle Long is also here.”

Jun Emperor, also known as Chun Jun Emperor, was Long Xuejis emperor title after he managed to push the Immortal Door, and ascended to the True Immortal Realm.

“Profound Emperor, Vine Emperor and senior apprentice-granduncle Long didnt come” Yan Zhaoge raised his hand and wrote in the void.

The runes scriptures transformed from light did not disappitate after being formed.

Tranquil Emperor and Magnificent Emperor not coming were within his expectations.

They were wounded by the Female Emperor – Jie Kongming in the Nine Underworlds.

Even if their wound had recovered, they needed to rest.

Prime Clear martial art practitioners were very precise in killing others.

However, they werent proficient in taking care of themselves.

Especially those sword practitioners that cultivated the lineages Numinous Treasure Four Swords.

Numinous Treasure Four Swords were extremely fierce and brutal.

It might be beneficial for killing enemies, but it also took a huge toll on the martial art practitioners body.

If one wasnt careful, they might possibly hurt themselves.

If one were to purely cultivate the Numinous Treasure Four Swords, maintaining such a strong sword intent would ultimately take a huge toll on themselves.

The swords attacks might possess extraordinary power, but it wouldnt be able to bear with long fights.

Normally, only a few swords would be used.

It had to be cultivated together with the New Era Five Scriptures.

They had to rely on New Era Five Scriptures in order to help with the conditioning of their health, and store vitality at the same time.

With that, only would they be able to withstand the huge consumption.

However, even with conditioning and recovery, it lost to Jade Clear lineage and Grand Clear lineage under most circumstances.

Cloud Emperor and He Mian were focused on looking at the runes Yan Zhaoge wrote.

When he heard Yan Zhaoges question, He Mian replied while looking, “Profound Sovereign, Spring Emperor and senior apprentice-granduncle have not come out from seclusion yet.

I dont know if they can manage to catch up.


After he paused a little, he continued, “Lofty Sovereign came as well.”

“Lofty Sovereign” Yan Zhaoges finger that was writing the runes came to a temporary halt, “Lofty Sovereign, Zhang Buxu”

He Mian pretended not to hear Yan Zhaoge directly calling Zhang Buxus name.

The Cloud Conquest Emperor nodded, “It is Daoist Zhang indeed.”

During the past, Lofty Sovereign, Zhang Buxu was listed among the Roving Jade Seven along with Profound Emperor Gao Qingxuan and Cloud Emperor that had established the Roving Jade Heavens.

He was Prime Clear lineages Profound Immortal expert.

However, just as World Beyond Worlds had experienced a division, Roving Jade Heavens experienced similar things.

Overall, Roving Jade Heavens attitude towards the Immortal Court was fierce and tough.

However, there were some Prime Clear lineages experts who were more friendly towards the Immortal Court.

They tend to advocate World beyond Worlds way of thinking, slow and remain low profile.

Among them, one of the representatives was one of the Roving Jade Seven, Lofty Sovereign.

After that, because of the other top notch bigwigss disagreement, they ended up in a division.

It got halted when the Lofty Sovereign left the Roving Jade Heavens.

However, just like how Exalted Wood Shao Junhuang and the others did not join the Roving Jade Heavens, the Lofty Sovereign did not join the World beyond Worlds.

This Prime Clear bigwig was the same as Profound Sovereign Gao Qingxuan and Yan Zhaoges grandmother Di Qinglian.

They were Roving Jade Heavens old Grand Master, Vine Sovereigns personal disciple.

Sadly, they strayed on different paths in ideologies, which caused them to venture into uncharted paths.

During the past, the Vine Emperor almost wanted to chase all her disciples away.

Di Qinglian had perished when she was very young, and the Lofty Sovereign had betrayed her.

As for the Profound Sovereign, he had many ideologies that were different from the Vine Emperor, which caused her to be very sorrowful.

This was why she paid an exceptional amount of attention to her last disciple.

However, her last disciple had also perished when he was very young, which caused her to hate the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei very deeply.

For the Roving Jade Heavens, the Lofty Sovereign was considered a taboo figure.

Yan Zhaoge couldnt help but feel surprised when he heard that the Lofty Sovereign was coming to the Pill Hall.

He turned around and looked at the Cloud Emperor and his disciple.

He Mian said, “The Lofty Sovereign found his own clues, and came on his own.

The clues he possesses might be more than what we have.”

“Although my ideals are different from those of the same generation, and I disagree with Daoist Zhangs choice, he still hadnt become a heretic yet.” Cloud Emperor said peacefully, “From the looks of it, the Pill Halls news hasnt been found out by the heretic demons yet.

From this, we can tell that Daoist Zhang is also interested in this place.”

Yan Zhaoges facial expression relaxed.

He turned around and continued writing the runes, “Im not afraid of him having intentions on this place.

As long as the heretics dont get wind of it, and the news is just circulating inside the orthodox Daoism, anyone can get their portion of harvest as long as they have the capability to do so.”

With the last stroke, Yan Zhaoges palm pushed forward.

A beautiful verse of runes transformed into light beams, and fell into the radiant starry sky in front.

After a short while, the radiant starry skies started to circulate.

The starlight that was so vast started to rise and fall.

After that, an empty vortex appeared in the center of the starry skies.

Yan Zhaoge summoned his Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace again, and threw it into the vortex.

At the next moment, boundless radiance shot out from the bottom of the vortex, and thoroughly brightened the whole dark cosmos.

It turned everything into purple.

Yan Zhaoge was expressionless.

After staring at that purple light for a while, he descended into the purple light, and sunk into the vortex together with the purple light.

The Cloud Conquest Emperor did not say anything, and followed Yan Zhaoge.

He Mian did the same when he saw it.

When the purple radiance had dissipated, an attic appeared in front of Yan Zhaoge.

The attic wasnt huge.

Its design was very normal.

It was hard to imagine that the vast starry sky was its outer appearance.

Here, there was a stale aura.

It was until Yan Zhaoge and the others arrived here that life force appeared.

Yan Zhaoge looked at his surroundings.

His expression was subtle.

“This is the legendary Purple Divine Pavilion, which is the centre of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Pill Hall before the Grand Calamity” As an expert with the absolute highest position in the Roving Jade Heavens, the Cloud Conquest Emperor would naturally come in contact with many secrets and information.

He checked the pagoda out.

“If the hall spirit of the Pill Hall has not perished yet, it should be here, right

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