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HSSB126: You have to pay your thanks after taking a beating!


“On the mountain, when facing the obstruction of one of your disciples, I had already said that if we did not make it fast, what would suffer would be your clan’s Giant Spirit Magnetite vein.”

Yan Zhaoge had a confident expression on his face, not flustered in the least.

Whether a young man was truly confident or whether he was just blowing things out of proportion was something that the few Infinite Boundless Mountain Martial Grandmasters could easily identify.

Elder Zuo didn’t say anything, while the Magnetite Elder frowned once more.

And the one with the highest cultivation base of the three, the longtime Elder of Infinite Boundless Mountain Shan Shiweng who had accompanied them over from Infinite Boundless Mountain, instead had his expression warm a little.

Shan Shiweng looked at Yan Zhaoge, “What did you just say”

Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands towards him, “This place is near to the Yin Yang Cloud Spring source; if a large fire blazed, the fire qi would affect the yin-yang equilibrium there.”

“The water vein of the Yin Yang Cloud Spring directly descends beneath Cloud Portent Mountain, connecting with its earth vein.

If any changes to the equilibrium of its pulse of qi occurs, it would affect the spiritual qi of the entire earth vein surrounding Cloud Portent Mountain as well.”

“To my generation of martial practitioners, these effects would not be evident at all, but to the pith of the Giant Spirit Magnetite quarry that was already originally damaged, any little bit of change to the surroundings would also affect it.”

Yan Zhaoge paused for a moment, before he continued, “With the fire qi entering the ground, the spiritual qi of the earth vein will naturally adjust itself accordingly, itself becoming more yin-cold in order to achieve a balance with the foreign fire qi.”

“And the earth vein becoming more yin-cold would damage the pith of the Giant Spirit Magnetite quarry a step further.”

The crowd of Infinite Boundless Mountain practitioners were all either uncomprehending or unsatisfied, thus wanting to rebuke Yan Zhaoge.

However, they did not dare to rashly cause trouble due to the deterring presence of their clan’s Elders.

Ji Hanru’s brows were knit tightly as his gaze was fixated on Yan Zhaoge.

Shan Shiweng and Elder Zuo did not speak, as the Magnetite Elder asked in a deep tone, “The earth vein becoming more yin-cold will damage the Giant Spirit Magnetite quarry”

To Infinite Boundless Mountain, Giant Spirit Magnetite was one of its most important resources, virtually having accompanied it all the way throughout, from its initial founding to its later development and subsequent rise to power.

Infinite Boundless Mountain naturally had researched deeply into and possessed a deep understanding of Giant Spirit Magnetite.

As the foremost of all the First Seat Elders, the Magnetite Elder was specifically tasked with sitting over Cloud Portent Mountain’s Giant Spirit Magnetite quarry.

His understanding of Giant Spirit Magnetite, in the entire Infinite Boundless Mountain, was also numbered within the highest ranks.

Yan Zhaoge’s words surpassed his knowledge, but consolidating everything that he knew, he vaguely felt that it did make sense.

Considering the importance of this matter, the Magnetite Elder did not directly and arbitrarily rebuke Yan Zhaoge.

However, the doubt within his tone could not be more obvious.

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “The Giant Spirit Magnetite firmly keeps the elements together, the spiritual qi vigorous as a single body, seemingly not caring about the division of yin and yang.”

“However, within the birth of the spirit ore exists the process of yin and yang combining.”

“Your clan’s vein here as well as the one back at Infinite Boundless Mountain continuing to dry up is because your method with which you use to mine Giant Spirit Magnetite consists of violently digging it out with the power of unyielding yang.”

“In order to acclimatise to this foreign heat of unyielding yang, the earth vein where the quarry resides has naturally borne cold yin in order to seek an equilibrium.”

“After a long time of this, the power of cold yin has harmed the pith of the quarry, thereby causing the amount of Giant Spirit Magnetite produced within to decrease, till the point of finally drying up.”

Yan Zhaoge spoke with confidence and composure, his words flowing fluently whilst also orderly, “You may perhaps have discovered the cold-hot yin-yang changes to the spiritual qi in the surrounding environment of the quarry, yet not being able to link it to this area due to not understanding the principle behind how Giant Spirit Magnetite is born.”

Hearing till here, not only the Magnetite Elder but also Shan Shiweng and Elder Zuo began pondering deeply.

After some time, Elder Zuo asked, “But, how then did you come to know of these things”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I have let seniors see my laughable abilities.

From young, I have loved studying into many miscellaneous things, liking to read through old texts and research ancient words, especially being fascinated with the remnants texts of before the Great Calamity.

Up till now, I have even let my martial cultivation get held back as a result, resulting in my clan’s seniors being somewhat dissatisfied with me.”

“And it may seem like a slight affront to say this, but as you seniors here should know, the Giant Spirit Profound Art was not actually invented by your founder.”

A part of the foundation for Infinite Boundless Mountain’s establishment was its core Profound Art, the Giant Spirit Profound Art, of a precious martial scripture that had existed before the Great Calamity.

Infinite Boundless Mountain’s founder had obtained a damaged, incomplete version of it.

After researching and cultivating in it, restoring and creating it anew, the current Giant Spirit Profound Art had then been born.

The current martial scriptures of the current Eight Extremities World had mostly all been obtained this way, just that the Giant Spirit Profound Art that Infinite Boundless Mountain’s founder had obtained then had comparatively been rather complete.

Therefore, the current Giant Spirit Profound Art was also comparatively closer to that of the ancient texts of before the Great Calamity.

Infinite Boundless Mountain had never denied this point; Shan Shiweng directly nodded, “That’s right.”

He looked at Yan Zhaoge, “The meaning of your words is that you have obtained the complete version of the Giant Spirit Profound Art from before the Great Calamity”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “That’s naturally not it; sorting out the ancient texts that were left behind, what I obtained was some information related to the Giant Spirit Clan of before the Great Calamity.”

Before the Great Calamity, there had existed a strong power known as the Giant Spirit Clan.

The Giant Spirit Profound Art had been theirs then.

Yan Zhaoge spoke, “Before the Great Calamity, in cultivating the Giant Spirit Profound Art, the martial practitioners of the Giant Spirit Clan had already begun enlisting the help of Giant Spirit Magnetite.

Within this information also contained some research regarding Giant Spirit Magnetite quarries.”

“This mere unskilled one, in daring to offer my assistance and make this trip to Cloud Portent Mountain, naturally won’t speak off my mouth, randomly speaking out whatever.”

As Yan Zhaoge said thus, he smiled slightly, “The damage caused by the underground cold yin qi, accumulated over time, would not usually be obvious.

However, with the pith of the quarry already having been damaged, some slight changes should actually also feel very obvious.”

“Your clan’s people previously didn’t notice the problem in this area, perhaps having been unable to catch it.

However, now that you are aware of it, with such a deep quarry pith as a target for careful checking, I believe that you can find that my words are not false.”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge immediately shut his mouth smilingly as he placed his hands behind his back, staying silently there whilst not moving an inch.

Pondering deeply for a moment, the Magnetite Elder then said in a deep tone, “I’ll go down and see.”

Shan Shiweng nodded gently.

Ji Hanru and the other Infinite Boundless Mountain disciples all felt a little awkward at this time.

They all hoped that Yan Zhaoge would be proved as spouting nonsense, or they would really have made a big fool out of themselves this time.

The person who had set the fire and in effect endangered the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein was related to their own clan.

Broad Creed Mountain’s people, in having helped and extinguished the fire, would instead have become their benefactors.

Themselves having been beaten earlier, not only would that have been for nothing, they would also have to thank them and apologise to them for their earlier actions.

Still having to pay back a smile after having taken a slap-this was already not something that ‘aggrieved’ could describe.

Elder Zuo stared at Yan Zhaoge, “If it is really as you say, our clan will first thank your Broad Creed Mountain with cupped hands.

Still, it must be known that the one who set the fire did so whilst being unaware of the overall situation.”

“Rules cannot be discarded lightly.

Something that happened within the lands of my Infinite Boundless Mountain naturally has to be dealt with by our laws; when have we needed others to interfere and do it for us”

Yan Zhaoge said calmly, “If there had been time, I would also have wanted to wait for those of Infinite Boundless Mountain to rush over to handle the matter.

Having had no time for that, we have indeed taken liberties.”

Elder Zuo narrowed his eyes as Fu Enshu now directed a glance from over beside him, “Zuo Cheng, are you finding trouble”

“If you want to rip our relationship apart, then let us talk properly about it for a bit.”

“Just having arrived here, we immediately met with people causing trouble; was all of this really a coincidence” Fu Enshu’s willow-like brows gradually stood on end, “Do you think I am stupid, or do you think that my Broad Creed Mountain is good to bully”

Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Elder Zuo had a grave expression on his face, “Fu Enshu…”

Not waiting for him to finish, Shan Shiweng raised his palm, saying slowly, “Everything, shall await Magnetite’s return.”

Elder Zuo looked at Shan Shiweng, the latter meeting his gaze calmly.

This decrepit-looking Shan Shiweng who seldom gave his opinions actually possessed the highest cultivation and the highest seniority amongst these three Infinite Boundless Mountain bigwigs.

Elder Zuo retracted his gaze, falling into silence.

Still, after a brief moment, the Magnetite Elder had already returned.

A grave expression on his face, he nodded towards Shan Shiweng and Elder Zuo.

No words needed to be said; from his expression alone, the other Infinite Boundless Mountain martial practitioners all saw only blackness.

Ji Hanru closed his eyes somewhat painfully, clenching his teeth tight, to the point that his gums almost bled.


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