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Chapter 1258: Suicide Expert


The Pill Hall hall spirits lingering intent which had turned into words seemed to be talking about everything that happened in the past.

When Yan Zhaoge saw it, his thoughts were all jumbled up.

Many memories that were hidden deep down in his mind resurfaced.

Ever since he came to this world during his past life, and when he had his own consciousness, he was already the Heaven Courts Divine Palaces Martial Repository, the Primordial Prosperous Pavilions spirit.

There, he browsed through the Heavenly Courts collections of books.

Due to him being a spirit, he was very fast in terms of reading.

Without trying to fully understand them, his memory was also very convenient for him.

He just did it very easily.

After he finished reading the martial arts scriptures, he started reading information about humanities.

After he finished reading the information about humans, he read formations graphs.

Later on, he didnt let go of the books which contained methods to refine artifacts, alchemy and pill formulas either.

While he was reading the books, he was also observing people.

He saw the Immortals in the Heavenly Court walking around and flying around in the sky.

He also observed the way Immortals cultivated.

They either got it through in one sitting or were stuck with many questions.

He saw a group of Immortals meeting up to discuss scriptures and arts together.

He had also witnessed the despicableness in Immortals when they were scheming on each other.

However, despite witnessing so many things, they were purely there to satisfy his boredom.

Just like the Pill Halls hall spirit when it formed its own intelligence.

Yan Zhaoge immediately realized that he was stuck in this place with no means of escaping.

During that time, Yan Zhaoge also felt like he was in a cage.

Other than reading books and observing people, he couldnt do anything else.

He still had to be wary of others discovering his unusualness.

After all, among all the spirits in the buildings of Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, only he was a special “counterfeit”.

He wasnt a building spirit that formed his own intelligence.

Instead, he was an outsider spirit that had taken over the Martial Repositorys spirit.

Despite the constant self-mockery about how great of a job being a librarian is, he wasnt a person anymore.

That feeling really made Yan Zhaoges heart feel complicated.

After the Pill Halls hall spirit harbored its own intelligence, it wasnt willing to accept its own fate just like that.

As its “predecessor”, Yan Zhaoge was no exception.

Especially when Yan Zhaoge of that time had confusion and fear deep down in his heart.

How did I turn out to become like this

The Heaven Courts cultivators with different cultivations that were going in and out of the Martial Repository are one thing.

As for the rulers in the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, the legendary magnificent figures that were reigning at the top, would they realize something off about the Martial Repository Did someone realize that the spirit of that place was already swapped away, and wasnt a true building spirit anymore, and was instead… a human”

Did they not realize it, or did they pretend to not know anything

If they found out about it, how would they deal with me

If no one realized it, who was helping me cover-up Was it the person that made me the way I was now

There were too many questions in Yan Zhaoges heart.

Following the passage of time, everything seemed to remain normal.

Nobody realized the secrets in the Martial Repository.

After Yan Zhaoges heart had gradually calmed down, he finally decided… to strike!

No matter if it was the previous life or his present, he wasnt one that was willing to remain passive.

Compared to the danger he might bring upon himself, Yan Zhaoge wanted to know the truth even more.

In his past life where he was reading the books in the Martial Repository, it laid out the foundations for Yan Zhaoge in his current life.

However, Yan Zhaoge didnt like this kind of thing to happen to himself, where he wasnt aware of what had happened.

If he had to choose between “the more you know, the faster youll die” and “you wont even know how you died”, he would prefer the former.

In the end, he attempted to probe the legendary big figures reactions.

Yan Zhaoge used his desire to “become human again” made a lunatical attempt.

It could also be called a lunatical suicide.

He tried to forge a human body for himself.

The stored books in the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace were naturally not the normal papers used in the mortal realm.

They were all treasures.

Some treasures hadnt been recorded into the scriptures yet.

They were left aside, and were to be used in the future.

As a spirit of the Martial Repository, it wasnt hard for Yan Zhaoge to keep some for himself.

However, gathering enough of it just requires a longer period of time.

He wasnt in a hurry.

He utilized this period of time to fathom the structure of a human body.

When someone came to read the scriptures in the Martial Repository, they would usually cultivate on the spot.

Using this chance, Yan Zhaoge could slowly observe them.

He wasnt so direct and violent like the Pill Halls hall spirit.

After a long period of efforts and attempts, Yan Zhaoge had succeeded.

In the Martial Repository, another person appeared out of thin air.

As the spirit in the Martial Repository, it was very easy for him to mask the existence of his fake body.

There were many Immortals who went in and out of the Martial Repository.

No one noticed anything out of the ordinary.

Yan Zhaoge believed that the top notch bigwigs in the Heavenly Court might have found out about what he had done.

However, in the end, no one seemed to have realized anything.

“Its not that no one realized it.

There must have been a few people that realized it, but were just hiding it from everyone else.” Yan Zhaoge said to himself, “Otherwise, all of them had realized it.

They just came to a mutual agreement to pretend not to know anything.”

Through this, a thought sprouted in Yan Zhaoges mind.

Him being the Martial Repository spirit wasnt a coincidence.

He did not continue attempting to probe or challenge the other party.

Instead, he continued remaining silent for a while.

Everything was just going on as usual.

He was just fanthoming the body he had forged.

Yan Zhaoge did not blindly attach himself into that body.

Instead, he separated part of his mind to fuse with it.

There were many imperfections and flaws about the forged body.

When used to cultivate martial arts, the progression would be slow, and the realm would be limited.

However, through this forged body, Yan Zhaoge finally wasnt all talk anymore.

He finally had a chance to experiment the things he had learned in the pile of books in the Heavenly Court.

It was one of Yan Zhaoges rare fun times in the Heavenly Court.

Avoiding everyone in and out of the Martial Repository seemed to have turned into a game as well.

However, the mystery inside Yan Zhaoges heart had always existed.

He had also never ignored it.

He was just temporarily being patient.

He wanted to observe more for a better conclusion.

Unfortunately, beyond Yan Zhaoges expectation, a Grand Calamity awaited him.

Not only the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, even the whole great thousand worlds had shattered.

After going round and round, as he finally came back to his senses again, he was already in his current life.

Now, after stepping into part of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace again, everything that happened in his previous life became vivid in his mind.

Yan Zhaoge had never forgotten the deeply engraved memories that were still for a long period.

Yan Zhaoge gave out a sigh in his heart when he saw the Pill Halls hall spirit gaining intelligence as well, “In the end, you and I are not the same.”

He took the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

He advanced towards the altar by the Northwest and placed the furnace on top of it.

As lights and shadow were floating, the fourth intent left by the Pill Halls hall spirit had condensed into actual words.

“Only six were in the first batch.

Despite the numbers being very little, I would succeed at one point of time as long as this goes on… Greed, humans nature.

Ill have to use this as bait… Who stole my Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace! How can this brat manage to bring away the furnace… You spoilt my plan! This vengeance wouldnt allow us to coexist with each other! I hate you! I hate you!! I hate you!!!”

When Yan Zhaoge read this sentence, his face twitched a little.

Cloud Emperor and He Mian didnt know whether to laugh or not.

They turned their heads around and looked at Yan Zhaoge.

This was the fourth sentence left by the hall spirit.

There was still a fifth sentence by the altar in the middle.

“Curse that brat who stole my furnace, and spoiled my plan… If it be true I succeed, I shall kill you!”

Seeing the speechless Cloud Emperor and his disciple, Yan Zhaoge pouted, “We could navigate around the Pill Hall so successfully because of the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnaces guidance.

We also activated many secret arts, and uncovered the truth.

However, we also offended the hall spirit.

We did gain something, and lose something else… Hmph, that should be our overall situation.”

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