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Chapter 1260: Incompetent Teammates Will Drag the Teammates Down, But Bulls Would Do the Same As Well


“Bull Demon and… Fox Demon” Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly.

The two bull-headed fellows had too much resemblance to the feature of a bull on their body.

However, based on their looks, it seemed like their intelligence had matured, and they could transform into a human figure.

As for the two women, based on their body figure and demeanor, they might be Fox Demons that had transformed into a human figure.

Fox Demons were far better in terms of transformation compared to that of a Bull Demon.

When they transform into humans, it would be hard to differentiate them from normal humans without any special methods.

In the Daoist universe, there were practically little to no Demon Race who could transform themselves into humans.

However, after reaching the Fire Dragon World, Yan Zhaoge naturally knew that most of the Demon Race in the world had gone to the other side of the universe.

This time, they found the Pill Hall based on the clues they had.

Due to historical reasons, there were many kinds of grudges between the Demon Race and the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

Among the Daoist history, there were many bigwigs of the Demon Race who had successfully become Immortals as well.

It wasnt anything out of the ordinary for them to hold some kind of clues or treasures regarding the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Pill Hall.

Roving Jade Heavens already knew beforehand that the Demon Race was going to interfere in todays matter, and had already informed Yan Zhaoge beforehand.

Now that he met the opponents, he wasnt surprised at all.

He and the Cloud Emperor looked at each other.

They were thinking of how to mingle together with these demons who have been quietly observing and had just appeared in the world again.

They both didnt hold any grudge against each other.

Working together was far better than going against each other.

Again, among all the experts that he knew of that were within the Pill Halls universe, the hall spirit had the biggest advantage.

It was currently forging its own body and had merely been delayed for a while.

No matter if it succeeded or not, it could gain back its strong control power over the Pill Hall.

It would be more reasonable for others to work together and take it down first.

Only by then should they fight each other.

To a certain extent, they were all outsiders.

Naturally, they should be in the same faction and fight against the Pill Hall hall spirit together.

Only with the spoils of wars present should they start fighting against each other.

Yan Zhaoge and the Cloud Conquest Emperor exchanged their gazes.

Since they both had the same point of view, they both nodded.

However, before they could even speak, the two black Bull Demons shouted first, “The few of you, quickly tell me.

Did you all steal the divine pills and the spirit medicines in the pill storage”

The bellow of a bull was like thunder.

It shook the surrounding cosmos and void, and thunder seemed to have struck their eardrums.

Yan Zhaoge was left speechless for a while after hearing it.

He forcefully smiled with his mouth, “Compared to that, we have a much more urgent matter right now.

I think the few of you arent aware of it yet, right”

“Not only has this Pill Halls hall spirit not perished yet, it even gained its own intelligence, and became just like an actual living being.

Its ruthless and brutal.”

“We are now inside the Pill Hall.

Its very easy for it to take control over us.” said Yan Zhaoge, “To him, everything here is its treasure, and we are its uninvited guest.

Since we are intruders that were looting its treasures, it would definitely want to kill us at all costs.”

“We have no grudges at all.

Were all here for treasures.

How about we both work together first, and dispose of the threat posed by the hall spirit After that, well just slowly discuss the ownership of the treasures.”

Before Yan Zhaoge had finished speaking, disdain and scornful expressions were displayed on the faces of the two black Bull Demons.

“Huh” Yan Zhaoge immediately became alerted.

Instead, the two gorgeous women seemed to be listening to what he was saying very seriously.

A hint of approval even appeared on their face.

However, Yan Zhaoge could clearly feel that the women were secretly transmitting something to the two black Bull Demons.

Although he wasnt sure of the exact contents of the voice transmission, it seemed like the Fox Demons were reminding the Bull Demons about something.

The two black Bull Demons wanted to say something.

After hearing the voice transmission, annoyance appeared on their faces.

However, they suppressed their own emotions, turned their face in another direction, and did not refute at all.

“Isnt what fellow Daoist said a little hard to believe We certainly do know that the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces buildings have their own spirit.

However, I have never heard of a hall spirit bearing its own intelligence.” A woman smiled in a charming manner, and said, “Since fellow Daoists said so, do you have any proof”

She covered her lips and smiled charmingly, “Ah, right.

How should I refer to you three fellow Daoists as”

Although her looks were very pretty, Yan Zhaoge was not moved by it at all.

He narrowed his eyes and was observing her.

Cloud Conquest Emperor and He Mian both had the same expression.

The fox spirit remained flirtatious.

Within her eyes, puzzlement and aggrievement appeared.

She lowered her head and looked at her clothes, “Did I say something wrong Why do you three fellow Daoists have to look at me like that”

“Its not that I do not believe what you fellow Daoists had said, I just felt that it was really unbelievable…”

The woman beside her widened her eyes.

Her hands were on her waist, and she had a fierce expression on her face.

He looked at Yan Zhaoge in dissatisfaction, “We havent met each other before, and we dont know each other.

Its normal for my sister to have suspicions.

You just said you wanted to work together, and yet youre displaying such a face.

What do you mean”

Although the woman was questioning, her face was still very charming.

It was radiating with a different kind of beauty.

However, Yan Zhaoge and the others remained calm.

“The two of you dont possess any flaws.

Anyone would choose to believe you.” Yan Zhaoge felt amused when he looked at them, “Sadly, there are two people behind you that are holding you back.

With the four of you standing together, anyone would think that its weird by just looking at both of your expressions.”

While the two fox spirits still maintained a charming face, they sighed in their heart.

Pigs would drag their teammates down, but bulls would do the same as well.

Without turning their heads to look at them closely, they could already see that the two fellows did not cooperate with their performance through the corner of their eyes.

This had become their weakness.

“Moreover, you both secretly voiced transmitting.” Cloud Conquest Emperor said calmly, “Despite being old, I havent reached the stage of becoming blind yet.”

A black Bull Demon said impatiently, “I already said beforehand to not speak nonsense to them.

Just take them down first!”

The fox beside him let out a sigh, “Since were already exposed, we can only do so.”

As she was talking, fragrance floated from their body and spread to their surroundings.

It slowly surrounded their side of the cosmos.

As for the other fox beauty with a charming appearance, she wanted to surround Yan Zhaoge and the others in order to block their path.

She said in a pissed tone, “You two simple-minded bulls.

Do you know how strong they are, or what methods they have Even if they cant beat us, what if one of them runs away How could we find them Wouldnt it have been much better to trick them together and surround them on the way”

The black Bull Demon shouted, “A True Immortal, and two Human Immortals.

We cant beat them up Youre just a coward and overthinks too much.

Such a hassle!”

As he was talking, he and the other black Bull Demon lunged themselves towards Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Yan Zhaoge and Cloud Conquest Emperor both looked at each other, “Looks like something had happened which we arent aware of.

Should we try to keep them alive”

[1] The title was intended as a pun.

Incompetent teammates were referred to as 豬隊友 while competent teammates were referred to as 牛隊友.

In terms of literal meaning, 豬 would be pig while 牛 would be bull.

Hence, not just 豬隊友 as incompetent teammates drag the team down, but 牛隊友 as literal bull teammates would do too, based on the current story progression.

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