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Chapter 1261: Without Comparison, No Harm Would Be Done


The fake expressions of the Fox Demons might be how normal people would react when they heard that the Pill Halls hall spirit had its own intelligence.

However, the two bulls showed a flaw, and exposed something.

They already knew that the Pill Halls hall spirit had gained its own intelligence.

Originally, this was nothing.

They might have reached the Purple Divine Pavilion, or they might also have other news sources.

They might be attacked by the hall spirit already too.

However, even after knowing about it, they werent worried at all.

When the two Fox Demons tried to trick Yan Zhaoge and the others, something was out of the ordinary.

Based on Yan Zhaoges instinct, there was hidden information that his side wasnt aware of.

If thats the case, it would be better to directly take down the demons and question them.

“Theyre Demon Immortals after all.

Lets just try it.” Cloud Emperor decided to do the same.

He raised his hands.

In an instant, a huge sword formation materialised within the void.

Dark red sword-lights covered the sky, with an area even wider than the fragrance produced by the Fox Demon.

Its easy to tell who is an expert the moment he makes a move.

The moment Cloud Conquest Emperors sword-lights rose, the four demons were surprised.

Their gaze was filled with seriousness.

“This Daoist True Immortal isnt ordinary!” The Fox Demon that wanted to surround Yan Zhaoge and the others with the fragrance said in a deep tone, “Hold him back, and deal with those two Human Immortals first.

Little sister, you hold one guy back.

You dont have to do much, just dont let any mistakes happen.

Gao Ling, you quickly take down the other guy.”

Among the four demons, three of them were Demon Immortals.

Only the youngest Fox Demon was a Demon King.

It was no wonder that the two bulls did not hold Yan Zhaoge and the others in high regard.

In their consciousness, the opponents were existences who posed no threat at all.

Even if they were unable to capture Yan Zhaoge and the others, the worst case scenario would just be them escaping.

They had no chances of losing.

However, the moment Cloud Conquest Emperor erected his sword formation, they immediately lost their underestimations towards them.

The black Bull Demon called Gao Ling snorted, “They seem to want to take down the four of us.”

Despite saying that, he did not refute his companions orders.

He immediately rushed towards He Mian.

The other black Bull Demon let out a low growl, and rushed towards the Cloud Conquest Emperor.

The other Demon Immortal Fox Demon who was older also went up against the Cloud Conquest Emperor.

They wanted to hold the Cloud Emperor back with their forces combined.

After their companions had succeeded, only by then would they fight the Cloud Emperor together.

As for the Demon King Fox Demon who was younger, she was smiling at Yan Zhaoge.

She didnt take any actions, and was just holding him back.

She wanted to prevent Yan Zhaoge from assisting He Mian.

They had the intentions to capture the two Human Immortals alive.

Even if the Cloud Emperor were to escape, they would accept it.

Because of that, they didnt plan to sustain the other two Human Immortals attacks with their own Demon Immortal body, and to fight a battle to the death with the Cloud Emperor.

“You guys are thinking too much.” Yan Zhaoge felt humorous seeing this scene.

He remained on the spot, and did not move at all.

Within He Mians eyes, red lights flickered.

He immediately disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already behind the black Bull Demon, Gao Ling.

Gao Ling immediately noticed it.

His body that looked clunky moved as swift as thunder, and both of his fists were hurled towards He Mian.

However, he hit nothing.

He Mian had reappeared behind his back, and his sword was already slashing down.

“Despite being from the Prime Clear lineage, you wouldnt hurt my bronze skin and steel bones when you havent even achieved the body of an Immortal.

Besides, is there any difference between an Immortal and a Mortal” The bull received He Mians attacks with disdain.

After that, he flipped his hand over, and wanted to grab He Mian.

However, red lights quickly surged and expanded on He Mians sword tip.

Layers of dark red sword-light flew everywhere, and quickly formed a sword formation that surrounded the black Bull Demon, Gao Ling.

Although he couldnt hurt Gao Ling, he transported Gao Ling far away using the sword formation.

The bull was dumbstruck for a while.

After that, he immediately entered a deep rage.

He transversed through the void while growling, and was rushing to return.

However, He Mians figure flickered, and immediately reached the front of the Demon King Fox Demon.

How strong or weak one was depends on who they were being compared with.

Despite suffering so many setbacks from Yan Zhaoge, and losing to him, He Mian was still the “Sword Shaking Nine Heavens.” He was one of the most outstanding descendants of the Roving Jade Heavens.

Under the same realm, there wasnt much that could be his opponent.

Only the heavens favoured child of the same realm could have a fight with him.

The expression of the younger Fox Demon instantly changed, and she immediately backed off.

Her duty was just to hold Yan Zhaoge back to prevent Yan Zhaoge from helping He Mian.

She never expected the opponent to be so wild.

In this situation, the one in danger was now her.

Within the Fox Demons eyes, moisture appeared.

However, they werent condensed into tears.

Other than fear, unyieldingness also appeared within her eyes.

That face was even more touching than a face filled with tears.

Anyone who saw it would uncontrollably be compassionate towards her.

He Mian felt that compassion arose within his heart, and the killing intent on his sword edge lessened.

Immediately, he realised that something was off.

His eyes flickered, and green light appeared.

When the sword intent of the Immortal Exterminating Sword which destroyed Dao appeared, He Mians mind immediately became clear.

His sword intent became fierce and merciless again.

Seeing her opponents condition, she felt bitter within.

Her whole body was frightened by He Mians sword intent, and she felt like her body was paralyzed.

She wanted to dodge, but her whole body was stiff.

She stood still just like a log.

The Fox Demons gaze was shifting around.

She could only hope that her companion would rescue her.

The black Bull Demon called Gao Ling was still rushing here from afar.

She could only place her hopes on her sister and the other black Bull Demon.

After that, she saw blood being splattered.

Green, red, black.

The sword-lights of these colours filled up the void, and fused together as one.

After being compressed, it immediately caused the two thick arms of the black Bull Demon that was attacking the Cloud Emperor to fly up high in the sky.

The black Bull Demon was in agony, and kept wallowing.

After a fanatical roar, it reverted back to its original appearance, and transformed into a black bull.

However, its front hooves were already gone.

Under the agonizing pain, his eyes turned red.

He lowered his head, and with a leap using his back legs, its horns came crashing towards the Cloud Emperor.

The black Bull Demon was angry and afraid after the defence he was so proud of was destroyed by the opponent.

However, his fear and rage gave him a tremendous amount of strength, which allowed him to launch a suicidal attack.

Even a Daoist True Immortals body would have an addition of two holes if they were knocked by the horns.

However, Cloud Conquest Emperor remained on the spot.

He did not intend to escape from this suicidal attack.

The arrogance and sharpness were leaking out from him, who was a sword cultivator of the Prime Clear lineage.

He stood on the same spot, and did not dodge at all.

With a spin and a flip in the air, the sword-light in his hands immediately came clashing towards the horns.

The horrifying sword-light completely cut the two horns together.

After that, his empty hand extended, and placed it on the bull head which was as big as a mountain.

The bull who was fanatically running immediately stopped, and couldnt move at all.

With one hand stopping the black Bull Demons movements, sword-light flickered in Cloud Emperors other hand.

He slashed it towards the Demon Immortal Fox Demon.

The fragrance which engulfed the whole universe immediately dissipated.

The dark red sword-lights intersected with each other.

It was as if a net that covered the heavens and earth had formed.

It locked the demons inside.

The facial expression of the Fox Demon who was already a Demon Immortal immediately changed.

She yelled, “Gao Ling, you leave first!”

The black Bull Demon, Gao Ling had just returned from afar.

As he widened his eyes to witness everything that was happening, he almost tripped.

“Even if theres only one person escaping, its good enough!” The Fox Demon said hurriedly, “Otherwise, no one would be able to report this situation!”

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