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Chapter 1262: You Look Delicious


The black Bull Demon widened his eyes which were as big as a bronze pail, and thick air was being blown out from his nostrils.

However, he accepted the reality very quickly.

He knew that what his companion said was correct.

The enemies in front of him were unexpectedly strong.

If this went on, no one would be able to escape.

Gao Ling roared resentfully, and pounced backwards.

On his hand, a Reckless Iron Rod appeared.

Originally, this was used to deal with He Mian.

However, he couldnt be bothered to do so now.

The iron rod that seemed capable of supporting the skies was swung by the bull.

With an aura capable of destroying the earth, it hit towards the crimson red sword-light net which was blocking his path.

At this moment, a human figure appeared in front of the black bull spirit, Gao Ling.

It was Yan Zhaoge who had been remaining idle.

However, at this moment, the bulls mentality was filled with tension.

He didnt dare to be too arrogant anymore, and dare not underestimate Yan Zhaoge.

A thought flashed within his mind, “Such quick speed! Just based on this speed alone, he isnt some kind of simple person.”

As he thought of this, Gao Ling immediately swung his rod downwards.

He used his full strength, and exerted a force which was over his limits.

Yan Zhaoge smiled while seeing this scene.

He raised one of his hands to go up against Gao Lings iron rod.

Although he didnt dare to underestimate Yan Zhaoge anymore, Gao Ling got very angry at this moment.

Im not underestimating him, and yet hes underestimating me

As a Bull Demon, the part which he was the proudest of was his strength and endurance.

Even his bronze skin and iron bones pales in comparison.

Especially the iron rod in Gao Lings hands.

It was a treasure which he had refined using a whole Divine Iron Vein, and it was extremely heavy.

With the fusion of his own divine powers and the iron rod, even Gao Ling would have his bones broken if he were to get hit.

“How dare you be so arrogant! Its your own fault!”

Wherever the rod passes, void would shatter into pieces.

It would be extremely distorted, and would take a long time to recover.

Below the rod where nothing was in contact with it, ripples were expanding from the void after being crushed by that energy, where cracks and shatters appeared.

However, when the vibrating ripples were spread till a certain distance, it immediately stopped, as if it was being blocked by something shapeless.

The energy did not leak out substantially.

Instead, everything was compressed into a small area within the void.

The energy became even more condensed, and even more horrifying!

Yan Zhaoge even felt that the world in front of his eyes seemed to have frozen.

Everything became solid, which rendered him unable to move.

A part of the world seemed to have changed its form under the opponents rod.

The strength of this attack from the black Bull Demon, Gao Ling was so strong it seemed to vaguely resemble the effects during time where Yan Zhaoge used the Cyclic Heavenly Seal to fight against the Candle Sunlight Emperor, Immortal Court Frigid Thunder Emperor Ruan Mingyan and the others.

“As expected of the Demon Race who are famous for their strength.” Yan Zhaoge nodded and praised.

He still held only one of his hands up.

He used his own flesh to receive Gao Lings rods attack!

Taiyi Fists fist intent was condensed, and formed into a form of defence.

It cancelled the killing power forcefully brought by the iron rod.

The force of Taiji Yin Yang Palm expanded, and drew the huge impact force to the bottom of his feet.

He performed an uppercut using the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, and continued confronting him directly.

With a casual strike of Yan Zhaoges palm, many kinds of profundities of supreme arts were contained within.

He effortlessly stopped the iron rod from lowering any further.

When the iron rod came in contact with Yan Zhaoges palm, the iron rod which had the force enough to make the heavens crumble was frozen in place, and could not move any further.

Between the iron rod and his palm, the compressed and shattered void immediately caused Yan Zhaoge to grab the nihility within.

The strength of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal capable of reversing heaven and earth was executed.

The uppercut to block the opponents rod was just the first half action.

The next half had a “flipping” action.

It would cause the opponents heavens and earth, and cause the whole world to be flipped over.

At first, when the black Bull Demon, Gao Lings explosive power was cancelled by Yan Zhaoge, he immediately felt a slight fatigue throughout his body.

The recoil from the iron rod almost made him unable to hold his own weapon firmly.

He felt like the rod had hit a divine mountain which would never ever crumble nor perish.

After he finished his attack, his opponent wasnt moving at all, and yet his hands were both numb.

In all honesty, even a thousand year old ancient cliff or a ten thousand years old divine mountain would crumble under this rods attack.

However, not only did Yan Zhaoge not budge, a huge force was even transmitted from him.

It seemed like Gao Lings whole body was almost flipped over.

If he didnt want to be flipped, he would have to let go of the Reckless Iron Rod.

This caused Gao Ling to be shocked.

“Is he really just a Human Immortal Even if its a True Immortal, no one can win me in terms of brute strength!”

At this moment, the black bulls temper rose.

He forcefully augmented his body with his strength, as he decided to never let go of the rod.

He grabbed the Reckless Iron Rod, and added in some strength to resist against Yan Zhaoge.

The two of them were standing in the void, and caused them to be in a stalemate.

The gap in their strength seemed to be very huge with how tiny and huge each of their figures were.

Within the Pill Halls universe, they started a brawl in physical strength.

However, the hilarious thing was that the tinier figure seemed to not budge at all, while the huge figure seemed to be trembling slightly.

As time went on, the tremble became more and more obvious.

The black Bull Demons face and neck was red from trying to exert his force.

He had no more demeanor of a Demon Immortal anymore.

He seemed like he was at his limitation in an arm wrestling match.

Amidst despair, he was desperately struggling to maintain his hand which was being pushed down by the opponent.

However, it only resulted in him losing much slower.

“Not bad, being able to endure it for so long.” Yan Zhaoge smiled while holding the Reckless Iron Rod, “Excellent, very excellent.

Your meat must be more tender.

You look delicious.”

When Gao Ling heard it, his eyes widened, and his eyeballs seemed like they were going to escape.

Yan Zhaoge smiled and shook his head.

On his hand which was holding onto the iron rod, magnificent energy was constantly being emitted from it continuously as if it had no end to it.

Finally, Gao Ling couldnt handle it any longer.

He still didnt want to let go of the iron rod.

In the end, he was flipped by Yan Zhaoge, and he spun in mid-air.

At this moment, it was Gao Lings turn to experience the compression from all directions in the void, which rendered him unable to move.

He let out a thunderous roar, and reverted back to his original form.

However, before he could raise his head, Yan Zhaoges other hand pressed onto the black Bull Demons head.

If the bull doesnt drink water, you press their head to force them to drink [1].

With Yan Zhaoges palm pressing on him, the black bull wasnt able to move at all despite having all four hooves of his manifested.

He couldnt even lift his own head.

After weighing the Reckless Iron Rod that was now in his hands, Yan Zhaoge seemed to be interested, “This is a great material to be used for reinforcing Immortal Artifact.”

On the other side, the Fox Demon who was a tenth-level Demon King was taken down by He Mian.

As for the other Demon Immortal Fox Demon, her tail was pierced through by the Cloud Conquest Emperors sword, and she was also being nailed by the void.

There was nothing within the void of the universe to begin with.

However, as if there was a shapeless wall, it nailed the Fox Demon who had reverted back to her original form, and left her hanging there.

The three great Demon Immortals and a Demon King was instantly captured.

The two cows were in defiance, but the two foxes were being very docile.

Facing Yan Zhaoge and the others questions, they could only tell them everything honestly.

Just like what they had expected, these demons already knew about the Pill Halls hall spirit possessing its own intelligence.

Of course, they didnt know about it beforehand.

They were only aware of it after they came in.

“With our grandfather around, we naturally dont have to be afraid of the Pill Halls hall spirit.” The younger Fox Demon put up a fierce front, “Our grandfather was living in the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace before the Grand Calamity.

Hes considered as an acquaintance with this Pill Halls hall spirit.”

“Within this Pill Hall, we are considered half of its owner!”

[1] A Chinese idiom which meant using brute force to force your enemy into submission.

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