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Chapter 1263: Ancient Old Demon


“Grandfather Lived in the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace before” Yan Zhaoge touched his chin and started thinking.

He looked at the two black Bull Demons, and looked at the two Fox Demons, “You both dont seem like husband and wife or partners.

However, this combination reminded me of a famous great demon.”

Cloud Emperor and He Mians eyes flickered, “Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens, Bull Demon King”

Bull Demon King, also known as Bull Demon King of Great Strength or King of Great Strength.

He called himself the Great Sage who Pacifies Heaven.

Now, this title had become an existence that was from a myth.

Many people of the current era would have difficulty recognising its existence.

However, no matter if it was Yan Zhaoge who had read through the books of Heavenly Court, or Cloud Conquest Emperor and his disciple who were of the Prime Clear lineage, they both knew what this title meant.

Great Sage who Pacifies Heaven.

He was one of the rulers who ruled over a part of the great thousand worlds, and was the authoritative figure of the Demon Race.

His strength was omnipotent, and he was a prestigious figure.

Despite being captured, the two black Bull Demons kept their waists straight, and had a prideful expression on their face.

However, when they remembered that they were captured alive as a Demon Immortal by a bunch of human Martial Saint, it was too shameful for them.

They immediately felt dejected.

Other than the bulls cultivation, there were other things which made him famous during the Journey to the West era.

One of them was his child, and the other was the matter which happened between his wife and concubine.

There was no need to mention about his wife, the Iron Fan Princess.

Other than his wife, the bull had a concubine.

Her name was Jade Faced Princess, and she stayed in the Accumulated Thunder Mountains Sky Scraping Cave.

She was a Fox Demon.

When he saw the bull and fox combination, Yan Zhaoge and the others first reaction was that they were the descendants which were related to the Bull Demon King and the Jade Faced fox.

Not because they were Bull Demon King and the Jade Faced Princesss descendants.

Instead, thanks to this pair of husband and wife, the Bull Demons and the Fox Demons became very close with each other.

During the time when the Demon Race was slowly becoming extinct, the races got much closer to one another in order to help each other in times of need.

If the ancestors of a race could have a relationship with someone of another race, it meant that the ancestors approved of their race.

Naturally, it would be much easier to cooperate with each other.

After that, many husbands and wives cultivation duo emerged between the Bull Demon race and the Fox Demon race.

“However…” Yan Zhaoge observed the two foxes, “You both dont seem to be of the Jade Faced Fox Clan.

You resemble the White Faced Fox Clan more.”

Cloud Conquest Emperor looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Fallen Deity seems to have a deep understanding about the Demon Race.”

After that, his gaze fell upon the two foxes, “Indeed.

Theyre the White Faced Fox Race, not the Jade Face Fox Race.

If they are the White Faced Fox Race, then the grandfather that lived in the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace…”

Yan Zhaoge clapped, “Longevity Gods White Deer!”

Longevity God, the god that controls the lifespan of humans.

In some myths, he was the same person as one of the Four Imperials of Daoism, Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

However, in this world, the two of them were different bigwigs of the Heavenly Court.

In the Journey to the West era, many kinds of myth were passed down through generations.

Other than the myths about the Bull Demon King and the Jade Faced Princess, there were also myths about Longevity Gods mount, the White Deer.

According to the myth, when Longevity God and Emperor Dong Hua were playing chess together, it took the opportunity to privately descend to the Biqiu Kingdom, a human kingdom.

The White Deer teamed up with a White Faced Fox.

The fox transformed itself into a meticulous beauty, and was presented to the king.

Meanwhile, the White Deer lived by himself with the title being the kings father-in-law.

After being subdued by the four people journeying to the west, Longevity God rescued him and brought him back to the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace after he was almost killed.

“Its understandable if its Longevity Gods White Deer.” Cloud Conquest Emperor nodded, “Although the White Faced Fox Clan and the Jade Faced Fox Clan have some differences, they are both of the Fox Race.

Naturally, they would be much closer compared to their bonds with other races.

Yan Zhaoge muttered, “Seems like during the Great Calamity, the White Deer escaped from the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, and returned back to the Demon Race.”

“If thats the case, Longevity God wasnt as fortunate.

He might have perished during the Grand Calamity…”

Longevity God controlled the longevity of humans, and possessed the same longevity as the heavens to begin with.

However, the famous luck stars life expectancy turned into zero because of the Great Calamity.

As they thought about this, the three of them seemed to have felt something.

The younger Fox Demon snorted and asked, “Do you know how great he is now”

Yan Zhaoge complimented, “Even such an old demon has come out of seclusion.

Seems like your Demon Race were really quietly observing changes during the past few years.”

It was highly possible that the White Deer demon was the leader of the Demon Race that came to the Pill Hall.

Since it had lived in the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace for so many years, he must have had many clues about the Pill Hall.

The White Faced Fox that cooperated with him was beaten to death at that time.

However, because of how close the White Faced Fox Demon was with him, the White Deer was friendly to them.

It was no wonder why they called the White Deer their grandfather.

The White Faced Fox Clan and Jade Faced Fox Clan were like siblings.

Because of the past, the Jade Faced Fox Clan and the Bull Races relationship were quite close.

This time, they also brought the Bull Race with them as helpers.

Although there was no Jade Faced Fox among the four of these demons, it was obvious that the Demon Race who followed the White Deer into the Pill Hall werent just these four people alone.

“Although it isnt the Great Sage who Pacifies Heaven, the Bull Demon King, hes still an old demon.” Yan Zhaoge and the others looked at each other.

They finally knew where the Demon Race got their confidence from.

Because of all the big matters that happened in every era, it was a habit to refer to the ancient eras as the Investitures of the Gods.

After that, the mid-ancient era would be referred to as the Journey to the West Era.

After that, with the transcendence of the Mystical Mountain Buddha, Gautama Buddha as a symbol, the New Era had started.

Now, it was the New Era.

However, because of the Great Calamity which caused such a drastic influence, and had almost destroyed the heavens and earth, everyone was used to using the Great Calamity as a division.

They classified the era before it as the Pre-Modern Era, and the era after the Great Calamity as the Modern Era.

If it was really the mount of Longevity God, the White Deer, it was naturally different from any normal Great Demons, considering how it lived from the mid-ancient era.

It was not necessary one would become stronger the longer they live.

This deer seemed quite useless in the Journey to the West myth.

However, how strong or weak someone was depends on who they were being compared with.

The mount Lord Longevity Godin the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace wasnt some wild deer adopted from the wilderness.

At the very least, Yan Zhaoge knew that the White Deers strength was considered exceptional way before the Great Calamity.

It was much stronger than many of the Immortals within the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

That was excluding the fact that he stole Longevity Gods Wyvern Sceptre when he descended into the mortal realm.

If the sceptre fell into his hands again, the outcome would be unimaginable.

Without exaggeration, without the hall spirit included, everyone among the hall wouldnt be able to defeat the deer even if they worked together.

“That old deer isnt afraid of the damaged Pill Hall hall spirit to begin with.

Now that the hall spirit is risking its life to rush the ritual, it would currently be in its weakest state.

This gave the old deer even more chances.” Yan Zhaoge looked at Cloud Emperor and his disciple, “However, it might also be an opportunity for us.”

“Just that the two of them have the possibility of working together.”

Cloud Conquest Emperor said, “Since were here, Im unwilling to return empty-handed.”

“Then we should utilize our time efficiently.” Yan Zhaoge smiled as he said.

He grabbed the black Bull Demon, Gao Ling, and tossed him to the side of the Cloud Emperor.

Cloud Emperor raised his sword, and slashed it downwards.

Gao Ling widened his eyes.

Before he could even let out a sound, his huge head was decapitated.

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