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Chapter 1266: Grand Virtual Immortal, Sonorous Voice of the Great Dao


Demon Races cultivation was extremely similar to that of a Daoism martial art practitioner.

After old man White Deer Demon presented his original form, Lofty Sovereign and the others vaguely felt it.

The old demon in front of them had refined five types of Immortal qi.

It was the Heavenly Lord Realm where Five Qis Unification.

In the Demon Race, they would be called a Small Saint.

The thing which made their hearts sank was the sceptre that didnt look outstanding on the old deers hand.

Wyvern Sceptre.

Before the Great Calamity, the treasure which the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Lord Longevity God brought along with him wherever he went.

It wasnt an artifact, and wasnt classified as an Immortal Artifact either.

However, its strength was beyond many Immortal Artifacts.

When the old deer secretly descended to the mortal realm, he stole this treasure and brought it along with him.

After that, he was brought back to the Heavenly Court along with the sceptre by Lord Longevity God.

Now that the Great Calamity had passed, and the White Deer Demon had managed to escape from the calamity, the Wyvern Sceptre would naturally fall into his hands.

Lofty Sovereign – Zhang Buxu let out a sigh.

As his Qin strings were vibrating, sword qi wasnt attacking the hall spirit anymore.

Instead, it vaguely pointed towards the White Deer.

“Dont be greedy about this place anymore.

Just try your best to escape.” Zhang Buxu shook his head and let out a sigh.

The White Deer Demons strength alone was enough to suppress everyone other than the hall spirit.

And yet, he colluded together with the hall spirit.

Even if the hall spirit didnt attack, and concentrated on completing his ritual, the situation would still be bad for them.

Zhang Buxu strided forward, and went up against the White Deer Demon.

He wasnt being selfless.

Instead, it was because the White Deer Demons target was him, as he was the only Profound Immortal present.

The others were no threat to the White Deer Demon who had Five Qis Unification.

Sure enough, the White Deer Demon was smiling.

He extended his hand and grabbed towards Zhang Buxu.

With his five fingers wide open, the power of the Five Elements started circulating.

A part of the world seemed to be suppressing towards Zhang Buxu.

As the demonic qi was skyrocketing, it seemed to resemble the changes in profundities displayed by the Jade Clear Lineages Cyclic Heavenly Scripture and Life Creation Heavenly Scripture.

Once upon a time, Lord Longevity God of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace was also a disciple of the Jade Clear Primordial Heavenly Lord.

The White Deer Demons supreme arts and techniques were mostly taught by Lord Longevity God.

After that, he would fuse them together with his demonic arts, which would pave a pathway which was suitable for him.

Zhang Buxus gaze turned serious.

He plucked the Qins strings, and the Qin melody started spreading.

They were systematically turned into jet black sword-lights, and were intersecting within the void.

They formed into a condensed and sharp sword net, and blocked the opponents palm.

After that, red light flickered from his body, and he started escaping towards another direction.

The White Deer Demon didnt hold the black sword net in high regards.

His palm still grabbed towards it.

As his palm descended, a voice suddenly resounded.

It wasnt the White Deer Demon that spoke.

Instead, following his actions, sounds resounded.

It sounded like multiple Heavenly Immortals singing a carol together.

Within the void of the Pill Halls internal universe, runes were being lighted up, and were fusing with one another to form bands of lights.

As the bands of lights were vibrating, a divine voice which was very pleasing to listen to, and filled with extraordinary profoundness resounded within the part of the world.

After the initial sound, the sonorous melody slowly became softer.

It wasnt because the melody became softer.

Instead, it became much more profound, and was hard to understand.

It included the profoundness of “The better the music was, the lower it sounds.

The better the image, the better it looks when its ethereal and faraway.”

As this sound sounded, other than the Lofty Sovereign – Zhang Buxu who was in the Profound Immortal Realm, everyone else felt as if their spirit was going to completely turn hollow.

They felt that they were slowly succumbing into a state of ignorance.

Nothing to think of, nothing to contemplate, nothing to miss, and nothing to remember.

Everything turned blank.

It was as if their entire body was being refined together with this melody of great dao.

The phenomenon of the peerless infinity appeared within Yan Zhaoges body, which caused his soul and thoughts to be more relaxed.

However, he could still feel his circulation of mind being oppressed.

He didnt do anything, nor did he display any special expressions.

He was just quietly observing.

He saw that the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud had already appeared on top of his fathers head, and was constantly switching between swirling and resting.

While he and Yan Dis conditions were slightly better, Long Xueji and He Mian looked sluggish.

The Cloud Conquest Emperor was also slightly better.

However, he was in a state where he was constantly circulating between being clear-headed and being sluggish.

“… Sonorous Voice of the Great Dao!” Yan Zhaoge let out a very long sigh.

Leakless True Immortal.

Tranquil Profound Immortal.

Grand Virtual Immortal.

Grand Virtual, also known as Great Virtual.

They were the representatives of all cultivators.

They were virtually tranquil because of how vast the dao was.

They were the foundations of the world, and even surpassed life creation.

With Five Qis Unification within ones chest, only by then would one be able to truly come in contact with the profundity of the great dao.

If someone cultivated to that level, they could discard their title as a martial art practitioner.

Instead, they could call themselves dao practitioners.

The Sonorous Voice of the Great Dao was the most obvious characteristic displayed when Virtual Immortals fought each other.

It was ingenious and ethereal, and was filled with profundities which were hard to interpret.

When the sonorous melody resounded, even a Leakless True Immortal which had pushed open the Immortal Door would be oppressed, which would render them into a state where they were unable to feel anything.

For martial arts practitioners, it wasnt anything bad.

It was more convenient for them to gain insights towards the profundities of martial arts.

With only slight efforts used, they would be able to accomplish great results.

It was a profound state where people desire.

However, if they were under this state when fighting against someone, it would render them defenseless, thus unable to do anything about their opponents attacks.

As a Profound Immortal, Lofty Sovereign – Zhang Buxu wasnt oppressed by the Sonorous Voice of the Great Dao by the White Deer Demon.

However, when the sonorous voice resounded, his Qins melody became negligible and insignificant.

The White Deer Demon used his bare hands to grab the dark sword net, and tore it apart.

After tearing the black sword net, his palm continued going downwards, and was grabbing towards Zhang Buxu.

Zhang Buxu quickly played the Qin with ten of his fingers.

Crimson, white, green, and black coloured sword lights were flying all around in the sky.

Different coloured sword-lights were fusing together by a group of twos and threes.

They were constantly changing, and were intersecting with each other as they danced around.

They were performing a soul-stirring piece.

The Qins melody became louder again.

While it was still insignificant compared to the Sonorous Voice of the Great Dao produced by the White Deer Demon with a wave of his hand, it wasnt dissipating.

It remained for a long time, and wasnt muffled by the opponents melody.

The White Deer Spirit made his move.

The brilliant great sun started to slowly return back to the dark void.

Yan Zhaoge felt an ice cold gaze on him.

Within the gaze, the hatred and killing intent was so intense that Yan Zhaoge was wondering if the opponent would just stop the ritual to dispose of him first.

However, the hall spirit did not take action in the end.

The White Deer Demon looked at the brilliant great sun that was going to disappear.

His eyes flickered as if he had just thought of something.

However, he felt a sense of irritation when he looked at Zhang Buxu who was in front of him.

He felt embarrassed when he couldnt immediately take down his opponent when he was the one who attacked.

Just as he wanted to punish Zhang Buxu, the White Deer Demons ears suddenly trembled.

He immediately raised his head, and swept his gaze around.

As if he felt something, the White Deer stared angrily at the brilliant great sun that was going to fade, and yelled, “Whos that”

“Enemy.” The Pill Hall hall spirit said coldly.

Currently, through the North Ocean Clone in the central control hub, Yan Zhaoge could see that another group of intruders had intruded the Pill Hall.

There wasnt only one of them.

However, the one in front of them was as fast as lightning.

Within a short amount of time, he had already traversed through layers of void, and was entering the core area which was engulfed in black shadows.

The Pill Halls cosmos and space which was intricate seemed like nothing to him.

As he entered, the shadow engulfing the core areas like the Purple Divine Pavilion and Pill Storage were all dissipating.

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