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As the person intruded, the light screen in front of the North Ocean Clone located in the central control hub became blurry.

It was difficult to continue displaying the mechanisms and pathways of the insides of the Pill Hall.

As for the medicine storage area where Yan Zhaoge and the others were, a fire was kindled among the cosmoss void.

The fire did not approach from far away to a nearer distance.

Instead, from the moment it was kindled, the raging flames had devoured the cosmos void, and turned the black cosmos into a flaming world.

The White Deer Demons facial expression turned unsightly when he saw this.

Facing the fire, he placed the Wyvern Sceptre in front of his chest.

He turned around, looked at the Pill Hall hall spirit, and scolded, “You already knew about such an existence beforehand.

You had already planned to let me be your cannon fodder How dared you!”

“Thy also desired the disposal of me and the others together.” The hall spirit – Awakened Sky answered peacefully, “If thy wanted to deal with me, thy is still destined to face him.

Does it matter if thy knew”

The White Deer Demon sneered, “Your forged body was refined from a vast amount of spirit pills, medicines, and precious resources.

Let me dispose of you first, and acquire these treasures.

As long as I get to keep them, it doesnt matter how much I managed to acquire!”

After he finished speaking, he didnt care about Zhang Buxu anymore.

He raised his Wyvern Sceptre, and smashed it against the great sun that was going to disappear!

When the scepter smashed against the great sun, the brilliant great sun that seemed ordinary, but was slowly fading into the darkness was immediately forced out of the void.

Under the horrifying pressure, the great sun distorted, and its shape transformed from a round shape to an oblate shape!

The hall spirit, which could withstand the combined attacks of the three Prime Clear Sword Cultivators – Lofty Sovereign, Cloud Emperor, and Long Xueji, was now having difficulties withstanding the White Deer Demons attack.

The brilliant great sun seemed like it was going to shatter.

However, a human silhouette slowly emerged from within the great sun and was slowly getting clearer and clearer.

It was a boys figure with a five to six years old appearance.

On the white face which was delicate, a hint of childishness could not be seen on his face.

Only ice-cold seriousness remained.

Between his brows, he was filled with brutalness and fierceness.

He was staring coldly at the White Deer Demon.

When Yan Zhaoge saw it, he immediately understood that it was the body the Pill Halls hall spirit had forged for himself.

However, Yan Zhaoge felt that something was even more off when he was looking at the body, “Theres something weird about it…”

In the next moment, the boy clasped his hands together.

After that, the sunlight which engulfed him slowly shrunk.

Without waiting for the White Deer Demons scepter to come crashing down, the boy suddenly extended his hand and pushed forward with his might.

The great sun formed by the brilliant sunlight exploded on its own.

Golden lights started spreading continuously everywhere.

However, below the boys body, the golden lights were being compressed inwards until they collapsed, and a huge black hole was formed.

Using the golden light as a form of defense, the boy successfully dropped down into the black hole.

The White Deer Demon was stunned.

It was because the Pill Halls hall spirits ritual hadnt been completed yet.

However, he stopped the ritual himself and utilized the explosion to flee.

As a result, while he managed to escape, his ritual had failed.

It was a chance that would never return a second time.

Once he failed, all his efforts would be for naught.

With the eyesight of the White Deer Demon, he could even see that the boys body was slowly disintegrating.

It seemed like it was returning back to the form of numerous divine pills and spiritual treasures.

“To hide from his opponent, he gave up so easily” The White Deer Demon felt that something wasnt right.

Unfortunately, the old deer didnt have much time to think about it.

In the faraway fiery sea, it vaguely resounded with a dragons roar.

A tall figure walked out from within the fire.

His hair was short, and his eyes were like thunder.

While the old deer wanted to chase after the Pill Halls hall spirit, the fire dragon was already lunging itself towards him.

On the other side, Yan Zhaoge and the others were affected by the gravitational force of the black hole, and everyone fell into it.

The black hole immediately disappeared.

The old white deer was both surprised and furious.

However, he could only fight against the new opponent before him.

After entering the black hole, space seemed to be in constant change and was in a total state of disorder.

After a while, everything returned back to normal.

“Were still within the Pill Halls internal cosmos space.

However, we do not know where we are located.” Yan Zhaoge observed his surroundings.

The light screen in front of the North Ocean Clone in the central control hub was still blurry.

The control central hub was basically crippled now, and it was hard to determine Yan Zhaoges current location.

However, even so, Yan Zhaoge could still feel that the space he was in was still trembling.

He also felt the heat.

The ongoing battle was affecting the whole universe inside the Pill Hall.

The hall spirit wasnt in the Purple Divine Pavilion now.

Yan Zhaoge even suspected that the hall might be destroyed by the battle.

Needless to say, with such a power, cultivation, and concept of power, the person that came was Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang.

He arrived in time and managed to help Yan Zhaoge and the others from the sticky situation they were in.

However, he also gave the hall spirit Awakened Sky an opportunity.

“As expected, somethings weird about that hall spirits ritual.”

Yan Zhaoge now understood.

The hall spirit – Awakened Sky conducting his ritual in the medicine storage was just his first plan.

If everything went well, and he was successful, nothing else would be necessary.

However, if something went wrong, he would use the ritual to escape.

For example, if Yan Zhaoge were to threaten him, or was plotted against by the White Deer Demon, or even if Suo Mingzhang came in with the intent to kill.

However, if those happened, he would need a backup plan.

“Other than that, his ritual is a bit weird…” Yan Zhaoge frowned, “He is the Pill Halls hall spirit, not a Martial Repository spirit like me.

How did he know of such an unpopular supreme art Who taught him that”

“And his backup plan…”

Yan Zhaoge dare not delay any further.

He quickly strode forward.

The lingering smell of medicinal fragrance served for Yan Zhaoge as a navigator.

After following the fragrance for a while, Yan Zhaoge found his target.

Within the dark void, purple and golden lights were radiating.

Within the purple light, a man in black was sitting in a lotus position.

It was Nie Jingshen!

Previously, Nie Jingshen didnt manage to reach the Pill Hall in time.

However, the PIll Halls hall spirit stopped the ritual and changed his location solely for him!

This was the hall spirits backup plan.

For a hall spirit like him, he should not be able to possess a human body in order to become human.

However, with the myriad of things around the world, there was always an exception.

Nie Jingshens Earlier Heaven Nascent Form was the Pill Halls hall spirit, Awakened Skys exception.

His body was the only body that could be taken over and would enable one to immediately become a human.

The two people that would threaten him, which was Suo Mingzhang and the White Deer Demon were both fighting each other now, which allowed the hall spirit to do whatever he wanted to.

Yan Zhaoge even suspected that this was the hall spirits original plan.

Everything that happened previously was just to distract and mislead everyone.

Currently, Nie Jingshen was sitting in a lotus position and was guarding himself internally.

He was trying to prevent the hall spirit from taking over his body.

On top of his head, the body of the boy which the hall spirit, Awakened Sky, had created beforehand was also forming hand seals with both of his hands.

His hand incarnations were constantly changing.

The body was condensing and dissipating.

It was close to collapsing.

However, this didnt affect his overbearing strength.

His strength was unable to be classified using Daoist martial arts practitioners realm as a standard.

However, his horrifying aura wasnt any weaker compared to the White Deer Demon.

The one he wanted to take over was Nie Jingshen, a mere Human Immortal.

It made Nie Jingshens struggle seem futile!

The teenager in black opened his eyes, and his gaze was constantly changing.

It occasionally seemed as determined as stubborn as before.

However, most of the time, it was like the boy on top of his head.

Ice cold, and filled with killing intent.

Currently, the ice-cold gaze was staring towards Yan Zhaoge.

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