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Yan Zhaoge felt a chill throughout his whole body when he was being stared at by the opponent.

It was like he was stuck in a situation where death was inevitable.

“Brat that stole my Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, thine has approached me by thine self.

That makes matters easier.”

The ice-cold voice resounded.

Nie Jingshen, who was sitting in a lotus position on the floor stood up again.

The boy on top of his head did the same.

Seeing this scene, Yan Zhaoge knew that the hall spirit, Awakened Sky, was able to battle under this condition.

It wasnt like when he was performing the ritual before, and his strength was suffering from being restricted.

The current him would be able to use his whole strength as much as he desired.

Although the sonorous voice of the great dao wasnt present, the majestic power he brought by a simple wave of his hand was comparable to the White Deer Demon from before who had Five Qis Unification.

Yan Zhaoges expression was calm, “Youve spared so much effort for your plan.

However, although you can utilize your magnificent strength to fight against others, you would require time to fully take over senior brother Nies body.

The Exalted Fire might come here anytime soon.”

“Yep, based on how youre used to calling him, maybe youll understand it easier if I call him the Fire Virtue Star Lord of the newer generation.”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “Besides, that old white deer might change sides and deal with you first.”

The hall spirit said plainly, “Brat, thine speak too much.

Before they arrive here, Im able to massacre thine hundreds of thousands of times.”

Yan Zhaoge did not look at him.

Instead, he turned his head to the other direction.

He thought about all the details, and said, “Tch, I shouldve guessed that it was you.”

Beside Nie Jingshen or the current hall spirit, a huge Taishi Armchair was placed among the void.

On top of the chair, a teenager in purple was leaning against it.

He was looking at Yan Zhaoge and the hall spirits conversation with high spirits.

It was the Upper Exalt, Chen Qianhua, that he hadnt met for a long time!

“No, I dont think I can refer to you as Upper Exalt anymore.” Yan Zhaoge raised his brows, “Do you have your own emperor title now”

Despite not engaging in combat, Yan Zhaoge could tell that the teenager in purple, Chen Qianhua had managed to take the final step forward based on his aura alone.

He successfully pushed open the Immortal Gate, and had ascended the Leakless Realm!

Now, he was no longer the Human Immortal Chen Qianhua, but the True Immortal Chen Qianhua.

Him pushing open the Immortal Door was different from others.

His strength was already extraordinary to begin with, allowing him to look down on his peers.

The moment he ascended to become an Immortal, he would be among the top five True Immortals in terms of strength.

That was just a safe estimate.

That estimation was also based on the period of time where he just ascended.

Give him more time to accumulate and stabilize himself, and he would be much more terrifying.

Besides, he had the Immortal Artifact, Heavenly Heart Ruler on him.

The difference between a Human Immortal having an Immortal Artifact and a True Immortal having an Immortal Artifact was huge.

“Emperor title Thats not important.” Chen Qianhua said indifferently, “I dont even hold this Pill Hall in high regards in my heart.”

A hint of bizarreness was brimming in his eyes.

He looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Im just interested in the Pill Halls hall spirit gaining its own intelligence.

It also surprised me that both you, your father and Nie Jingshen had arrived here.”

Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyes, “As expected, that ritual just now was weird because of you.”

Yan Zhaoge immediately felt that something was weird when the hall spirit, Awakened Sky was conducting the body forging ceremony in the medicine storage using divine pills and numinous treasures as its materials.

While the changes in arts he used were extremely unpopular, it was very delicate.

These arts werent related much to cultivation level.

Even most experts with extremely high cultivation wouldnt know about those arts as the chances they might interact with it was extremely miniscule.

Only those that possess encyclopedic knowledge, and were very knowledgeable might know a few things about them.

“I felt it interesting that he wanted to transform into a human body, so I gave him an idea.” Chen Qianhua laughed casually.

“Hehe…” Yan Zhaoge pouted, “Indeed.

Only you would do something like that.”

Among everyone in the Pill Hall, Chen Qianhua was the only person that would sincerely help the Pill Halls hall spirit out.

As for the others, even if they team up together with the hall spirit, it was all for short term benefits.

Deep down, they would be plotting something, and waiting for the opportunity to strike.

After all, everyones aim was the Pill Halls treasures, and even the Pill Hall itself.

For the hall spirit, Awakened Sky, everyone here was his enemy.

He wanted to transform into a human body to release himself from the shackles of the Pill Hall.

He also wanted to heal his old wounds, and obtain the possibility of raising his cultivation.

However, that didnt mean that he was willing to give up the controlling rights, and all kinds of rights of the Pill Hall.

On the contrary, after he transformed into a human, he would still maintain his control over the Pill Hall.

In fact, the control would be even stronger.

He could control the Pill Hall anytime he wanted to without being in the core central of the Pill Hall, the Purple Divine Pavilion.

In the end, no matter who wins, they would have to think of ways to dispose of the hall spirit, Awakened Sky in the end.

The only person who would possibly stand on the same side as the Awakened Sky would be Chen Qianhua alone.

It was because the thing which piqued Chen Qianhuas interest wasnt the Pill Hall itself, nor the treasures within.

Despite entering the Pill Hall later than Yan Zhaoge and the others, he managed to come in contact with the hall spirit, Awakened Sky due to some special reasons.

In the end, these two decided to work together.

Of course, the hall spirit, Awakened Sky might not believe him before this.

However, Chen Qianhua didnt mind.

As time passed, and seeing how things had developed, his actions had already proven himself.

Despite being strong, the hall spirit, Awakened Sky was at ease with him around.

Compared to the White Deer demon, the two of them were a true pair of alliances.

With just a few conversations, silhouettes were traversing within the void, and others slowly got closer.

Yan Di, Yu Ye, and Mars Halberd arrived in succession.

After everyone were within a closer area, Yan Zhaoge would have a way to secretly contact them.

The hall spirit, Awakened Sky looked at everything calmly.

As long as it wasnt Suo Mingzhang or the White Deer Demon, he wouldnt mind it.

Currently, he was stronger than when he was being attacked by Zhang Buxu, Cloud Conquest Emperor and Long Xueji.

“Hah, right now, I would prefer seeing if I can disperse your Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.” Chen Qianhuas eyes brightened when he saw Yan Di.

Yan Zhaoge and the others came to a realization when they heard what he said, “As expected, he had obtained the Heaven Opening Scripture before pushing open the Immortal Door.”

Chen Qianhua was very strong to begin with, and had also obtained the Heaven Opening Scripture.

Among the ten Primordial Heavenly Scriptures, if one gathered the Early Heaven Three Scriptures and the Later Heaven Six Scriptures, their strength would also experience growth even if they hadnt pushed open the Immortal Door.

That was excluding the possession of the Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

If one managed to push open the Immortal Door and achieve a Leakless Form with these as foundations, it would definitely cause one to fear him.

Yan Dis expression was calm.

He seemed to be fearless.

However, he raised his eyebrows when he saw Nie Jingshens expression who was changing between being bright and moody.

“Heavenly Young Master, Chen Qianhua.

We never had the opportunity to meet each other.

Now that we finally got the chance to, we wouldnt know when would be the next time we might be able to fight each other if we let this opportunity pass.”

All of a sudden, a teenager in white shirt and a jade crown came from the faraway void.

“Long Xueji…” Chen Qianhua blinked, “Indeed, youre strong.

However, there isnt much fun when Im fighting against you.”

Long Xueji said indifferently, “Thats not up for you to decide.”

As he was talking, he raised his sword and thrusted it towards Chen Qianhua.

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