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Long Xueji thrusted his sword; white sword-lights poured down upon Chen Qianhua just like how the rivers in the heavens poured down from the sky.

“Youre annoying.” Chen Qianhua rolled his eyes.

He flew upwards and evaded the white sword-lights.

It was as if he had predicted Long Xuejis attack.

Long Xuejis eyes were ice cold.

With a command in his heart, green coloured sword-lights shot out from the river of white sword-lights, as if numerous Azure Dragons were rising from the sea into the heavens.

“Immortal Exterminating Sword… Its not that boring to fight with an Immortal Exterminating Sword of such caliber.” Chen Qianhuas eyes flickered.

He didnt evade at all.

Instead, he shaped his hand into a sword, and slashed downwards!

Layers of Immortal qi engulfed his palm, and an item which vaguely resembles the shape of an axe or a halberd appeared.

The horrifying momentum capable of opening the heavens and splitting the earth was majestic.

It clashed against Long Xuejis sword-lights which were capable of destroying the heavens and earth.

Prime Clear and Jade Clear.

The eternal conflict between them had been going on for many eras.

Immortal Exterminating Sword against the Heavenly Scripture again!

The Little Sword God from two hundred years ago, and the Heavenly Young Master from a hundred years ago.

When Chen Qianhua rose, Long Xueji had already disappeared from the World beyond Worlds for a long time.

The two men of the same status had never met each other.

Now that the two Leakless True Immortals that had pushed open the Immortal Door finally met each other, it would naturally be a huge battle.

Seeing how Long Xueji was there to fend off against Chen Qianhua, Yan Zhaoge retracted his gaze and looked at the Pill Hall hall spirit again.

Over there, Nie Jingshens condition became very dangerous.

His gaze had turned ice cold, just like the boy on top of him which was going to disintegrate.

He didnt look at anyone else, only Yan Zhaoge.

“All thats in the Pill Hall belongs to me.” The Pill Hall hall spirit, Awakened Sky said coldly, “My Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

Return it.”

After he finished talking, Yan Zhaoge felt the void of his surroundings solidifying without the hall spirit moving at all.

It squeezed him within, and rendered him unable to move.

As the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace vibrated, it almost broke away from Yan Zhaoges control, and was going towards the hall spirit.

“Ignorant brat.

Today, I shall let thine know how deep my vengeance is.” said the hall spirit codly.

Yan Zhaoge only felt that the pressure of his surroundings were getting more intense, and was going to grind his body into pieces.

It wasnt as simple as his flesh being crushed flat.

Instead, it was like every part of his flesh, and every part of his bones were dissipating outwards.

They turned into nothingness, and seemed to vanish in thin air.

“Luckily, youre just a hall spirit.

You arent a hall spirit which has completely taken over and turned into a human yet.” Facing the unbearable pain, despite frowning intensely, his gaze was still calm, and hadnt lost his cool yet, “Thank goodness youre not that old white deer.”

At this moment, Yan Zhaoges body suddenly radiated.

Above his head, a seal quietly floated up.

It quickly expanded, and transformed into a huge formation which engulfed the surroundings.

The hall spirit was shocked at first.

However, after realizing that the formation couldnt defend his power at all, he sneered, “Ignorant brat…”

Before he could finish saying, the seals also appeared on top of Yan Di, Mars Halberds and Yu Yes head, which also transformed into a formation.

This wasnt enough to cause the hall spirit to worry.

However, at the same time, a seal also appeared above his head.

Or, to be clear, above Nie Jingshens head.

A seal was formed, and expanded into a formation.

“… How!” The hall spirit, Awakened Sky, was shocked.

Although he hadnt succeeded in taking over Nie Jingshen, he would have noticed if Nie Jingshen had any hidden mechanisms.

However, this strange formation of Yan Zhaoge suddenly appeared, which caught him by surprise.

After a short while of being surprised, the hall spirit, Awakened Sky, had calmed down.

Compared to his strength, this formation itself was very weak.

Even so, the hall spirit, Awakened Sky did not plan on remaining within the formation. Who knows if he has any hidden tricks up his sleeves

However, just as the hall spirit, Awakened Sky wanted to break out of the formation, the five formations had instantly fused into one.

Within all the five formations, each of them had a treasure.

They were the Dim Radiant Wheel, Extreme Yang Seal, Evil Sword Taotie, Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword and Light Yin Sword Seal.

Now, the five treasures returned to Yan Zhaoges hands.

Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, Yu Ye and Mars Halberd stood at the middle of the four formations.

Nie Jingshens body was being engulfed by the fifth formation.

The five formations fused into one, and layers of radiance penetrated the heavens and earth.

They expanded everywhere, and quickly reached every single corner of the universe within the Pill Hall.

The hall spirit, Awakened Sky was surprised to find out that he couldnt control his body anymore.

Not only could he not control Nie Jingshens body to his own will, even the entire Pill Hall was escaping his control.

The five formations were fused together with Yan Zhaoge at the centre.

He was half-squatting, and the seals on his hands were constantly changing.

After that, he placed his left hand between his eyebrows, and his right hand on the spirit patterns of the formation.

The formation trembled intensely, and Nie Jingshens body also trembled intensely.

At the next moment, the cold radiance within Nie Jingshens eyes faded.

He regained his original expression.

Although he was still cold and determined, he wasnt as emotionless as previously, seemingly a non-living thing.

Nie Jingshen let out a long sigh.

He looked at Yan Zhaoge and nodded, implying that he was alright now.

Yan Zhaoge and others also let out a sigh of relief.

Nie Jingshen looked up, and saw the boy above his head letting out a raging roar.

Purple and golden radiance were circulating, and were contained within a corner.

After that, the body of the boy flickering in purple light couldnt control his body, and was brought towards the centre of the formation.

Other than Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, Nie Jingshe, Yu Ye and Mars Halberd were by the North, South, East and West of the formation.

They formed the seal together, and were sitting in a lotus position within the formation.

They were cooperating with Yan Zhaoge who was in the middle of the formation.

The five of them worked together, and kept dissipating the purple radiance by the boys body.

The hall spirit, Awakened Sky, was roaring continuously.

However, he felt as if his body had been paralysed.

Despite having strength, he still wasnt able to utilize it.

As if a snake that had its backbone crushed, powerless to do anything.

“In the process of taking over senior apprentice-brother Nies body, you arent able to peak into his memories.” said Yan Zhaoge quietly, “Since thats the case, youll have no chances if the five of us are here.”

Long Xueji knew that Yan Zhaoge had gone to the Roving Jade Heavens to find the fifth person for the formation.

Because of that, he never bothered looking at the Pill Halls hall spirit when he arrived.

Instead, he helped Yan Di stall Chen Qianhua.

Even if it might cause the World beyond Worlds and the Roving Jade Heavens to fight for the loot later, it was a matter that should only be considered after they had succeeded.

Before that, they had to control the hall spirit, Awakened Sky first.

Otherwise, no one here would be able to live.

Chen Qianhua was also surprised seeing the formation the five of them had laid out.

He wasnt feeling defeated, just surprised.

“Its not a waste for me to come here if I can witness such a good show.” Chen Qianhua praised.

Yan Zhaoge had no time to care about him.

He just used the formation to squeeze the Pill Halls Awakened Sky, and tried to obtain the control rights of the Pill Hall.

The boys body had finally completely disintegrated.

It solidified into a stream of light, and remained its form.

Amidst the stream of lights, a cloud rose.

It was the normal medicinal qi released when refining pills.

However, that medicinal qi was the key to controlling the Pill Hall.

When Yan Zhaoge saw it, his expression brightened.

However, his heart tremored, and he quickly looked towards another direction.

Among the void, qin melody suddenly resounded.

Lofty Sovereign, Zhang Buxu!


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