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Within the void, a middle-aged and elegant man appeared.

He carried a qin case.

As he was striding forward, the qins melody continuously played.

It was the Lofty Sovereign, Zhang Buxu.

When the qin melody resounded, Yan Zhaoge and the others immediately frowned.

When facing the threats of the Pill Hall hall spirit and the White Deer Demon, everyone was allied, and all of them fought together.

However, now that the Pill Halls hall spirit wasnt able to do anything, and the Lofty Sovereign – Zhang Buxu had appeared; everyone might not be allies anymore.

Fight together first, fight against each other later.

The situation was just so subtle.

No matter if it was Yan Zhaoge or Zhang Buxu, they wouldnt hesitate to change their status from friends to foes.

Even the Prime Clear martial arts practitioners like Long Xueji and Yu Ye secretly frowned when they saw Zhang Buxu advancing.

Seeing the formation erected within the void, and the pill qi released by the Pill Halls hall spirit being oppressed, Zhang Buxu had surprises written on his face.

“I have seen Little Friend Yans portrait before.

Now, we have finally met each other.

Meeting you in person is definitely better than hearing your rumors.”

Lofty Sovereigns gaze fell upon the center of the formation.

It was obvious that the director of the formation was Yan Zhaoge, “Fallen Deity, you live up to your name.”

Yan Zhaoge answered in a deep tone, “Lofty Sovereign, you praise me too much.

We were just lucky that we succeeded.

Before this, even I was very nervous.”

“Little Friend Yan doesnt need to speak so much nonsense to delay the time.” Lofty Sovereign laughed, “Usually, it would be embarrassing for such an old man like me to snatch the younger generations fortune, especially when I have to take advantage of you all and steal it away from you.”

“However, everyone here understands the value Pill Hall brings.

I can only be thick-skinned just this once.”

Zhang Buxu looked around.

He felt the tremble of the universe within the Pill Hall, as well as the heat that was continuously rising.

He let out a sigh, “That must be Suo Mingzhang.

I never expected him to interfere in this matter.

Now, Ill have to thank that old white deer.

Otherwise, I wouldnt stand a chance.”

He strided forward towards Yan Zhaoge and the others who were within the formation.

The Pill Hall hall spirit was currently being oppressed.

Even if the formation were to dissipate, hall spirit – Awakened Sky wouldnt be able to recover that quickly.

With Zhang Buxus cultivation and strength, it was enough to obtain the pill qi.

Similarly, his cultivation and his strength allowed him to ignore Yan Zhaoge and others.

Tranquil Profound Immortal, undisturbed by mortal affairs.

Among everyone here, the only person that had pushed open the Immortal Door and had achieved a True Immortal form was Long Xueji.

Currently, he was fighting against Chen Qianhua.

Chen Qianhuas eyes brightened when he saw Zhang Buxus actions.

Without having any interactions with Zhang Buxu, Chen Qianhua had already held off Long Xueji, which made him unable to escape for the meantime.

He didnt care whose hands the Pill Hall falled to.

However, he was very willing to make it difficult for Yan Zhaoge and the group.

Other than Long Xueji, everyone here would be restricted no matter who was the one facing Zhang Buxu; the challenger wouldnt be able to do anything.

If the Mars Halberd was a defence type Immortal Artifact, Yan Zhaoge might have a slight chance of defending against Zhang Buxu after equipping the Mars Halberd.

However, he was an artifact used for killing.

Facing the Lofty Sovereign, he would remain useless.

As for this formation, it was used specifically for the hall spirit.

It had no uses at all towards experts like the Lofty Sovereign or the White Deer Demon.

Lofty Sovereign – Zhang Buxus movements were very light, and the qi melody followed after him.

However, the light beams of the formation that Yan Zhaoge and the others were maintaining started trembling non-stop.

Within the formation, with Yan Zhaoge as the lead, everyone was feeling a huge amount of pressure.

Although the pressure wasnt as huge as the one brought upon by the hall spirit – Awakened Sky, it wasnt one which Yan Zhaoge was able to withstand.

Such a melodious and graceful tone.

And yet, when Yan Zhaoge heard it, it was shrill noise which he had never heard of before.

He felt as if his eardrums were going to burst.

Not only was his blood boiling, his bones also seemed to be cracking.

Even his soul couldnt bear the tremble, and wanted to burst from within.

“I would have to gamble.” Yan Zhaoge forcefully calmed himself down, and looked at Nie Jingshen.

Nie Jingshen nodded slightly, “Our luck is quite good.”

Just as he finished speaking, a sound resounded from the faraway void.

Ringing of the sword!

The sudden ringing of the sword seemed like a sharp blade.

It engulfed the qin melody which filled the universe, and cut it from the middle.

Only a few echoes were left, and the melody could continue no more.

Following the ringing sword sound, a majestic sword-light instantly appeared in front of Zhang Buxu.

Zhang Buxus expression became serious.

He opened the qin case behind him, and sword-lights were shooting outwards.

They went up against the sword-light that was attacking him.

After the two sides clashed, the sword-lights dissipated, and Zhang Buxu halted.

In the faraway void, a straight sword-light seemed to cut the cosmos into half.

The sword-light was like a path.

It extended from a faraway place to where they were at.

On the path, there was a silhouette that was advancing forward.

The speed wasnt slow or fast, and yet it instantly arrived in front of everyone.

Nie Jingshen was the first to give his greetings, “Disciple Nie Jingshen greets master.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “Yan Zhaoge greets senior apprentice-uncle Yue.”

Yan Di also said, “Senior apprentice-brother Yue.”

He was a middle-aged man with a tall crown and vintage clothing.

He looked like he was in his forties.

He was calm without any expression, and his gaze was sharp.

He seemed like a sword that split the heavens.

While he didnt show off any of his aura and just stood still, he seemed like a majestic mountain tall enough to reach the skies.

He definitely attracted the admiration of many others.

The one that came was one of the three sovereigns of the World beyond Worlds.

He was the master of Kunlun Mountains Northern High Peaks Jade Capital Crag.

Sword Sovereign, Yue Zhenbei!

He was the New Nine Luminaries of Kunlun, the disciple of the Exalted Gold Luminary – Yan Xintang.

With the identity of a junior, he was classified as the Three Sovereigns of World beyond Worlds together with Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen and Exalted Concealed Luminary – Yang Ce.

Within the World beyond Worlds and the Roving Jade Heavens, he was the youngest Profound Immortal expert among his peers within the Three Clear Lineages disciple.

Previously, he had always been at the outskirts void, and had never returned to the World beyond Worlds.

Yan Zhaoge never expected his first time meeting senior apprentice-uncle Yue would be in this Pill Hall.

Other than the Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang, Yan Zhaoge noticed that there were some other people who had entered the Pill Hall as well.

Yan Zhaoge had guessed that Yue Zhenbei was among them, but couldnt justify his guess.

Which was why he said he had to gamble.

Just like what Nie Jingshen had said, Yan Zhaoge and the others luck wasnt bad.

Yue Zhenbeis expression was serious.

He only nodded slightly towards Yan Zhaoge and the others as a form of courtesy, and his gaze shifted towards Zhang Buxu.

“Yue Zhenbei… Yan Xintangs disciple.” Zhang Buxu was also looking at Yue Zhenbei, “Junior Apprentice-brother Kong perished by your sword, right Im not a filial person, and always made my master mad.

Luckily, junior apprentice-brother Kong was there to replace my filiality.

And yet, he was killed by you.”

A jade-decorated qin appeared on his palm, “Let me witness how much of Yan Xintangs teachings have you managed to inherit.”

The qin melody resounded again.

Green, red, black and white coloured sword-lights filled the sky, and intersected with each other.

They seemed to have nurtured boundless profound phenomena, yet also seemed to contain an extremely horrifying destructive energy.

The sword-lights all filled the sky, and slashed towards Yue Zhenbei.

Yue Zhenbeis expression was calm, “Youre not the Profound Sovereign.”

As he finished talking, a pure sword-light rose again, and pierced through the cosmos.

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