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Wherever Yue Zhenbeis sword-light passed, layers of gentle streams of air rushed out.

With the sword-light as a center, it formed into an illusory image.

Under the engulfment of the shadow, the sword-light turned into an object resembling that of a halberd and an axe.

The void within the dark cosmos was split open with the power capable of splitting the heavens and earth, and a boundless gust of strong wind appeared.

The strong wind seemed to exist between the Early Heavens and the Later Heavens.

It was both warm and chilly at the same time.

As they contradicted each other, a myriad of profundities and horrifying forces were contained within.

It was the sword arts which the Exalted Gold Luminary, Sword God – Yan Xintang had created.

In the World beyond Worlds Kunlun Mountains Jade Capital Crag lineages Jade Clear Lineage, it was the strongest sword arts created.

Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword!

The pure sword-light advanced forward and clashed together with Zhang Buxus sword-light.

With this clash, the power of cultivation between the two was apparent.

Zhang Buxu had already achieved his cultivation for thousands of years.

He had cultivated four kinds of Immortal qi within his body and fused the four of them into one, which then turned into his own Immortal Aura.

Under the circulation of the sword-light, an aura that would cause one to shudder was emitted.

Around his body, milk-white Immortal Aura surged, as if they were mist.

Within the Immortal Aura, there were four streams of air that were circulating naturally.

A stream of air circulated in an intelligent manner.

It was formless, flexible, and endless.

Another airflow was bright and gentle.

It was very kind.

Its life force was bursting, and the life force seemed to be thick and long.

Another stream of air was normal, peaceful, and unbiased.

It seemed unimportant but was actually very significant.

Another stream of air was fierce and violent.

It represents both killings and ruthlessness, an extremely evil qi.

Immortals have five qis.

Other than the Righteous Qi, the other four kinds of qis had been refined by Zhang Buxu and were fused into one.

His technique of refining the Immortal Aura completely suited the specialty of the Prime Clear Seven Strings Swords graceful transformation, and he managed to display the intricacies within to the fullest.

As for Yue Zhenbei, the milk-white Immortal Aura also floated on his body when he attacked with his sword.

There were three kinds of streams of air circulating within Yue Zhenbeis Immortal Aura.

Other than the unbiased and peaceful Clear Qi and the extremely evil Evil Qi, there was also the Righteous Qi which wasnt trembling at all and was extremely firm and stable.

Compared to Zhang Buxu who had passed the True Profound Tribulation thousands of years before him, Yue Zhenbei had only refined three kinds of Immortal Qi.

However, as his sword-lights were transforming, they intersected with each other and transformed on its own accord.

The sword-lights which were so vast and majestic transformed into small and thin threads.

They permeated Zhang Buxus sword-light.

After that, the weak-looking insignificant sword-light suddenly transformed into a gigantic sword-light.

It recovered its majestic force which was sufficient to devour the mountains and river, open the heavens, and split the earth.

It made Zhang Buxus Prime Clear sword-light to disintegrate and break from within.

A Prime Clear sword-light was just like a chaotic primordial gulf.

After that, more chaos was slashed by Yue Zhenbeis sword-light.

They transformed into a divided heaven and earth and displayed the process of creation.

As for the Prime Clear sword-light itself, it was disintegrated into nothingness.

Unlike Nie Jingshens sword arts which contained his own understandings, Yue Zhenbeis Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword was extremely pure.

However, this extremely pure Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword was fathomed to its maximum.

The transformation within the sword arts had all solidified within the sword-light.

In every inch, a myriad of phenomenons was occurring

Yan Zhaoge and the others who saw it were praising it in their hearts.

“Hes really able to control his force to such an extent despite being at a tight spot.” Yan Zhaoges eyes flickered.

When a martial arts practitioner reached a certain level of cultivation, they would be able to control their own strength down to the smallest details.

However, the extent they could control differs based on the person.

Some might have significant control, while others might be insignificant as well.

Just based on the attainment one had on this subject, there were two people who were the strongest among those that he knew of, and were of the same cultivation level.

One was his mother, Xue Chuqing.

The other was the Little Sword God in front of him, Long Xueji.

Without mentioning the other aspect, just the detailed control of their own strength alone was enough to make them top-notch.

This could also be classified as one of the aspects of talent within martial arts.

When Long Xueji was an Exalt Martial Saint, even a top-grade Sacred Artifact wasnt of much use to him.

Under normal circumstances, it was normal for him to destroy a top-grade Sacred Artifact if he were to utilize his full strength.

And yet, he could use a very normal Mundane Green Steel Sword which wasnt even an artifact nor a demi-artifact to cast such a ferocious and ruthless Prime Clear Sword Art like the Immortal Ending Sword.

Although it wasnt like the Creation Sabre which only allowed the release of energy but not the retract of it, the Immortal Ending Swords ruthlessness was one of the rare supreme arts in the world.

It was apparent how detailed Long Xueji could control his strength.

Now, Yan Zhaoge could also feel the profundities within Yue Zhenbeis sword when he attacked.

For those who were dedicated to martial arts, it was pure enjoyment to be able to witness a sword art that was so detailed and precise to the maximum.

Even Chen Qianhua and Long Xueji who were fighting were looking at it.

As one that was also proficient in this aspect, Long Xuejis eyes radiated with astonishment.

No matter how intricate the changes of Zhang Buxus sword arts were, nor how fierce the sword intent was, Yue Zhenbei was fearless.

No matter how many swords you slash out, or how subtle your attacks are, I just need one slash to obtain victory.

Zhang Buxus expression was emotionless, and his eyes were full of concentration.

However, within the concentration, hints of illusory were present.

As a Profound Immortal, it was natural for the one with four qis within his body to be stronger than the one with only three qis within.

However, Yue Zhenbei forcefully fought against someone stronger than him and wasnt losing at all.

The two were in a deathmatch.

Win or lose depending on how they perform on the spot.

If Zhang Buxu wasnt careful, he who was already at the pinnacle of the Profound Immortal Realm with four qis within his body might lose under Yue Zhenbeis sword!

Such a distance in cultivation level, and yet the battle turned out like this.

It could only mean one thing.

Yue Zhenbeis accomplishments in sword arts were even higher than him!

Seeing that familiar Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword, a distant memory deep within Zhang Buxu was recalled.

Once, there was a senior apprentice-brother and a junior apprentice-brother cultivating the same sword arts.

They came from the World beyond Worlds and were running wild within the Roving Jade Heavens.

They used their sword arts to defeat one after another prideful Prime Clear sword cultivators and made them acknowledge their skills.

At that time, Zhang Buxu had yet to leave the Roving Jade Heavens.

He was also among one of the people who had to bear with the unbearable shame.

Now, it seemed like the past was happening again.

It wasnt like the past now.

Both sides were utilizing what theyre best at.

If it was just comparing sword arts like that year, the winner was already determined.

As for the loser, itll be like that year…

Shock appeared within Zhang Buxus eyes.

He quickly calmed himself down and discharged all kinds of unrelated thoughts out of his mind.

After that, he attacked Yue Zhenbei with a majestic sword force.

Yue Zhenbeis expression had always remained calm.

He wasnt feeling nervous; his heart was very calm.

With just the thought of giving his best in every single battle, and focusing on attacking, he slashed the Prime Clear sword-light in front of him, which had the force equivalent to the seas roaring and the heavens crumbling, with a force capable of opening the heavens and splitting the earth.

“Please, Lofty Sovereign.

Although we arent of the same faction, since you did not leak the news of the Pill Hall to those Immortal Courts heretics, we are more or less still on the same side.” Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands, “This time, we were successful because of Roving Jade Heavens senior apprentice-uncle Long and Sister Yu Yes help.

No matter what, the Pill Hall is still falling under the hands of orthodox Daoisms lineage.”

Before Zhang Buxu spoke, the hall spirit – Awakened Skys angry voice resounded in heaven and earth, “Thy words are well decorated.

In actuality, thine are all treacherous and selfish.

In the past, the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace perished to internal battle.

Thine will all end up like them as well!”

“For this is thines nature, it shall never be changed!”

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