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Previously, Yan Zhaoge released the three talismans for Yue Zhenbei, Long Xueji and Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang.

Despite having his North Ocean Clone being pushed out of the Pill Hall, Yan Zhaoge didnt need to guide him back.

He just allowed it to return back to the dao universe, and return back to the World beyond Worlds.

“Senior apprentice-uncle Yue, senior apprentice-uncle Long.” Yan Zhaoge immediately smiled when he saw the two of them, and greeted them.

Yan Di, Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye both stopped their action of refining; they went up to greet both senior apprentice-uncle as well.

Seeing the Sword Sovereign Yue Zhenbei, Yan Zhaoge and his father both felt rather emotional.

“Over the years, while we have received the care of the Jade Capital Crag, we father and son have also brought you many troubles.

Ive always wanted to meet senior apprentice-uncle Yue, but never got the chance to.

I never expected us to meet today.” said Yan Zhaoge as he let out a sigh.

“Its fine.” Facing Yan Zhaoge and his father, while Yue Zhenbei still kept a stern face, his gaze became more gentle.

He looked at Yan Di, and looked at Yan Zhaoge.

The emotions he felt were even more intense than them.

At this moment, the Sword Sovereign saw his past master appearing in front of him again.

After so many years of waiting, it wasnt all for naught.

Yue Zhenbei felt a sense of excitement within his chest, and he moved his lips.

However, what he said was different from what he wanted to.

His tone was rather serious, “Although we have gathered together, this world is filled with difficulties.

Dont be too careless.”

“Has the Earthly Sovereign passed the Profound Origin Tribulation” Yan Zhaoge and the others looked at each other.

They could vaguely feel what the Sword Sovereign actually meant.

Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei said slowly, “Indeed.

The Earth Sovereign had passed the Profound Origin Tribulation, and achieved the Five Qis Unification Realm.

He had ascended to the realm of a Grand Virtual Immortal.”

Yan Zhaoge and the others nodded in silence when they heard it.

If it wasnt for the Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang causing havoc within the Immortal Court, the Earthly Sovereign might have already returned to the World beyond Worlds.

Perhaps, it wasnt appropriate to refer to him as the Earthly Sovereign anymore.

Star Conquest Lord was his current title.

Otherwise, the title he had used last time, Exalted Earth, might be more appropriate.

Even the Astro Sovereign and Sword Sovereign would have difficulties fighting together against Jiang Shen which had ascended the Heavenly Lord Realm.

As for Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang, although he had ascended the Virtual Immortal Realm, and achieved Five Qis Unification earlier than Jiang Shen, Yan Zhaoge and the others wouldnt be so blindly optimistic because of that.

Suo Mingzhang had his own troubles.

As expected, the Sword Sovereign continued saying, “Theres no doubt about the Exalted Fires strength.

However, this time, the situation got out of hand.”

He seemed to be praising, “The besiege in the Original Nebula, and the continuous battle after that.

Just the heretic Heavenly Lords alone, three of them had already perished under the Exalted Fire.”

“Those heretic experts which had joined the besiegement of the Exalted Wood, and were still currently alive had been killed by the Exalted Fire as a form of revenge.”

Yue Zhenbeis tone was peaceful.

However, everyone felt an aura of a fearlessness.

Long Xueji nodded slowly, “He lives up to his name!”

So many Immortal Court experts had already been killed by Suo Mingzhang.

It was needless to say how horrifying the besiegement of Suo Mingzhang was.

Before this, the Immortal Court had assigned the underlings to surround the Original Nebula.

Everyone that attended the capture of the Exalted Wood – Shao Junhuang were all deployed as well.

First of all, they were much more familiar with the environment of the Original Nebula.

Secondly, they served as baits to hold Suo Mingzhang back.

They wanted to let Suo Mingzhang not have the intent of retreating, and fight till his death.

With that, they would achieve their goal of besieging Suo Mingzhang.

In the end, the bait was swallowed.

However, the net broke, and the fish did not die.

Suo Mingzhang forcefully endured the heavy besiegement and attacks.

He killed the target he wanted to kill.

After taking revenge for Shao Junhuang, he made a path for him to escape by killing all that stands in his way.

After that, he even managed to rid off the people chasing him, and reached the Pill Hall in time.

Just like how he had promised Yan Zhaoge.

“Even when the heretic Heavenly Lord expert took action, he couldnt hold the Exalted Fire back,” said Sword Sovereign slowly.

The higher the cultivation, the higher the gap of strength brought upon each realm.

When one reached the level of Heavenly Lord, even if it was a heretic Heavenly Lord, he shouldnt be underestimated at all.

Yan Di and the others praised, “We really cant catch up to the senior.”

Yan Zhaoge said softly, “However, if thats the case, the whole Immortal Court would definitely be in tremor.

They would think of a larger-scale plan to besiege the Exalted Fire in order to take revenge.”

“Before that, we would have to be wary of the Blessed Lands actions.

Im afraid we would have to utilize more strength.

However, I dont know… if the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord would personally take action.”

The Sword Sovereign said, “Its hard to say whether the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord would take action.

However, there would definitely be more Heavenly Lord experts coming out of seclusion.”

He looked at Yan Zhaoge and said, “For the heretics, your mother – Snow Crane and you arent their utmost priority as a target anymore.”

Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang is the one theyre after.

Yan Zhaoge couldnt help feeling weird.

Previously, he was still thinking of ways to locate the Exalted Fire to help him.

Now, it seemed like he would be caught up into the Exalted Fires mess.

The situation became quite laughable.

However, no matter what, he could not escape reality.

He had to face what he was destined to.

If the Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang could take care of the problems brought by the Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen, he would definitely face a much bigger threat from the Immortal Court.

In fact, the Immortal Court might even make things hard for Yan Zhaoge and the others in an attempt to capture Suo Mingzhang.

For him and the Broad Creed Mountain, Jiang Shen himself was already a huge threat.

It was also hard to predict what attitude the legendary North Star Emperor would have.

“The situation had changed completely,” said the Sword Sovereign at last.

Everyone on the spot, including Long Xueji of the Roving Jade Heavens secretly nodded.

Indeed, the situation had changed.

Because of Suo Mingzhang, the problem theyre facing now might not just be the internal struggles and conflicts within the World beyond Worlds anymore.

With the spread of warfare, the situation had gone out of control.

It might become a thunderstorm which engulfed the entire daoist universe.

In such a fierce thunderstorm, no one could guarantee where history might advance to.

Yan Zhaoges eyes were quiet.

He looked at his surroundings, and felt himself communicating with the Pill Hall.

After thinking for a while, the radiance within his eyes became sharp.

For the Pill Hall, he had always had special thoughts and plans for it.

Because of how much hindrance there was, and how unconfident he was, he wanted to take things slowly and prepare for everything.

However, this plan might have to be altered, and be brought forward.

Indifferent to life and death, fight if youre not convinced!

Yan Zhaoge turned his head to look at Long Xueji.

He said in a deep voice, “Senior apprentice-uncle Long, senior apprentice-sister Yu, thanks to both of your help, Ive managed to acquire the Pill Hall.”

Yu Ye had helped fill up the position as one of the five members of the formation.

Without her, the formation would never work at all.

Long Xueji had also helped to hold Chen Qianhua back.

“The Roving Jade Heavens can use the treasures, and all kinds of pill formulas stored within here all they want,” said Yan Zhaoge, “However, I have uses for this Pill Hall.

Please forgive me, senior apprentice-uncle Long.”

Long Xueji shook his head and said, “No need to be so formal.

Little Ye had already gained quite the benefit, and our journey here wasnt for naught.

If it wasnt for you, we wouldnt have been able to take down that hall spirit.

As for the result of this journey, its a completely different matter.”

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