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Due to the interference of the Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang and the White Deer Demon, it would be very difficult for the Roving Jade Heavens to acquire anything.

It was a coincidence for the Lofty Sovereign – Zhang Buxu to have hopes for Yan Zhaoge.

Since he was unable to oppress the Pill Halls hall spirit, he hoped to gain benefits from Yan Zhaoge and the others.

If Yan Zhaoge did not have a special attack under his sleeves, the victor of the final showdown would only be decided among Suo Mingzhang, the White Deer Demon, and the Pill Halls hall spirit.

As long as those of the Immortal Court didnt reach here within a short amount of time, the final victor would most likely be Suo Mingzhang.

Long Xueji was more competitive in fights, especially if he was fighting someone that possesses an outstanding skill in using swords.

As for other matters like treasures, he didnt seem to mind a lot.

“If thats the case, thank you, senior apprentice-uncle Long.” Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands at Long Xueji.

Under his control, the Pill Hall was floating around the outskirts of the void.

It was attempting to locate a path to return to the daoist universe.

On the way, everyone was chatting with each other.

Yan Zhaoge, Nie Jingshen, and the others reported every matter that happened in the World beyond Worlds to the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei in a detailed manner.

Despite having communicated with each other before, the information exchanged with each other was very simplified.

It was incomparable to a thorough discussion of the details face-to-face.

The most important information was naturally the Exalted Earth – Jiang Shen achieving the Five Qis Unification.

He had successfully passed the Profound Origin Tribulation and had become a Heavenly Monarch [1] of the Grand Virtual Immortal.

On the contrary, the better news was that the Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang causing havoc within the Immortal Court had angered many Immortal Court experts.

They were pursuing Suo Mingzhang with the intent to kill him.

With that, the old rivals of the Immortal Court, the Blessed Lands who were also heretics had also noticed the changes within the Immortal Court universe.

When they were still within the Original Nebula, some bigwigs from the Blessed Lands had already gone ahead to scout.

After confirming that the Immortal Court wasnt setting up a trap, the Blessed Lands of Buddhism would naturally not let go of such a precious chance.

The war of Buddhism that was slowly calming down started to erupt once again.

If the Immortal Court could dispose of Suo Mingzhang within a short amount of time, they could reorganize their troops to fend off the threat coming from the Blessed Lands.

Although they would be forced to go into war, they wouldnt lose their standing.

“However, they werent able to deal with the Exalted Fire.

Instead, some were still killed by the Exalted Fire, and he managed to escape the besiegement.” Yan Zhaoge touched his chin, “It turned into an awkward situation.”

As a result, the attacks of the Blessed Lands of Buddhism might affect the entire Immortal Court.

“However, the heretic Buddhists actions werent as intense as what we expected.” said the Sword Sovereign peacefully, “There must be a deeper reason within.”

It was definitely not because of the Immortal Court surrendering to the Blessed Lands.

Even if they might tolerate Suo Mingzhang, the Immortal Court would never surrender to the Blessed Lands.

It became very intriguing why the Blessed Lands never took advantage of the situation.

“Does the Immortal Court heretics have any helpers or allies” Yan Zhaoge frowned, “The Demon Race”

Everyone thought about it, “Its possible.”

Theres no doubt that the Demon Race was quietly observing the world for any changes.

The only thing to worry about was what kind of operations they might have, and what kind of plot they have.

Are they the allies of the Immortal Court Are they plotting for something else

Yan Zhaoge continuously thought about it, and many kinds of thoughts flashed across his mind.

He could only feel that the situation was becoming more and more unpredictable.

Long Xueji brought Yu Ye together with him and bowed towards Yue Zhenbei, “Senior apprentice-brother Yue.”

“Senior apprentice-uncle Yue.” It was a rare occasion for Yu Ye to not be daydreaming.

Instead, she looked at Yue Zhenbei with curiosity.

When the Sword Sovereign was fighting against the Lofty Sovereign, and the Jade Clear Heaven Opening Sword was fighting against the Prime Clear Apocalypse Sword, the profundities contained within were a feast for her eyes.

It made her feel very satisfied.

The Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei was always in a bad relationship with the Prime Clear Lineages martial arts practitioner.

However, he was still being very friendly towards the descendant of the Dragon Spring Emperor, “No need to be so formal.

Im also very happy for senior apprentice-uncle Longs descendant to be such a talented person.”

“How is senior apprentice-uncle now”

Long Xueji replied, “Before we left the Roving Jade Heavens, my father is still in seclusion.”

“The Profound Sovereign still hasnt come out of seclusion” asked Yue Zhenbei.

“Thats right.” Long Xueji nodded.

Yue Zhenbei said, “Li Ziteng should also still be in seclusion, right Since Zhang Buxu had already left the Roving Jade Heavens, only the two of you from the Roving Jade Heavens came here”

Yu Ye blinked her eyes when she heard what Yue Zhenbei said.

Li Ziteng was the Profound Sovereign and the Lofty Sovereigns master, and also the old Grandmaster of the Roving Jade Heavens, the Vine Sovereign.

Her surname was Li, and her name was Ziteng.

However, people would only refer to her as Li Ziteng if they were of the same peers.

As a Profound Immortal Sovereign, there was no problem with Yue Zhenbei calling her that.

However, their age difference was very huge.

It was rare for Yue Zhenbei to be this rude, based on the way he usually acts.

However, his expression was calm, and he spoke it out very naturally.

He didnt feel that anything was weird.

Based on this alone, it could be seen how bad their relationship with each other was.

After Yue Zhenbeis master, the Exalted Gold Luminary – Yan Xintang had perished, the Vine Sovereign started belittling Yan Xintang because of what had happened to Di Qinglian.

She also held a deep resentment towards the Jade Capital Crag lineage.

Because of that, not only does the Vine Sovereign hold deep resentment towards Yue Zhenbei, Yue Zhenbei felt the same towards the Vine Sovereign as well.

“Other than us, Daoist Cloud Conquest and his disciple, Nine Heavens He is also here.” Long Xueji seemed to have no problems with it.

He just answered peacefully.

“Daoist Cloud Conquest also came here” said Yue Zhenbei as he raised his head, “However if he isnt fully confident of taking control over this Pill Hall, he wouldnt unsheathe his sword for todays matter.”

Hearing the words “unsheathe his sword”, Yan Zhaoges eyes flickered, “As expected, the Cloud Conquest Emperor is still nurturing his sword”

“Youve fought against him” Long Xueji looked at Yan Zhaoge with a slight hint of surprise.

“The Cloud Emperor did not use his Clear Accomplishment Sword.

We just fought for a few rounds.” Yan Zhaoge smiled.

Although Yan Zhaoge never mentioned anything about the outcome of the battle, everyone knew that Yan Zhaoge did not suffer any defeat based on his relaxed expression.

In fact, he probably had the upper hand.

Although the Cloud Conquest Emperor was nurturing his sword, there were very little opponents within the True Immortal Realm who could fight him considering how strong he was.

Nurturing his sword didnt mean reserving his strength.

This was an ancient art of the Prime Clear Secret Technique.

When a sword cultivator was about to break through his current realm, they would purposely suppress and nurture their sword intent and mentality.

As soon as he unsheaths, his realm of cultivation would improve drastically.

At the same time, it was much beneficial for going towards a higher realm, the more intense the nurturing process was.

At the moment they break through, the burst of accumulated power would make the first sword swing the strongest in the world.

However, even if they had yet to breakthrough, it didnt affect them from using their full strength.

Because of that, Yue Zhenbei and the others were shocked when they heard that Yan Zhaoge had won the Cloud Conquest Emperor.

It was extremely hard to cultivate the Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword.

If one wasnt careful, they might get stuck in the current realm they were in forever with no chance of advancement.

Since ancient times, the number of Prime Clear lineages experts that cultivated this martial art was very little.

“However, in the Roving Jade Heavens, the Cloud Emperor doesnt seem to be the only one cultivating this martial art.” Yan Zhaoge asked with interest, “Are senior apprentice-granduncle Long and senior apprentice-uncle Gao also cultivating this art”

[1] I didnt quite agree with some terms from previous translations, so Im here to clarify them.

Heavenly Lord – a title used to address others, not a cultivation realm.

While not all top-notch experts are able to gain the title of “Heavenly Lord”, those that acquired this title were undoubtedly extremely outstanding.

Usually used to address those of the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Grand Heavenly Immortal – After a Virtual Immortal managed to produce the Three Flowers Converged Crown, and had passed the Origin Heavenly Tribulation, they can transform their Immortal Essence into Immortal Splendour.

They can now be granted the title “Heavenly Lord”.

Heavenly Monarch – After a Profound Immortal had refined the fifth kind of Immortal qi, and passed the Profound Origin Tribulation, they can unify their qi as one and achieve the Five Qis Unification.

Also known as a Grand Virtual Immortal/ Virtual Immortal.

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