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Chen Qianhuas strength was already outstanding, to begin with.

After he had obtained the Heaven Opening Scripture, it meant that he had obtained nine of the Primordial Heavenly Scriptures, with Peerless Heavenly Scripture being the last one yet to obtain.

It meant that his strength grew again.

Even Long Xueji who had the same reputation as him, and had pushed open the Immortal Door earlier than him felt exhausted when fighting against him.

The Prime Clear Sword Arts countered the Primordial Later Heaven Six Scriptures.

The basis of the world which contained extremely strong defense against other supreme arts were like nothing when facing against the Numinous Treasure Four Swords.

It might not even be as effective as a single Early Heaven supreme art like the Bright Beginning Bright Emptiness Form.

Chen Qianhua had no intention of blocking as well.

Instead, he combined the Early Heaven Three Scriptures into one and displayed a majestic and boundless power enough to split the heavens.

It was effective to counter Long Xuejis attacks with his attack.

He had just cultivated the Heaven Opening Scripture and still wasnt exactly proficient in it yet.

As a result, he wasnt able to defeat Long Xuejis Prime Clear Sword Art that Long Xueji was very proficient in.

However, with the support of the Primordial Heavenly Scripture, Long Xueji wasnt able to gain an advantage over Chen Qianhua.

The Immortal Exterminating Sword was the same as the Prime Clear Taiyi Fist, they were able to break through all arts.

They could disperse the Primordial Heavenly Scriptures prying ability up to a certain degree.

However, it could not be completely cut off.

It made Long Xueji feel that his actions were all within the opponents predictions.

Luckily, the Numinous Treasured Four Swords were extremely fierce and ruthless.

They could cut through all kinds of obstacles.

On many occasions, while Chen Qianhua could predict Long Xuejis movements, he could only dodge beforehand.

He was unable to forcefully dissolve the attack.

However, even if thats the case, Long Xueji felt like he was being constrained in the battle.

It was hard for him to display his best abilities.

“Did Concealed Sovereign nourish Chen Qianhuas foundation” Long Xueji asked Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Yan Zhaoge and Yue Zhenbei looked at each other.

He answered, “We arent sure yet as of now.

However, the two of them must have some sort of relationship.

The Concealed Sovereign should be paying attention to Chen Qianhua.

Only with that explanation, the Concealed Sovereign can pass the Heaven Opening Scripture over to Chen Qianhua when he needs it, even if the Concealed Sovereign is still in seclusion within the Restful Immortal Valley.”

“If the Concealed Sovereign had also cultivated the Primordial Heavenly Scripture, then we must be wary of him.” Long Xueji nodded.

The Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ces cultivation realm was higher than Chen Qianhua as of now.

Naturally, he was able to identify more information through the Primordial Heavenly Scripture.

If the Concealed Sovereign had really cultivated the Primordial Heavenly Scripture, he would definitely have a clash against Chen Qianhua in the future.

Many people can cultivate Primordial Heavenly Scripture.

However, in the end, only one person could cultivate it until the point of great mastery.

If one person were to succeed first, the others pathway would be blocked.

However, thats something that would only happen in the future.

After discussing for a while, Yan Di, Nie Jingshen, and Yu Ye were sitting in a lotus position within the hall.

They were quietly inhaling and exhaling with controlled breathing, refining the essence of the pills that they had absorbed earlier.

Yan Zhaoge was still figuring out the mechanics of the inside and outside of the Pill Hall in order to strengthen his control against the hall.

As for the Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang, Yan Zhaoge had already sent him a message.

While Suo Mingzhang did not gather here, he gave a reply.

While the people of the Immortal Court arrived here late, they had already reached the outskirts of the void where the Pill Hall was located and had coincidentally met up with Suo Mingzhang again.

Suo Mingzhang had brought them all away and told Yan Zhaoge there was no need to wait for him.

In the future, he would go to the World beyond Worlds.

After returning from the outskirts of the void back to the dao universe, Long Xueji took Yu Ye along with him and bid farewell, and returned to the Roving Jade Heavens.

Yan Zhaoge and the others returned to the World beyond Worlds.


In the vast Nine Underworlds, the black devilish breeze filled the air.

Within it, sharp red glows flickered non-stop.

The Nine Underworlds was so huge that it seemed to be boundless.

By continuously venturing within, and traversing through layers of space, it naturally had its own core area.

In the middle of the scorched lands of the Devilish Continent, there was a sea.

The sea waters were black, and its surface was smooth like that of a mirror.

There werent any wave ripples, and it seemed to be solidified, just like the earth.

It was hard to describe how vast this devilish sea was.

It seemed to be able to contain the myriad of heavens and earth.

Even the worlds like World beyond Worlds and the Roving Jade Heavens were able to fit in, and there would even be space left to put in other stuff.

This place was peaceful and quiet.

It wasnt like outside of the sea, where Devilish qi was running rampant and was filled with ruthlessness and sinisterness.

However, deep within seemed to contain a deeper level of horror.

It made the numerous top-notch Great Devils not daring enough to approach it.

Below the calm black sea surface, space was constantly folding and changing.

It was hard to determine how deep or shallow it was.

Here, space seemed to not have up, down, left, or right.

However, going “downwards” seemed to be a layer of profound world after another.

It looked like the Illusory Thirty-Three Heavens or the nine layers of Heavenly Imperial.

However, compared to those that required you to go “upwards”, this place was a place which one would constantly go “downwards”.

The deeper they descend, the more profound and ancient it would be.

It really made one deeply attracted to its profundities.

Within this Devilish Sea, there was a part of the space which was empty and had nothing else.

Only an ancient tree stood there.

This ancient tree seemed like it had wilted.

It had already gone bald, and the leaves had long fallen down from the tree.

Only a tree with a weird shape was left.

However, below the ancient tree, there was a huge tree shade.

From the shadow of the ancient tree, intense life force seemed to leak out from it as if boundless lives were being very active within.

Within the Devilish Sea, there was no such concept like time.

The shadow beneath the ancient tree suddenly moved and disappeared from the floor.

Only a shadowless wilted old tree remained on the spot.

When that shadow reappeared, it had already reached the other space within the Devilish Sea.

However, the space it was located in was completely different compared to the Devilish Sea and the entire Nine Underworlds.

This place was just like the mortal realm.

There werent any traces or hints that were related to devils.

There were many different kinds of worlds within this space.

Within every single world, numerous living beings were living within.

The shadow didnt seem to be surprised anymore.

He just went straight towards one of the worlds within.

Within the range of mountains, the scene of spring was present.

The spring lights were very refreshing.

It made one feel like they had returned to the mortal realm.

On a normal-looking mountain halfway up the hill, mountain rivers were flowing down.

Beside the river, there was a huge piece of rock, and the rock was filled with green mosses.

An old man was lying on the rock and dozed off.

When the shadow appeared in front of him, the old man opened his eyes.

He lazily stretched his waist, “You found her yet”

The shadow landed on the ground and fused together with the old mans shadow as one.

From the shadow, a voice resounded, “I was late.

She escaped.”

“Its always been us meddling with the affairs of the mortal realm.

Its really rare for someone to come meddle in our affairs.” The old man laughed.

A voice resounded from the shadow, “I will capture her for sure.

She still hasnt made any developments yet.”

“The problems arose from her.

If you want to find her, how about you go to the mortal realms Three Clear Lineages World beyond Worlds She might still be eyeing on that place.” said the old man, “That place isnt peaceful now.

The situation is really chaotic, and theyre all plotting against each other.

Their defense against us would be very loose.”

The shadow said, “I had this intention as well.

Other than her, there are a few other things that I can do together in one go.”

“Its great that youre able to do more things.

Even if you arent able to do so, dont be too rash.

There are still very long days ahead.

Theres no need to rush everything in such a short amount of time.” The old man stood on the huge rock again, “If you remain there for a long time, you might be noticed by someone.”

“Naturally.” After the shadow finished his sentence, he shook slightly and vanished from this part of the world.

The old man closed his eyes and continued his nap.


After a long period of time wandering around, Yan Zhaoge directed the Pill Hall back to the World beyond Worlds.

The Pill Hall was left outside of the cosmic void outside of the World beyond Worlds.

Yan Di and Nie Jingshen were cultivating in seclusion within the Pill Hall.

Yan Zhaoge and the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei returned to the World beyond Worlds together.

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